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Use belligerent in a sentence

Definition of belligerent:

  • (noun) someone who fights (or is fighting)
  • (adjective) engaged in war;
  • (adjective) characteristic of an enemy or one eager to fight;

Sentence Examples:

The business of eating interposed a brief truce between the belligerents, but no sooner was supper disposed of than they were at it again.

Together they faced the fire of jokes and stood off the crowd; Pierre frowning and belligerent, Jean smiling and scornful.

With all the belligerent powers in the east the Roman community was nominally in friendly relations, and might have granted them aid in repelling Philip's attack.

I spoke to the cook about it, when I went on deck to take up my duties in the galley, and though I had looked forward to a surly answer, I had not expected the belligerent harangue that I received.

Up to this moment the information is tolerably clear; probable even, and one is able to come to some idea of the respective positions of the belligerents.

The principles and rules enforced by that nation, when a neutral nation, against armed vessels of belligerents hovering near her coasts and disturbing her commerce are well known.

Still, my feelings were aroused, and to the excitement of a race, was added the serious but vague apprehensions all American seamen felt, in that day, of the great belligerents.

The belligerent Powers are approaching a phase when they will no longer be paying anything like twenty shillings in the pound.

"There is good picking among the vessels of that nation, as the great European belligerents well know; and while so many are profiting by it, we may as well come in for our share."

The pacific overtures made to the different belligerent nations have probably no other design than to detach some one of them from the coalition.

In these positions the belligerents prepared to pass the night, each party taking the customary precautions as to his ground tackle, and each clearing up the decks and going through the common routine of duty as regularly as if he lay in a friendly port.

I purposed adding to this list as I had done on my old passport, but subsequent American regulations, aimed at restricting travelers to one set of belligerents, prevented that.

Oppenheim shows that the importance of horses and beasts of burden for cavalry, artillery, and military transport sufficiently explains their being declared contraband by belligerents.

The difficulty on the part of the English Government, however, was to prove that the goods were in fact on their way to a belligerent destination or that small parties of men were in reality organized bands of recruits for the fighting forces of the enemy.

The fact was curiously (and humorously) display during the late war, when great numbers of women in all the belligerent countries began putting on uniforms.

The Regulators, or Hounds, as they soon came to be called, had the great wisdom to avoid the belligerent and resourceful pioneer.

In view of the gravity of this question, I have deemed it my duty to invite the attention of the war-making power of the country to all the relations and bearings of the question in connection with the declaration of neutrality and granting of belligerent rights.

No act of war, proximate or remote, should be tolerated in her waters by the one belligerent against the other, or by any citizen or resident against either belligerent.

In so doing I trust you will be prepared to make allowance for the difficulties which must arise out of this peculiar contest, in respect of which both parties stand on a footing of equality as belligerents, while only one of them is recognized as a nation.

The vessel does not belong to the captor, and as she does not belong to the neutral, as a matter of course she belongs to the opposite belligerent, and must be delivered up to him.

He came up, he said, with orders from the Governor, to preserve the neutrality of the port between the two belligerents, and in case the Iroquois came to an anchor, to demand of the captain a promise that he would not proceed to sea for twenty-four hours after our own departure.

Thirdly, that when opposite belligerents meet by accident in a neutral port, if one of them departs therefrom, the other is bound to wait twenty-four hours before departing.

Ross Fletcher, visiting the county seat, escaped a physical encounter with belligerent members of an inflamed populace only by the exercise of the utmost coolness and good nature.

We have seen the same thing in belligerent and non-revolutionary countries, and, for the impartial student, it has been interesting to observe that, when this test of crisis is applied, the actual governmental machine in every country looks very much like that in every other.

Her Majesty's proclamation and the language of her ministers in both houses have raised insurgents to the level of a belligerent state.

They were at a loss to know whether he had been scalped in battle, or enjoyed a natural immunity from that belligerent infliction.

It followed that the South "might by the law of nations arm privateers," and that these "must be regarded as the armed vessels of a belligerent."

A query expressive of the increasing English concern, even alarm, at the intense bitterness, indicating a long war, of the American belligerents.

In the transmission of Despatches may be conveyed the entire plan of a campaign, that may defeat all the plans of the other belligerent, in the world.

China was engaged in civil war, and both sides were as willing as the European belligerents to sell freedom for the sake of victory.

It would tend to clearness of thought if the term "contraband" were never employed in discussions with reference to prohibition of the supply of coal to a belligerent fleet at sea.

Bowles asserts it to be "an unquestioned doctrine of the Law of Nations that war abrogates and annuls treaty obligations between belligerents."

