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Use belligerent in a sentence

Definition of belligerent:

  • (noun) someone who fights (or is fighting)
  • (adjective) engaged in war;
  • (adjective) characteristic of an enemy or one eager to fight;

Sentence Examples:

This view suggests that we may soon have to adopt the methods of other belligerents and stop employers by law from stealing a neighbor's working force.

The war dragged on during the entire month of February without changing the relative positions of the belligerents.

It was evident that it was to be a "dictated peace" and not a "negotiated peace," a peace dictated by the Great Powers not only to the enemy, but also to their fellow belligerents.

What mattered it whether the triumphant belligerents were called "Colonies" or "States" so long as they were free?

As is the rule when two belligerents are contending for something beyond a purely maritime object, the final decision was to be on land.

The strategic command of the sea in a particular war or campaign has equal concern for all maritime belligerents.

A hundred years ago belligerents would not have been so anxious to prove their innocence: then victory closed all accounts and no one went behind the returns.

If a system of universal and permanent peace could be established, or if in war the belligerent parties would respect the rights of neutral powers, we should have no occasion for a navy or an army.

At that moment all of them saw the sheep, a large flock, headed by a belligerent looking ram with immense horns.

An agreement fixing the distance from the shore within which belligerent maritime operations shall not be carried on.

They had not only the air but indeed a more elaborate organization than any of the other belligerents.

Among the Utopian steps which one would most gladly support would be an attempt to send the editors and politicians of all belligerent countries to serve a week in the enemy's hospitals.

Laying mines at sea and the destruction of private property at sea were not forbidden, nor were the rights of belligerents extended to subject races or rebels.

I have often urged that the rights of war, now guaranteed to belligerents, should be extended to rebels.

The effort to keep out of the way of the Pawnees, and the desire to catch sight of the big game, urged us on at a good rate of speed, but not fast enough to keep our belligerents on good behavior.

Now that the United States has become a belligerent, it is very essential that our people understand the events that led up to our participation in the war.

I make no doubt that the same things would be acted over again, were similar wrongs to be committed by the same powerful belligerents.

This may even prevent the necessity of going to war by discouraging belligerent powers from committing such violations of the rights of the neutral party as may, first or last, leave no other option.

It will be seen, that, accurately speaking, the term applies exclusively to the relation between a belligerent and a neutral, and not to the relation between belligerents.

Nor did he then deem the grant of belligerent rights to the Cubans as either expedient or properly warranted by the circumstances.

Learning, however, that the drivers were drunk, he had his force lie concealed for a time, fearing that they might prove belligerent and thus compel him to shed blood, which he wished not to do.

The daughter was belligerent, as is sometimes the case, and it was only by walking in the very middle of the straight and narrow path that I managed to get my story.

I certainly agree with the men who think that those words have a masculine, assertive, belligerent sound.

Reflection caused the Spaniards to regret that they had not consented to keep open the cable, that it might be used under restrictions by both belligerents.

When a vessel is bound for a belligerent port it appears that the burden of proof is thrown upon the ship's captain to show that goods so shipped are not intended for the enemy.

Every imported horse is probably bought on account of the Government, and if it is not some other horse is at least set free for belligerent use.

And it matters not whether a neutral give such permission to one of the belligerents only, or to both alike

For a whole month the belligerent parties lay in sight of each other, mutually watching their opportunities to attempt a decisive movement.

It would be distinguished by attempts of belligerents to win immediate and decisive success by large scale use of various types of surprise.

It is like a given guy is built with a primitive impulse to judge people instantly and to dislike someone for not being more like himself lest they be of a different belligerent tribe.

This he objected to, so a wagon was fitted up, and, promising to return it the next day, our visitors departed with the best of feelings, save between the two belligerents.

Under all these circumstances, I did not chase him afresh to enforce my belligerent right of search.

For the opposite belligerent to depart immediately in pursuit, is to avail herself of the neutral territory for the purpose of war.

War, as a school of character and a nurse of virtue, must be formally shut up and discharged by all the belligerents when this war is over.

The next day he again wrote: "... to talk to the belligerents about peace at present would be as useless as asking the winds during the last week to let the waters remain calm."

All trade that does not originate from the belligerent country is protected, but not so, if it can be traced so to arise in not too remote a degree.

The Rights of War can be exercised only within the territory of the belligerent powers, upon the high seas, or in a territory belonging to no one.

The consequences of such assistance are greater, and therefore it is what the belligerent has a stronger right to prevent and punish.

These licenses were an authorized mode of evading that very prohibition which the belligerents conceived it to be for their interest to maintain.

He ranged himself by Frank, and Madge, as belligerent as either of them, hurried, also, to his side.

It is probable that after this war is over the women of the belligerent nations will be given the franchise by the weary men that are left, if they choose to insist upon it.

Indeed, blockade is an act of war; and its application to this or that part or coast depends on the will and power of the belligerents.

I finally did remark that I should like it better if her father would be less belligerent and more peaceful as a neighbor.

Can and will they violate the formal undertaking which forbids the belligerents to conclude a diplomatic peace?...

It is the bulk of the population that supplies the soldiers, the money, and the work for the belligerent states, and endures the hardships and makes the sacrifices requisite to sustain it.

While matters were in this interesting and critical condition, Tom ventured to raise his head over the top of the chimney to obtain a better view of the belligerents.

In his furious hunt for antagonists, the belligerent fellow did not think of looking upon the ground.

Belligerent were the glances exchanged between the two, as they sat there facing each other, each with a hand closed over the butt of a pistol; each as motionless as a carved statue.

The two halted some ten paces in front of the cavern, and the belligerents surveyed each other.

It is, of course, part of the fighting strength of every belligerent to persuade himself that an overwhelming victory for himself affords the best security of peace and progress in the future.

