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Use belligerent in a sentence

Definition of belligerent:

  • (noun) someone who fights (or is fighting)
  • (adjective) engaged in war;
  • (adjective) characteristic of an enemy or one eager to fight;

Sentence Examples:

Every belligerent president or premier has faced exactly the same perplexity.

In all the great belligerent countries the armament industries are now huge interests with enormous powers.

Still it was an indication that Mike might be set down as a belligerent, who was disposed to follow his leader into the battle, without troubling him with many questions concerning the merits of the quarrel.

The powerlessness of one of the belligerents could not impose on the other the duty of abstaining in like manner.

Have they not gone so far as to object to the United States that, considering the Southern States as rebellious and refusing them the quality of belligerents, they could not exercise the right of search, which is reserved to belligerents?

Where this condition does not exist, the money expended is, from the belligerent point of view, thrown away.

Here comes in the greatest foe of belligerent efficiency, viz. political expediency.

Indeed, the confidence we ought to have in the justice of others still countenances the hope that a sounder view of those rights will of itself induce from every belligerent a more correct observance of them.

You will perceive from the correspondence submitted to you in connection with this subject that the course adopted in this case has been properly regarded by the belligerent powers interested in the matter.

At this threat the belligerents dropped muttering to their places.

"Looks as if he had been interviewing a belligerent tramp," said aunt Helen, smilingly.

There can be little doubt that if the war goes on, and the neutral countries continue to pile up profits by selling food and war materials to the belligerents, many of them will find it convenient to lend some of their gains to their customers.

Some demand of the kind was, however, urgently necessary, for George did not, as formerly, show a desire to flee; his belligerent attitude suggested fight, and he was a husky specimen with a handy club.

The decision should be based upon a careful examination of the evidence which is submitted to the court, and not presumed from the fact that the political power has exercised the belligerent right of visit, search and detention.

When belligerent nations, under the impossibility of making acquisitions upon us, will not lightly hazard the giving us provocation when we may choose peace or war, as our interest guided by justice shall counsel.

If there is no power in the general government to control this extreme belligerent legislation of the States, the powers of the government are essentially deficient in a most important and interesting particular.

Realizing that she had gone from one group of belligerents to another, and that this particular family was no less akin to war than the other one, she tried to think how best to survive being in her aunt and uncle's domain.

We were making a raid on an Indian village, which was peopled with very lively and very belligerent savages.

They were most of them of a belligerent nature and expert shots, accustomed to taking care of themselves in the wilds.

Having thus wrought up his tale to a climax, he assumed a most belligerent look, and assured the council that he had devised an instrument potent in its effects, and which he trusted would soon drive the Yankees from the land.

I have now to explain that this decision was not founded on any general principle respecting the treatment of prizes captured by the cruisers of either belligerent, but on the peculiar circumstances of the case.

The rule, prohibiting us from bringing our prizes into neutral ports, operates very harshly upon us, as the weaker naval power of the belligerents, without adding to it one still more harsh, and which has the sanction of neither law nor precedent.

"Well, lass," he demanded, and there was a belligerent and resentful note in his voice, "is this playing the game?"

At all events, your intervention could not fail to produce at least the result that even if the belligerents refused to comply, your request would leave them in an entirely new and very unpleasant relation to public opinion.

Of necessity, from her point of view, and as always in the case of the dominant naval belligerent, she stretched principles of international law to their utmost interpretation to secure her victory in war.

Adams, a sincere admirer of Seward, was in error as to the source of American belligerent attitude.

In 1854, during the Crimean War, Great Britain and France, the chief maritime belligerents engaged against Russia, voluntarily agreed to respect neutral commerce under either the neutral's or the enemy's flag.

There is a law about the coaling of belligerent warships in neutral ports.

Though a belligerent vessel may not enter within neutral jurisdiction for hostile purposes, she may, consistently with a state of neutrality (unless prohibited by the neutral power), bring her prize into the neutral port and sell it there.

An enemy, distressed by famine, may be driven by his necessities to pay a famine price; but it does not follow that the belligerent, in the exercise of his rights of war, is to pay the price of distress

"I'm not a cripple," Grace retorted, evidently in a belligerent mood.