It ought surely to be now generally known that, among the four conditions imposed by the Convention upon Militia and bodies of Volunteers, in order to their being treated as belligerents, the third is "that they shall bear a distinctive mark, fixed and recognizable at a distance."

They would be forbidden to bring in prizes, to stay more than twenty-four hours, to leave within twenty-four hours of the start of a ship of the other belligerent, to take more coal than enough to carry them to the nearest home port, and to take any further supply of coal within three months.

The advertisement was: Energetic Sisters of belligerent ancestry but unimpeachable sympathies wish for any sort of work consistent with respectability.

This is the teaching of the master whose religion the belligerent parties profess with words, while their actions are instigated by the infernal furies.

The nations might agree that any belligerent which willfully violates or invades neutral territory shall be treated as a moral leper.

Convinced now that the two men, whose presence whenever they had visited the camp had created trouble, were now returning and the fact that the belligerent Zeke and the Navajo were also likely to arrive at about the same time, convinced the boys that some exciting scenes were to be witnessed.

That such an attitude in itself cannot lead to any positive result at sea goes without saying, but nevertheless even over prolonged periods it can prevent an enemy securing positive results, and so give time for the other belligerent to dominate the situation by securing his ends ashore.

If, he adds, the auxiliary force were placed unreservedly at the disposal of the chief belligerent, the problem would be simple enough.

That the achievement of the solitary worker during the summer was more important and far-reaching in its effects than that of the belligerents, will hardly be gainsaid.

When it began we were haughtily told that there would be no declaration of war, nor would the Republics be recognized as belligerents.

On the following day there was a sensational rumor that the armistice would be raised and hostilities between the two belligerents resumed.

A nation is not bound, however, on the occurrence of a war, to change its customary trade, and to cease supplying a belligerent with articles of trade which such belligerent was wont to receive from her, although the goods may afford him the means of carrying on the war.

A neutral is forbidden by the law and practice of nations, to permit a belligerent to arm and equip vessels of war within her forts.

The private property of belligerents, according to the rules of modern war, shall not be taken without compensation; the property of rebellious citizens is liable to confiscation.

Unless the law of nations is a dead letter, the late war between two acknowledged belligerents severed their original compacts, and broke all the ties that bound them together.

The labor system of the seceding States was a mark so tempting that no belligerent should have been seriously expected to have refrained from aiming at it.

The adverse consorts of the two main belligerents fought with all the rage of those fiery seconds who in some desperate duels make their principal's quarrel their own.

The primitive combative instincts remain in full force and can be brought into play by all the belligerents with facility.

A blockade consists in sealing up the war ports of a belligerent against sea-borne traffic by encircling their coasts with an impenetrable ring of ships of war.

Such procedure need not conflict in any respect with the rights of the belligerent maintaining the blockade, since the right would remain with the blockading vessels to visit and search all ships either entering or leaving the neutral territory which they were in fact, but not of right, investing.

As I met these men I was in a sense an agent of public opinion who called each day to report the opinions of the belligerents to the readers of American newspapers.

From the first day of the war, we alone of all the belligerent nations published the army reports of all of our enemies in full, as our confidence in the constancy of those at home is unlimited.

The oceans were no nation's property, and they could not justly be used as battlegrounds for ruthless warfare by either belligerent.

As regards internal debt, I am one of those who believe that a capital levy for the extinction of debt is an absolute prerequisite of sound finance in everyone of the European belligerent countries.

If a concord of opinion for the discussion of peace terms were reached President Wilson then would endeavor to obtain an acceptance by all the belligerents of the original tender of good offices.

This would not mean a cessation of hostilities, unless the mediating power specifically made it a condition of mediation and all the belligerents agreed to it.

He threw off his coat with a belligerent gesture, stuck his hands into his trousers pockets, and waited rigidly until the cheering had subsided.

Without being fully aware of his act he had dropped into a belligerent pose, head and shoulders thrust forward, one foot drawn back, hands clenched.

There was a belligerent gleam in his eyes as he looked Sanderson over, an inspection that caused Sanderson's face to redden, so insolent was it.

The conscious proletariat of the belligerent countries has not been sufficiently powerful to prevent this war and the resulting return of barbarism.

Mother has just paid one of her belligerent visits to the camp, and as a consequence I am on the point of having a flock of brainstorms.

Clamorous for American sympathy and cash, we have on our shores embassies from the belligerents, pleading their respective virtues and sorrows.

They have been considered with all the attention and the impartiality, which a firm determination to do what is equal and right between all the belligerent powers could inspire.

To the security which the law of nations gives to such vessels against all nations, are added particular stipulations with three of the belligerent powers.

The object of this communication was to enable you to explain the principles on which our government was conducting itself towards the belligerent parties; principles which might not in all cases be satisfactory to all, but were meant to be just and impartial to all.

