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Use belligerent in a sentence

Definition of belligerent:

  • (noun) someone who fights (or is fighting)
  • (adjective) engaged in war;
  • (adjective) characteristic of an enemy or one eager to fight;

Sentence Examples:

Ministers of war in the belligerent countries have not been more stable.

He did so, and all the belligerents agreed to send peace delegates to Bucharest.

Each of the belligerent States sent its best man to the peace conference.

Negotiations were now opened at Munster between the several belligerents.

Other belligerent nations may suffer from unemployment.

In war a belligerent has two tasks before him.

At the same time it is free to the other belligerent.

That is to say, if only absolute belligerent considerations were regarded.

Purely belligerent considerations would have fuller play.

They may sell goods, except materials of war, to either belligerent, Blockade.

Graham's disapproval was belligerent.

The right of search is the right of war of the belligerent toward the neutral.

And now, with regard to the two belligerent Powers.

Our belligerent rights may therefore sleep for a season.

The peace with both the great belligerent powers of Europe was secured.

In the heat of the battle, he throws himself between the belligerent powers.

Equally true is this of all the belligerent countries.

The Germans have discovered the truth that anything good is belligerent, love included.

Didn't do much fighting, but he was belligerent enough.

Calvin answered, and he looked belligerent enough.

Everybody was excited and belligerent.

Similar belligerent preparations were in progress at all the river towns they touched.

This little affair was claimed to be "belligerent" throughout.

Months were required before the truce between the two belligerents resulted in peace.

There was a great laugh at this, which caused Hi Martin to color and look belligerent.

He had bad luck too in picking victims with belligerent big brothers.

Horton looked at the belligerent old woman with the kindest smile of comprehension.

It must be admitted that we have equal belligerent rights with the enemy.

Shaw claims on behalf of belligerent Germany.

It protects the property of belligerents within the neutral territory.

Feeling the gravity of the affair, I suddenly put in between the two belligerents.

Being uncomfortably full he was inclined to be sleepy and far from belligerent.

Bob, the belligerent growled in his throat.

"The right of belligerents to adopt means of injuring the enemy is not unlimited."

By this time McCloskey had his hat tilted to the belligerent angle.

In all of them the belligerents had no contiguous frontiers, and this point is vital.

James Polder's intensity increased, concentrated in a gaze at once belligerent and eager.

At daylight on the 21st the belligerent fleets were within twelve miles of each other.

The contending parties are called belligerents.

As the belligerent parties took their places by their respective counsel.

What can justify the breaking up of our institutions into belligerent fractions?

He came a step toward her, his attitude half belligerent.

This hardly agrees with certain other ideas which we hold as to the belligerents.

Osborn's stare at the fire took on a belligerent nature.

The belligerent governments addressed their protests and their notes to Wilson.

In numbers, the belligerents could not have been less than from four to five thousand men.

Our rights as belligerents, therefore, are ample for our security in time to come.

In the new arena, we have all the rights of belligerents in an international war.

Billy was bluntly belligerent.

We called upon the belligerent powers to respect it.

A written agreement between belligerents for an exchange of prisoners.

That gentleman addressed me in an excited and belligerent manner.

She turned round with flashing eyes and belligerent attitude.

He regarded the aperture with belligerent suspicion.

He found his pupil to be a lad of easy excitement and greatly inclined to be belligerent.

He flushed, cleared his throat again, and then shot a belligerent glance at Lawler.

No animal is so aggressively belligerent as a female "defending" her young.

The young fellow was fairly belligerent with jealous rage.

"We will leave this belligerent individual to his own company."

Assuredly the belligerent town was no place for a cavalry officer.

She even looked at her employer with a belligerent eye.

He asserted that, in time of war, all slaves were belligerents as much as their masters.

Why am I such a belligerent?

Jones arrived, belligerent, to do battle for technical devices which would cost money.

We are not belligerents; we are neutral, and we will claim our freedom.

One day I got rather belligerent myself.

Belligerents in neutral vessels on the high seas were exempt from capture.

Messages which might help any of the belligerents in any way were barred.

He grinned at Calumet's belligerent motion.

Since then various forms of this device have been adapted by all the belligerents.

The belligerent nations have made their choice.

Asked Harrison, with a belligerent twist to his mustache.

Why did the Socialist leaders in the parliaments of the belligerents vote the war credits?

No gun of more power was used by any belligerent.

"Nobody accused you of it," Frank answered, in the same belligerent voice.

"See here, Badger," said Frank, who had stepped between the belligerents.

A lot of belligerents were killed and a good many more were wounded.

"I'm afraid we are already belligerents," laughed Adrian.

I did call, but when I saw him all my belligerent resolutions vanished.

Its percentage in dead and wounded will never be obtained by any of the belligerents.

There is no power in the Executive to prevent the sale of ammunition to the belligerents.

A night bird uttered a shrill, belligerent cry and sank to silence in his tree top.

There was another side, however, to his nature, besides the belligerent one.

I must now give a glance at the position of the belligerent armies at this period.

And the belligerent broker followed him out to the sidewalk.

Would the belligerent nations refuse to send their delegates to such a conference?

The bear was standing there, growling, and looking more belligerent than before.

For some weeks after this occurrence, no conflict took place between the belligerents.

The economic injuries of the war weigh on neutrals as heavily as on belligerents.

"No; because he's belligerent," I answered.

Ned could be quite belligerent when he chose.

He, too, hastened to accord belligerent rights to the Confederacy.

Demanded Jimmie in a belligerent tone.

That is, the junior portion of the community began belligerent action.

In those days religion was politics, and politics religion, with most of the belligerents.

This will give us some idea of the mode of proceeding between belligerents in those days.

Maynard smiled pleasantly as the belligerent ones approached him.

Miss Archer's tone of stern command had an immediate effect on the belligerents.

At dawn on this ill-fated day, the position of the two belligerents was as follows.

The hisses grew louder, more belligerent.