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Use happy-go-lucky in a sentence

Definition of happy-go-lucky:

  • (adjective) cheerfully irresponsible

Sentence Examples:

He that was the most careless, happy-go-lucky chap that ever stepped, always in a good temper and full of his larks.

You see he is naturally a happy-go-lucky little scamp, and that is one reason that he is called Happy Jack.

All Scotchmen are not canny, nor all Irishmen happy-go-lucky.

People arrive and settle down in a happy-go-lucky manner, and straightway build themselves a home.

She has to be an optimist to the morbid husband, a salutary pessimist to the happy-go-lucky husband.

"It was easier for her to forgive a man, with his happy-go-lucky nature, for getting into trouble, than to forgive his getting out again by not being sufficiently careful not to add to the other person's misfortune."

It is administered in a happy-go-lucky manner, which amuses at the same time that it annoys.

They were a happy-go-lucky lot, full of careless generosities and Bohemian tendencies.

She had not before made a real friend, and Irene's happy-go-lucky, affectionate, confiding disposition appealed to her.

When he saw the bandaged foot and heard how Danny had twisted his ankle Peter Rabbit sat right down on the doorstep beside Danny Meadow Mouse and told him how sorry he was, for happy-go-lucky Peter Rabbit is very tender-hearted.

Squirrel frisked away in his usual happy-go-lucky fashion and forgot all about the nuts in the hollow tree.

Suppose it could be proved to us that there was no Great Design, and no Great Designer, that the world was the result of some blind, happy-go-lucky creative force, what would we think of the world then, poor thing?

There was something peculiarly incongruous in the jovial, happy-go-lucky name to which this man answered.

"I expect that if I was as young as you and as happy-go-lucky I'd never worry," she answered not unkindly.

He felt more than ever the keen enjoyment of the roving, happy-go-lucky existence he had elected to follow.

They didn't look so carefree and happy-go-lucky now.

As it is, men have been wonderfully successful in growing wheat in Australia, and if this is the case with the careless, largely happy-go-lucky style of the past, the prospect is extremely promising for the future.

In her happy-go-lucky childhood with many brothers and sisters at home, tears had always an embarrassing effect.

In the precarious hand-to-mouth existence she had led with her father since she was old enough to understand his visionary, happy-go-lucky temperament, he had regarded her and taught her to regard herself as a flower of the field.

The happy-go-lucky boy of seventeen seemed to have changed in that time to a morose man.

Many strange and comical experiences were related by the happy-go-lucky little group.

There was something very boyish and happy-go-lucky in his attitude and manner.

She knew that Molly was one of the youngest members of this club of rather irresponsible and happy-go-lucky folk, and privately considered that Selwyn had made a great mistake in ever allowing her to join it.

There is a theory that the reason for Californians taking everything as it comes with a happy-go-lucky philosophy, lies in the electrical air and the eight months of sunshine; but I believe it is due even more to the earthquakes.

Think of the somber, happy-go-lucky arrangements of our London theaters.

They wander through the gray streets of the Latin Quarter, finding refuge now in one attic, now in another, in their quaint costumes of Louis Philippe, with their tears and their smiles, happy-go-lucky and reckless.

There are brigades which work entirely on military lines, each man having certain duties marked out for him beforehand for every possible occasion, and there are others where happy-go-lucky working is preferred.

She was no longer the happy-go-lucky girl she had been heretofore.

He had the most charming, lovable, careless, happy-go-lucky, and irresponsible disposition that I have ever known.

Her placid, rather happy-go-lucky temperament made her forget them at once.

Anglo-Saxon, Teutonic, and even Latin diligence expects too much of the happy-go-lucky African.

Another lyric dialogue, whose fun is spent on the lean purses of students and the happy-go-lucky life of Andalusia, must have originated since the overthrow, in 1892, of the leaning tower of Saragossa.

Murray was a jolly, happy-go-lucky, penniless chap, lovable and ardent.

And wonderfully well does that mixed and happy-go-lucky population assimilate.

"The whimsical, delightful, happy-go-lucky humor which he has put into the mouths of so many merry folk."

His was not an inquiring nature; in his happy-go-lucky way he accepted Fate unquestionably.

There has been too much of the old happy-go-lucky style about us; we have been too much inclined to rest upon our reputation, and to think that because all was well fifty or a hundred years ago, all must be well to-day.

I used to be the most thoughtless happy-go-lucky creature.

The pastoral life he and his ancestors have been leading has endowed him with a happy-go-lucky disposition.

Under that good-natured, happy-go-lucky manner of Charles there lurked the cunning of a Mazarin.

My father, you know, muddled along in a happy-go-lucky sort of way.

His voice could be so soft and happy-go-lucky, it went through her veins like an exhilaration.

You see, Mr Wise, the people of this colony are a sort of lawless, happy-go-lucky set.

All the paupers of the neighborhood, to a man, resented a charity which had lost the charm of the happy-go-lucky.

How he detested the happy-go-lucky man who had caught her fancy!

He said he had been a poor scholar, had left the primary school at eleven hardly knowing how to write or spell, but he had a lively imagination and was a happy-go-lucky youth, playing many tricks on the trades people.

A more happy-go-lucky pair of idlers never joined company.

Nothing could convey an idea of the happy-go-lucky animation presiding at this gathering of so many diverse elements.

Sometimes he fancied that she coveted the days of careless uncertainty and happy-go-lucky comfort.

Though he is old and musty, you will always find him with sporting women and happy-go-lucky folk.

"You're a bully fellow," exclaimed Joe, in his old happy-go-lucky, care-free manner.

And all this time the happy-go-lucky Shadow was plugging along over the thirsty desert sands, looking neither to the right nor left, yet instinctively steering a straight course for his goal beyond the distant horizon.

A chubby little maiden with a happy-go-lucky disposition, she had a positive genius for getting her own way.

She was deliberate where they were quick, silent while they chattered, methodical instead of happy-go-lucky.

They are happy-go-lucky and are unconcerned for the future.

It is a real, a terrible difficulty, not to be overcome by happy-go-lucky humanitarianism.

Was their own wayward, careless, happy-go-lucky Magnus really hid away behind that perfectly buttoned coat?

While Sally was frisking about in a happy-go-lucky fashion, up came a sailor.

This was a great disappointment to him, for he may have been happy-go-lucky and devil-me-care in his own private life, but there was nothing approaching it in his official capacity, where he was always keen and full of enthusiasm.

Several were in the race, but a tall, lanky youth won, a humorous creature with a happy-go-lucky bearing.

Other persons' troubles never worried me to any extent; I was happy-go-lucky, careless and thoughtless.

The various scattered shapeless leaves point to confusion, and a somewhat "happy-go-lucky" nature.

My mother is one of those happy-go-lucky, apathetic sort of people who never break their hearts over anything.

That aimless, happy-go-lucky journey was typical of Goldsmith's whole life of forty-odd years.

He was a happy-go-lucky person, and he could not give his child a large dowry.