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Use happy-go-lucky in a sentence

Definition of happy-go-lucky:

  • (adjective) cheerfully irresponsible

Sentence Examples:

The party assembled in a happy-go-lucky manner and, after the cocktails had been served, gathered round the festive board at five minutes past nine.

It didn't much matter, because I was one of those happy-go-lucky chaps who believe the world owes them a living, and which they can get any time they more than half try.

In the sunny lane which follows the line of the shore, and along which a few shops struggle in happy-go-lucky disorder, may be heard the voices and noises of the workers at their work.

The happy-go-lucky way in which new Ministries and new departments with vague and ill-defined but enormous powers have been created must come to an end.

He did not know himself, did not recognize the old, happy-go-lucky Hugh Alston, who had accepted many a hard knock from Fate with a smile and a jest.

A shout arose from the happy-go-lucky people, who sorrowed alike in each other's sorrows, and joyed in each other's joys.

The war game had run its happy-go-lucky course briefly and brilliantly, with "glory enough for all," even for Chesterton.

The wind of their passion shifts quickly from point to point, one moment blowing a hurricane, the next sinking to a happy-go-lucky summer breeze.

He was hopping along across the Green Meadows in his usual happy-go-lucky way when, right in front of him, he saw what at first he took to be a stake, a small stake, driven in the ground.

For myself, I do not find it so easy to forgive these happy-go-lucky methods in a writer who ought to know better by now.

There are those who remember the time when Fanny was a beautiful girl, happy-go-lucky but always kind-hearted.

She glanced at Archer and saw a round, red, merry face, still wearing that happy-go-lucky look which there is no mistaking.

On all other points it becomes a fair war risk to presume upon their happy-go-lucky behavior.

Of course, I knew that was the way Harry would think about it, because's he's one of that reckless, happy-go-lucky sort.

The master himself was of the happy-go-lucky sort who, with a real taste for the finer things of literature and life, take no thought for the morrow or indeed even for the day.

Peter is such a happy-go-lucky little fellow that he never thinks of anything but the good time he can have in the present.

The old horse was sleepy, and wouldn't "stand round" to order, and they had to push her into place; but they were ready at last, and Happy-go-Lucky whispered "Pile in!"

Crow must lead a care-free, happy-go-lucky life in winter, in the South, because Farmer Green always stayed in Pleasant Valley the whole year round.

She scraped through her lessons somehow, generally with Gwen's help at home, and took life in a happy-go-lucky fashion, with as little trouble to herself as possible.

Another result was that the happy-go-lucky little boy and his horses came to an almost miraculous halt and remained so for some time, gazing straight before them in a state of abject amazement!

For a singularly happy-go-lucky mortal, Dolph's instincts were to be by no means distrusted.

He has not been a prudent and saving steward, but a sort of happy-go-lucky man who has not kept the accounts carefully, and has been content so long as he has not lost much money.

Vincent's daughter, a jolly, honest, happy-go-lucky girl, who looked exactly as her mother must have looked at fifteen.

Mark's happy-go-lucky way of taking things did not convince his sister; but as she could do nothing, she submitted and made her friends as comfortable as she could.

Jimmy would have perhaps thrown up a copper cent and trusted to "heads or tails" to settle the matter for him; but this was not the happy-go-lucky way Ned had of deciding.

Replied Sylvia in that happy-go-lucky way she had of saying things, and which as a rule no one heeded.

Then he hastily sought for and found his friend Ebony, with whom he had struck up a sort of happy-go-lucky friendship.

And moreover no ship navigated and sailed in the happy-go-lucky manner people conduct their business on shore would ever arrive into port.

It is called the Happy-Go-Lucky, and is in a woman's hands at present; but it prospers, I believe.

Her small face was now soft and friendly, making the resemblance to happy-go-lucky Mary Raymond more apparent.

Delia had supposed everything would come around straight; it generally did in her happy-go-lucky fashion.

I think your experiences as a Happy-Go-Lucky will teach you much that you would not otherwise learn.

