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Use marxist in a sentence

Definition of marxist:

  • (noun) an advocate of Marxism
  • (noun) emotionally charged terms used to refer to extreme radicals or revolutionaries
  • (adjective) following the ideas of Marx and Engels

Sentence Examples:

Do you remember that he questioned you whether you were familiar or knew of Oswald's Marxist leanings?

What was your impression as to what Lee thought a Marxist was as distinguished from a Communist?

Being men, of course, sometimes they talked about politics, but they did not discuss Marxist philosophy.

Whether the Marxist theory of value be correct or not, is quite immaterial to the proof of surplus labor.

This chapter also affirms the Marxist-Leninist principles that underlie the functioning of the state and the society.

When I was a boy of fourteen I was a complete Marxist, long before I had heard the name of Marx.

Perhaps he was better read, for example, on Marxist economics than any other school of economics, things like this.

The 'late Marxist' sees them all ... not as subjects for disinterested intellectual inquiry but as forms of social control.

Once more we raise the Marxist slogan and cry: "The emancipation of the workers must be the work of the workers themselves."

Every Marxist is hard as nails about the brutalities of the present, and mostly sunshine about the day after the dictatorship.

More than that, he believes, as a Marxist, in the movement of the masses which, with or without him, would still move.

Croce's studies in Economic are chiefly represented by his work, the title of which may be translated "Historical Materialism and Marxist Economic."

A feature story from Mexico City on the great religious revival that was sweeping Mexico and threatening the Marxist forces in the government.

Rosa Luxemburg, neglected by Marxist and academic economists alike, offers a theory of the dynamic development of capitalism which is of the greatest interest.

Be that as it may, basic changes were made in Marxist teachings to fit into Stalin's and later Khrushchev's new concepts of the worker's State.

When the Communists took power in 1944 they set out to destroy the old social system and replace it with one based on Marxist-Leninist ideology.

The spreading of the Marxist-Leninist ideology is also a task of the front, as is the purging of any attitudes that are considered backward and reactionary.

Knowing that he was as you have described in your own words, a Marxist, were you concerned at all about that or worried about that, as being in your home?

The facts have not freely lent themselves to the scheme of the Marxist system, but the scheme has taken on such a new meaning as would be consistent with the facts.

The Marxist is very much the same sort of person in all modern communities, and I will confess that by my temperament and circumstances I have the very warmest sympathy for him.

Of course MacDonald is not a Marxist in any sense of the word, but he is at least interested in theory, and can therefore be trusted to do his best to understand what is happening here.

Well, I had not run across many Marxists in my time, and I guess this was about the first professional Marxist I had run across, and he impressed me as knowing something about the subject.