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Use marxist in a sentence

Definition of marxist:

  • (noun) an advocate of Marxism
  • (noun) emotionally charged terms used to refer to extreme radicals or revolutionaries
  • (adjective) following the ideas of Marx and Engels

Sentence Examples:

The Educational Reform Law of 1946 provided specifically that Marxist-Leninist principles would permeate all school texts.

By a circuitous route, indeed, the Marxist reaches a moral position curiously analogous to that of the disciple of Herbert Spencer.

By means of Marxist education "the proletarian is breaking his chains and entering upon an era of conscious and glorious freedom."

He just reiterated, "I am a Marxist," or "I believe in communism," or I have these ideals, but I haven't found the ideal site anywhere?

If I suggested the possibility of, that a Marxist tenet was the change in government by violent means rather than gradual process?

Ceausescu asserted the need for all levels of education to be permeated with Marxist-Leninist ideology and placed particular emphasis on ideological training in the universities.

The Marxist world, in its spectacular rise during less than a century, offers the only workable alternative to declining and disintegrating western civilization.

Declare the Social revolution, we were told in a note of cheery optimism by the Marxist apostles, and political institutions will come like flowers in May!

Although all leftist publications were prohibited, most historians and sociologists succeeded in writing Marxist books without using Marxist terminology, so that they escaped Chiang's censors.

It may be that the socialists of the Marxist observance are not always or at all points in consonance with the best accepted body of Marxist doctrine.

One has to be a religious fanatic (of the Marxist sort) to turn it out; one has to be ready for a totally new creed in order to keep on accepting it.

These statements concern the apex of the social pyramid; but even at the base of that structure the phenomena are far from invalidating the Marxist conception to the extent which many contend.

It is, however, needful to add that the Marxist thesis merely points to a general tendency, and does not imply a denial that more or less considerable fluctuations may occur at particular periods.

It is that indignation of youth and energy, thwarted and misused, it is that and no mere economic theorizing, which is the living and linking inspiration of the Marxist movement throughout the world.

This Marxist center must, on the one hand, spur the timorous on and awaken the blindly confiding, and on the other, put a check upon the blind impetuosity of the ignorant and thoughtless.

There has also been a move to stimulate the production of more native films with a truly "profound ideological content which will express our Marxist-Leninist world outlook, convey the message of our own society in highly artistic terms, and reflect the life of the new man."