They were a pair of happy-go-lucky lads, and they looked to the future with cheerful faces.

How I do hope his daughter hasn't inherited his happy-go-lucky, selfish nature; for there is that girl for us to deal with, Calvin.

There are cheerful, happy-go-lucky public men who assure us that the national digestion has been proved equal to anything.

That happy-go-lucky disposition of his stood him in good stead many a time, and his free-and-easy manner of drawing people out frequently served as an aid to determine his future course of action.

Many soldiers are of a happy-go-lucky type, and wouldn't care to burden themselves with an officer's responsibilities.

Ward had been a happy-go-lucky young fellow who had faith in men and in himself and in his future.

Cuthbert's, for Murray was too quiet to do anything, Collier was too sleepy, and Jack Ward seemed to be as happy-go-lucky as I was.

He was, however, in a few days going about again in his own careless, happy-go-lucky fashion, his blue eyes just as clear and honest as ever, his face just as fresh, his appetite just as keen.

During the next three weeks Marcy Gray would have lived in a fever of suspense had it not been for the presence of courageous, happy-go-lucky sailor Jack.

Below her, stretching like a fan, was the Valley upon which was built the merry, happy-go-lucky, scattered little town she loved.

We have gone so far with our happy-go-lucky scheme of existence that it has become necessary to remind ourselves of that.

Franklin and Lincoln and Cooper, therefore, may be taken as striking examples of individuals trained in the old happy-go-lucky way, and yet with marked capacities for socialization, for fellowship.

In fact, she was too happy-go-lucky and fond of change to feel very strongly about anything.

However, time was not giving these happy-go-lucky lads the least uneasiness just at present, so long as they did reach port in safety.

Who more willing to act the spy than the happy-go-lucky young giant, fair-haired Simon Kenton alias Butler?

I attended an expensive and select private school, idled my way through that somehow, and entered college, a happy-go-lucky young fellow with money in my pocket.

"I climbed down and round and up and got back as soon as I come too," he said, with that happy-go-lucky smile of his.

Let the fellow dodge after us if he wants to; he'll find that we're only a bunch of happy-go-lucky boys, off for a holiday.

Being a happy-go-lucky tribe, the survivors continued to occupy their nests in spite of their terrible new neighbor, trusting that doom would overlook them.

For instance the happy-go-lucky, free-and-easy, semi-lonely life that had satisfied me for so many years seemed no longer satisfying; yet why not, seeing that all its conditions prevailed as before?

The father himself, in the happy-go-lucky method of most fathers in their financial relations with the women of the family, does not know what the daughter's dress budget for a year ought to be.

And yet this is exactly the thing that will change the forward pass game from a happy-go-lucky chance into a mathematical probability.

One of these was a thoroughly good-hearted, happy-go-lucky person who was afterwards for several years in Congress.

Simply because I am a plain, happy-go-lucky, country squire, whose imagination has never of necessity been stretched to conceive of anything beyond a fiery horse, women, and wine.

Really, under the present happy-go-lucky police arrangements, I never know whom I may not be called upon to execute.

His old heart, usually full of happy-go-lucky sunshine, was harboring shadows, for he knew that he ought to help and wanted to.

He had been a happy-go-lucky Captain in the 21st Lancers in those days, drawing a generous allowance from the old man and squeezing every ounce of fun out of life.

They are blamed for finding a health problem and thus disrupting their patient's happy-go-lucky lifestyle.

However, he had that sunny, happy-go-lucky way about him that all artists have when they're in good humor, and he was a capital dancer.

A happy-go-lucky frame of mind makes the individual averse to clear discriminations, either in perception or in his own speech.

He is happy-go-lucky, and his dreadful curiosity is forever getting him into all kinds of trouble.

At the other end of the social scale in this world of workers is the happy-go-lucky family.

"No, it is such a care-free, happy-go-lucky place, that not all the people who should, try to concentrate themselves in reading."

I dare say they were both happy-go-lucky gentlemen, if they were anything like their offspring, and one was as bad as the other.