It is true that each of these Conventions contains an article to the effect that its provisions "are applicable only between the contracting Powers, and only if all the belligerents are parties to the Convention."

They may also visit and search on many other grounds, and the question (one of policy) is whether, rather than permit this addition to the list, we choose to take a step which would practically make us belligerent.

Never since Luther has there been such a belligerent, relentless, untiring writer.

The elector aided his brother and the belligerent parties grew in strength.

The United States wished to make as much as possible out of unrestricted trade with both belligerents.

Several single stones lay about promiscuous rather than belligerent.

For a comparatively weak belligerent sporadic action was better than nothing, and the only other alternative was for him to play into our hands by hazarding the decision which it was our paramount interest to obtain.

Ashore, the respective lines of communications of each belligerent tend as a rule to run more or less approximately in opposite directions, until they meet in the theater of operations or the objective point.

For it is obvious that if two belligerents have a common frontier, it is open to the superior of them, no matter how distant or how easy to isolate the limited object may be, to pass at will to unlimited war by invasion.

The contingent is furnished at least ostensibly with the idea that it is to be used by the chief belligerent to assist him in overthrowing the common enemy, and that its objective will be the enemy's organized forces or his capital.

The war of 1914 was for all the belligerent peoples far more than a stupendous military event.

The suns and winds of many seas had burned and scored his face, and a stubby mustache gave him a belligerent aspect.

There was a grim, surprised determination about his quietness, which had not been seen in any other belligerent nation.

It is not to a state of war that the benefits of this provision would extend; but it is the only security which neutral nations can have against the legal plundering on the high seas, so often committed by belligerent powers.

The belligerents were no longer, in the ordinary sense of things, an English ship and an American ship.

Equipped with a mighty fleet, American life and American rights would be scrupulously respected by all belligerents.

Like the Canadian Pacific Railroad, it will be a link between the two oceans; but, unlike it, the use, unless most carefully guarded by treaties, will belong wholly to the belligerent which controls the sea by its naval power.

Almost the first act of the belligerents was to send their envoys to Washington.

As this joint occupation was scarcely suitable for a permanent arrangement, it was provided that the two belligerents should, during the continuance of the truce, proceed to settle the terms on which a lasting peace might be established.

The theater of a war embraces not only the territory of the two belligerent powers, but also that of their allies, and of such secondary powers as, through fear or interest, may be drawn into the contest.

Mounted troops corralled the mobs as cowboys round up belligerent cattle.

This was one of the president's "forlorn hope" movements to try and bring about an agreement among the belligerents which would bring the submarine campaign within the restrictions of international law.

It suggested the possibility of a settlement on the basis of each belligerent retaining the possessions which he had held at the beginning of the struggle, and entering into an alliance strengthened by a double marriage.

It is, therefore, Germany who stood in 1914 on the same ground, with regard to Belgium neutrality, as she did in 1870, and it is Great Britain who shifted her position and virtually gave notice that she herself would become a belligerent.

As an American citizen I am, of course, under obligations to be neutral and to send no ammunition to either belligerent.

"The belligerent who shall have violated the provisions of the said regulation shall be held liable for an indemnity."

Most of the strange and unprecedented phenomena which we have witnessed in the last month, in rapid succession, are due to this pressing necessity of the belligerent peoples to cash in now and trust to good fortune to pay later.

It was claimed that the statement of the senior naval officer, that there were not in the convoy any articles subject to capture, was sufficient; and that the belligerent would in that case have no right to search.

It is also true, ladies and gentlemen, that there are men now, a great many men, in the belligerent countries who are growing rich out of the sale of the materials needed by the armies of those countries.

Vessels of neutral ownership, even vessels of neutral ownership bound from neutral port to neutral port, have been destroyed along with vessels of belligerent ownership in constantly increasing numbers.

The great trouble will be to restore and keep the peace between the non-belligerent combatants of the war.'

Therefore, Slats Corbett did not undertake anything in the way of a belligerent and retaliatory enterprise now.