Even more often has it failed when the belligerent adopting it, finding he has no available defensive position which will bar the enemy's progress, attempts to guard every possible line of attack.

At sea, the reverse is frequently the case; for in maritime warfare the great lines of communications of either belligerent often tend to run approximately parallel if, indeed, they are not identical.

The real point to determine in approaching any war plan was what did the object mean to the two belligerents, what sacrifices would they make for it, what risks were they prepared to run?

He saw that there was one class of war where the political object was of so vital an importance to both belligerents that they would tend to fight to the utmost limit of their endurance to secure it.

He is careful to assert that the current doctrine only holds good "when the two belligerent states are of approximately the same nature."

At sea the communications are, for the most part, common to both belligerents, whereas ashore each possesses his own in his own territory.

In later times nothing more than a formal announcement is required, except for the information of neutrals and the belligerents' own people.

The belligerents, hitherto deaf to every suggestion of the kind, now accepted an invitation from President Roosevelt and appointed commissioners to arrange the terms of a treaty.

Then the girl turned and went into the plain little home and to her belligerent relatives with a light in her eyes and a joy in her steps that had not been there earlier in the day.

A loan of money to one of the belligerents, or supplying him with other means of carrying on a war, if done with the view of aiding him in the war, would be a violation of neutrality.

One of the rights of a belligerent nation which a neutral is bound to regard, is the right of blockade.

In this I had succeeded a short time prior to Sir Burnham's death, and one of the future belligerents had approached me.

The evident failure of this act to influence the belligerents brought about its repeal in 1809, and the substitution of the Non-intercourse act.

On the other hand, it does not appear to them to be feasible for the belligerents wholly to for ego the use of anchored mines for offensive purposes.

So, also, is the humane duty to provide for the safety of the crews of merchant vessels, whether neutral or enemy, an obligation on every belligerent.

Aside from operations of a purely military character, the groups of belligerent powers are carrying on a commercial warfare of constantly increasing intensity.

A conference confined purely to the belligerents will be, in fact, a conference not even representative of the belligerents.

They appear to menace their rights of trade and intercourse, not only with belligerents but also with one another.

It is therefore necessary to state the forces on both sides, the position of the belligerent bodies, and the ground on which they are about to maneuver.

It has been the dream of the weaker sea belligerents in all ages; and their arguments for it, at the first glance plausible, are very proper to urge from their point of view.

The insurrection was overthrown after a contest which, for its magnitude and the number and courage of the belligerents, was without a parallel in history.

If all the belligerents really wanted to avoid war, why did they not begin twenty years before, to prevent it, instead of, to prepare for it?

The peace friends throughout the world, even those in the belligerent countries, looked to Wilson for guidance and help.

During the year and a half of the submarine campaign the Allies' method of catching and destroying submarines became so effective it was too costly to maintain submarine warfare in belligerent waters.

Every other belligerent had something immediate and tangible to gain by participating and to lose by not participating.

The various belligerent Governments, unable, or too timid or too short-sighted to secure from loans or taxes the resources they required, have printed notes for the balance.

Their great cause for rejoicing is that at this battle the Spaniards for the first time accorded them the rights of belligerents.

South of this line is enemy's territory, because it is claimed and held in possession by an organized, hostile, and belligerent power.

It was now winter, and the belligerents, during these stormy months, were active in making preparations for the campaign of the spring.

When he informed her that he had no knowledge of where she could get these drugs she became belligerent and angry.

It is outrageous that adventurous persons not engaged in war should become belligerents, as well as carriers of arms and provisions to an enemy.

What food supplies we found here we took charge of to prevent their being plundered, and also because we, as a belligerent, had to supply our own necessities; that is the right of war.

We have no merchant marine and cannot therefore avail ourselves of our neutral status to trade with the belligerents.

By our treaties with several of the belligerent powers, which are a part of the laws of our land we have established a state of peace with them.

War is ever such to both belligerents, and the reason and justice of the case, if not known on both sides, are in dispute and claimed by each.

During the next two years raids of this nature were of frequent occurrence, first by one belligerent, then by the other, and with varying success.

In material resources the superiority of the North was no less marked, and its material wealth grew during the war to a greater extent than had perhaps ever happened to any other belligerent power.

At the outset of the war all the belligerent countries believed that they could finance their needs without seeking neutral aid.

Prior to the American Civil War goods could not be seized on any grounds unless bound directly for a belligerent port.

Nobody has seemed to understand that any privilege which a belligerent can claim must depend on the very fact of his being in encounter with some other party having the same privilege.

We had been recognized by you as belligerent, and so are entirely in our rights in asking that when you seize the riches of the country you shall also take its debts upon your shoulders.

Peach pits were collected by the millions in all the belligerent countries to make this charcoal, and other vegetable substances of similar density were also used.

It is this part alone which acts upon the public opinion outside the Army, upon the people and the Government in both belligerent States, and upon all others in any way concerned.

It was simply a suggestion that the belligerents on both sides should state the terms on which they would be willing to consider and discuss peace.

The second of the remaining belligerent now advised his principal to retire also and have his wounds dressed, which certainly seemed reasonable under all the circumstances.

The people of this State desire to be free from the presence of the soldiers of either belligerent, and to that end my efforts are now directed.

After the belligerents had been quieted, and Officer had removed and tied his horse to a convenient tree, he came over and joined our group, among which were the six trail bosses.

It was further agreed, as between the parties to the treaty, that neither would suffer a belligerent to make use of its ports or waters as a base of operations against the other.

If the old belligerent had cut down on one of these cow hands this morning, everything would have been legal and orderly?

The belligerent stranger, however, pushing between us, grasped Toby firmly by the arm and marched him across the street, while I trailed behind in the nature of a rear guard.