He was a happy-go-lucky sort of fellow who couldn't be kept down to steady work such as a job in the bank or a store.

Now Peter Rabbit is really one of the best-hearted little fellows in the world, just happy-go-lucky and careless.

"In other words, one which would be happy-go-lucky, and of which you would know no more than you do of the coming year."

With a happy-go-lucky party like ours, it mattered little; no important interests were at stake, no business appointments awaiting us.

He was a devil-may-care, happy-go-lucky individual, ready to join any venture that came along.

His was a happy-go-lucky, mischief-loving nature; and they followed him after a time, awe-struck and admiring.

It is really an attempt to make tea by a more certain method than is generally employed; for I think it must be admitted that the present happy-go-lucky style has not much to recommend it.

Buster might in his happy-go-lucky fashion have been careless in this particular, but shrewd Josh was far too smart to take unnecessary chances.

At the last minute, nevertheless, this happy-go-lucky crowd concluded that they were extremely anxious first to take a run over into the Wet Mountain valley.

He was, in fact, just the careless, happy-go-lucky fellow we have endeavored to describe him.

That was sort of hard on Peter, although he would not have admitted it, he was growing fond of the careless, happy-go-lucky tramp.

He hesitated a moment before replying, as if afraid that he might say too much; for Phil, the captain, was a very different person from the happy-go-lucky Phil his comrades had hitherto known.

She drew a chair up to the table, sat in happy-go-lucky fashion, and attacked the chop, the hot biscuit, and the peas, with an enthusiasm that inspired Ida to imitation.

It was good in itself, and the better for being in this happy-go-lucky way, in this happy-go-lucky company.

It is the exceptional individual of the happy-go-lucky sort, with no enemy but himself, on whom it is difficult to impress the need of thinking ahead.

In the squire's happy-go-lucky way of conducting the hearing, he did not require Brown to testify under oath.

Olive was one of the happy-go-lucky sort who did not mind a few marks one way or the other.

Half a dozen were locked up, others were whipped, and the ships continued their voyage in this happy-go-lucky fashion.

It was a happy-go-lucky life, this wandering from town to town, in the pleasant sunshine by day and under the stars by night.

They had never suspected but that she was as contented with her happy-go-lucky way as any petted kitten.

It was not fashionable to "sap," as it was called; and though a few ambitious boys worked hard, we most of us lived in a happy-go-lucky way, just doing enough to pass muster.

Certainly there were notable exceptions who managed on their allowance, who were economical and sober, but most lived in a happy-go-lucky fashion and enjoyed all the pleasures that were offered them.

Roger, with his happy-go-lucky ways, was, as a rule, content to consider only present necessities.

In fact, everybody liked him on account of his sunny nature, his happy-go-lucky disposition, and his genial, child-like and bland smile.

They are a happy-go-lucky set, given to strong drink and craps, not to mention some other forms of vice.

That brings in a little, not much, because it isn't a rich ranch by any means, just a big happy-go-lucky one that Harry, my brother, runs.

Buck Peters, his hands full of cigars, passed through the happy-go-lucky, do-as-you-please crowd and invited everybody to smoke, which nobody refused to do.

One too often misses in his Earthly Paradise the minute ecstasy of modern song without finding that old happy-go-lucky tune that had kept the story marching.

It must have pleased her to know that these happy-go-lucky scouts had already become quite fond of her in the short time they were favored with her acquaintance.

The sparkle of wine, the glare of lights and the happy-go-lucky company of the after-theater parties have proven her downfall.

Yet we seem as a nation to be willing to proceed in this matter with happy-go-lucky indifference even to the immediate future.

Mabel did not pretend even to as much learning as Peggy had herself; she was happy-go-lucky and sweet-tempered.

Charley was a happy-go-lucky sort of chap, valuing the world chiefly for the amusement it afforded, and finding that amusement in about everything and everybody.

Their bravery in action during the Trafalgar Campaign is not questioned; their happy-go-lucky code of discipline is on record in documentary evidence.