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Use marxist in a sentence

Definition of marxist:

  • (noun) an advocate of Marxism
  • (noun) emotionally charged terms used to refer to extreme radicals or revolutionaries
  • (adjective) following the ideas of Marx and Engels

Sentence Examples:

They were fanatical Marxist communists.

Suppose an American teacher was a convinced Marxist.

You did not know that he was a professed Marxist?

The media, in the final analysis, are used to saturate the population with Marxist-Leninist ideology.

The keynote of Marxist economy is the advocacy of the claims of labor against those of capitalism.

The second is the theory of absolute rent, a brilliant and acute deduction from the Marxist theory of value.

I asked him if he was an agnostic, and he said he could be classified 'as a Marxist in his beliefs.'

The leadership's extreme Marxist orientation and hostility toward the Western nations have precluded a recourse to non-Communist sources of aid and have made the country entirely dependent upon contributions by other Communist states.

In reality, in this question we took our stand, and continue to do so on purely Marxist views of the revolutionary problems and creative duties of the proletariat when it has taken power into its own hands.

The work of the theoretical Marxist will not be done till the origin and development of all religions, philosophies, and systems of ethics have been explained and accounted for by reference to material and economic causes.

I happened to be standing in the television station in New Orleans, and he was saying, and I just got a snatch of it, I was passing through the room or something; and he was saying, "Well, there are many Marxist countries in the world today."