He blindfolded the big, belligerent horse to mount him.

And what is happening in all the belligerent countries is the taking over of more and more of the realities of wealth from private hands and, in exchange, the contracting of great masses of debt to private people.

Yet it is hard to say how they can be modified on either side, if the war is to be decided only between the belligerents and by standards of national interest only, without reference to any other considerations.

Whether the belligerents dislike Americans or the Americans dislike the belligerents is an incidental matter.

This necessitates a warning on the part of the belligerent before exercising the right of destruction.

Not to mention the fact that it would open the way for all kinds of abuses if a belligerent were forced to lay down arms at the bidding of any neutral whom it might please to make use of enemy ships for business or pleasure.

Her purpose was effected; the belligerents were diverted, and Noble lifted the light wicker settee.

The angry voice of the captain, if the late speaker was the captain, and several others were heard in a dispute; and as the boat came alongside the report of a pistol indicated that the belligerents were in earnest.

There has been some dissatisfaction with the conduct of our official communications with Great Britain and France respecting the question on belligerent rights and neutral obligations which the rebellion has raised.

As to the right of a belligerent to enlarge the contraband lists there can be no doubt.

They at once proposed a general armistice and called upon all the belligerents to enter into peace negotiations.

Spain offers her mediation to the belligerent powers.

In pursuance of this pacific system, he offered his mediation to the belligerent powers.

It was necessary to express feelings adapted to the occasion, without implying sentiments with respect to the belligerent powers, which might be improper to be used by the chief magistrate of a neutral country.

The party which, under different pretexts, urged measures the inevitable tendency of which was war, derived considerable aid, in their exertions to influence the passions of the people, from the conduct of others of the belligerent powers.

Nothing of great importance seemed to be transpiring between the belligerent parties.

A belligerent warship could destroy a neutral vessel without taking it into a port for a judgment.

Any vessel that attempted to sail for a belligerent port without clearance papers was boarded by American officials.

Marian's cool insolence had an instantly subduing effect on her belligerent relative.

Meantime the two huge belligerents were hammering stunning blows at each other.

The policeman was not exactly belligerent, but he was dutifully determined.

In the food crisis which confronted the nations, chemists drew from the very air and the waters of the river and sea, gases and salts to take the place of those which became limited in their supply because of the demands of the belligerents.

When I reached the open Flynn was dancing round the belligerents like an excited boxer, occasionally springing in to land a blow; and all the while Elsie continued to address her captive and the world at large in her native tongue.

He was sulkily belligerent with Maggie, but Maggie viewed the lapse with considerable relief.

We are as belligerent and cheery to-day as we were despondent on Monday evening.

Judge Marshall encouraged her gallantly, but with a jaunty wink at the belligerent Penny.

It is the war, evidently, that has driven this truth home to us: namely that the ultimate success of the conflict depends not only on the activity of the armies, but also on the economic stability of the belligerent nations.

The worst condition in which a belligerent can be placed is that of being completely disarmed.

In the belligerent nation at home, the number of marriageable males is of course far less than at ordinary times.

A young married couple, named Culver, who are spending their honeymoon there, knew nothing of the circumstances, although stating that they believed that a neighboring family possessed a belligerent bull.

I suppose the surprising fact is fresh in your memories even now that only two months after the Balkan war had been declared the delegates of the belligerents for peace stayed in Hyde Park Hotel in London.

This interchange of compliments appeared to relieve the belligerent parties considerably.

The representative of this class, commonly called the Capitalist, is the real cosmopolitan, because his interests in each belligerent nation are identical, and the war, successful or not, contributes to his financial advantage.

An examination of the documents connected with any war of the last century shows that the object of a belligerent in prolonging the agony is usually expressed in vague language that can be dissolved by a little analysis.

The policy of neutrality will impose on us the obligation of avoiding to side with either of the belligerents, but the same policy will force us to take all the necessary measures for safeguarding our interests and our frontiers.

I rounded up a magnificent 'king' buffalo bull, belligerent enough to fight a battleship.

He continued, his voice growing more impassioned and more belligerent.