We are bound by our treaties with three of the belligerent nations, by all the means in our power to protect and defend their vessels and effects in our ports or waters, or on the seas near our shores, and to recover and restore the same to the right owners when taken from them.

He looked at her so happily, his boyish eyes so appealing, his square chin so belligerent, that Lydia suddenly laughed and gave his ear a tweak.

These measures, while insuring to some extent the end in view, gave rise also to a good deal of friction and recrimination between the neutral and the belligerents.

She was nominally neutral, and enjoyed privileges as such; he insisted therefore that she should deal equal measure to both belligerents.

He does not wish to do anything to irritate or offend any one of the belligerent nations, but he has an abiding faith in the efficacy of open and frank discussion between those that are now at war.

There is no smaller projectile than the atom unless our belligerent chemists can find a way of using the electron stream of the cathode ray.

He thrust his grimy hands deep into his pockets, stood for a moment contemplative and belligerent, as if undecided whether to explode or not, and then silently walked away.

The insults offered to our country by the belligerents increased in aggravation as the contest between them became more violent and convulsive.

Belligerent by nature, it was well for their professional character that they had, as clergymen, sufficient scope for the exercise of their warlike propensities.

The adoption of the resolution would be a bar to negotiation, because it used the language of menace, and manifested a partiality to one of the belligerents which was incompatible with neutrality.

These complaints embracing most of the transactions of the legislative and executive departments, in relation to the belligerent powers, a particular and careful review of almost every act of the administration, which could affect those powers, became indispensable.

These ardent supporters who had espoused her cause in the previous year and had been defeated, again came to the front with belligerent energy.

There were many even in a belligerent country who would tell you in superior fashion how foolishly exaggerated were the so-called "atrocities."

This fantastic misconception of the thing that is being fought is bound to be burned right out by the realities of the enemy acts in belligerent countries.

And, when the door was opened, he detailed the story of an awful fight, in which both parties of belligerents had been exterminated.

These men lacked imagination, which is a fatal omission from character; for they who came to comfort, became polemic, pitiless, belligerent, and their voices sound metallic.

"Hush-sh, little one," and Lucy's white, jeweled hand rested on the head of the principal belligerent, who, awed by the beauty of her face and the authoritative tone of her voice, kept quiet till the prayer was over and Arthur had risen from his knees.

Yet she did this so haughtily, in order still not to compromise her own dignity, that they would quite as well have answered the purpose of belligerent signals.

The bitterness of the belligerents against each other is of a far more intense and sanguinary kind than that which ordinarily exists between combatants.

Her eyes were flashing with an inspired light of a highly belligerent nature, and the sun turned the red hair to which she owed her deplorable want of balance to a mass of flame.

Unless the law of Nations is a dead letter, the late war between the two acknowledged belligerents severed their original contracts and broke all the ties that bound them together.

Their restraining influence, at a period when there were many causes of alienation, undoubtedly prevented a recognition of the belligerent rights of the Confederate States, which would have been followed by an alliance with them as an established government.

An American private vessel entering voluntarily the territorial waters of a belligerent becomes subject to its municipal laws, as do the persons on board the vessel.

The result would be that great numbers of the American people might become more earnest partisans, having material interest in the success of the belligerent whose bonds they hold.

Whatever accusations have been addressed to her from abroad as to her alleged breaches of neutrality, on the part of one or other of the belligerent groups, are without any foundation whatever.

This has latterly been well shown in connection with the maneuvers of the several European belligerents, designed to bend American neutrality to the service of one side or the other.

The disastrous internecine wars were kept up for scores of years and the evils necessarily inflicted in their progress were not confined to the belligerents only.

In this instance it was represented by a remarkably handsome and well-filled nursery, and the belligerents took the form of two little girls of four and five, who were seated on the floor, dry-eyed, but crimson-faced from the effort to sustain their shrieks.

Most of these were feeding quietly, or if at times they looked up towards their belligerent lords, it was with an air of nonchalance and indifference, as if they cared nothing at all about the result.

Feeling ran high in England and France because Wilson's note had seemed to place the belligerents on the same moral plane, in its statement that the objects on both sides "are virtually the same, as stated in general terms to their own people and to the world."

Foreign countries cannot send in the imports that lie on their wharves for the belligerent country, nor can they get out of it the exports they need for their own maintenance or luxury.

The Alabama Arbitration which involved a large and important part of the rights and duties of neutrals and belligerents towards one another, was a notable advance in strengthening the power and majesty of International Law among the Nations of the world.

If the canal were not neutralized, the belligerent territorial sovereign could, during the war, close the canal or interfere with its free use by neutral vessels.