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Use happy-go-lucky in a sentence

Definition of happy-go-lucky:

  • (adjective) cheerfully irresponsible

Sentence Examples:

It seems a happy-go-lucky way of fighting altogether.

Casey is too happy-go-lucky, I think.

This happy-go-lucky frame of mind was by no means peculiar to myself.

Goldsmith was another of the happy-go-lucky debtors.

My world, Joan, is the happy-go-lucky Bohemia of success and the democracy of real talent.

"A happy-go-lucky young man with a taste for hay," she said.

This happy-go-lucky sort of life continued until the day fixed for the sacrifice.

And everywhere he lived in the same happy-go-lucky way.

Splash, the happy-go-lucky dog, bounded on ahead of Bunny Brown and his sister Sue.

The truth is the whole family is happy-go-lucky.

Rosie lingered for a few moments, but she did not seem like her usual happy-go-lucky self.

It was a happy-go-lucky sort of life.

Two carelessly dressed, happy-go-lucky fellows enter together.

I guess it was because he was kind of happy-go-lucky, too.

The father, a man of happy-go-lucky disposition, would shrug his shoulders and laugh.

Somehow happy-go-lucky Bobby Coon had been overlooked when the invitations were sent out.

The Happy-go-lucky was also bound for that bay to land her cargo.

The army felt a calm confidence, a happy-go-lucky mood.

"Why, any happy-go-lucky guess ought to strike it half the time, anyway."

Barton seemed such a happy-go-lucky, casual sort of person.

May I get the girls to help, and make it a regular Happy-Go-Lucky affair?

"Say, I'm having no end of company these days," he went on, with his happy-go-lucky air.

They moved in just as it was, in the most happy-go-lucky sort of way.

Jack took it all in his customary happy-go-lucky way and sent back as good as he received.

It was a happy-go-lucky time.

Hollister was a happy-go-lucky youth.

For the great, patient, clumsy, happy-go-lucky man she entertained an intense pity.

They were a particularly jolly, merry, happy-go-lucky family, full of jokes and noise.

On the surface, you're a happy-go-lucky fellow, but that's deceptive.

We left the Happy-go-lucky chased by the revenue cutter.

The great majority have rather the happy-go-lucky soul.

Here comes one of them now, head up, smiling, and happy-go-lucky.

I know what that happy-go-lucky principle leads to.

Those happy-go-lucky lads could feel for the sentiment that had caused those tears.

Certainly the Australians we met were a cheerful, happy-go-lucky, devil-may-care crew.

And yet on that day he had lost his last hold on his old happy-go-lucky will.

As long as it was just a matter of happy-go-lucky killing, you went straight ahead.

At other times he is inclined to be lazy and happy-go-lucky.

They were as vicious, idle, happy-go-lucky a lot as ever existed!

Lunch was not quite the usual pleasant, happy-go-lucky affair that day.

The ease that comes from a happy-go-lucky philosophy is not the peace that comes of trust.

The man with the shovel gave a happy-go-lucky shrug.

"They seem a very happy-go-lucky family," was the reply.

"So should I," responded Charlie; "but Rob is such a jolly, happy-go-lucky fellow."

Happy-go-lucky, careless, indifferent as to the favors or reverses of fortune.

The truth is the oyster fisheries have been managed in a happy-go-lucky way.

They are a happy-go-lucky set.

He is happy-go-lucky, and taking thought of the morrow is not one of his troubles.

His happy-go-lucky prophecy found quick fulfillment.

The danger in such happy-go-lucky arrangements is that of graft.

Everything felt happy-go-lucky and informal, there was no particular atmosphere.

It was the happy-go-lucky method of factories in the seventies.

This does not distress the happy-go-lucky creatures in the least.

The traffic is conducted in a very happy-go-lucky style.

After all, the sense of danger was ever present with these happy-go-lucky birds.

It is a boat again, and goes drifting in its happy-go-lucky way down the current.

We are now taking our ease after dinner, and chatting in quite a happy-go-lucky way.

Granger, a happy-go-lucky widow who is always passing round the hat.

What a happy-go-lucky country it is.

Then look at the happy-go-lucky way in which the old bill is put out.

And yet Eager confessed to himself a very warm heart for careless, happy-go-lucky Jim.

Getting off again is much the same happy-go-lucky business.

Happy-go-lucky is the only way to describe the place.

Truth to tell, Owen had taken a great liking to the irresponsible, happy-go-lucky Jimmie.

Meanwhile, best and merriest wishes and a high old happy-go-lucky year to you!

This happy-go-lucky way of life is not without its advantages.

Chance, by Gamester out of Happy-go-lucky, was no safer a mount.

Steele led a happy-go-lucky life, nearly always cheerful and in debt.

The happy-go-lucky years of peace and plenty had suddenly come to an end.

In your happy-go-lucky ways you were exactly suited the one to the other.

To the happy-go-lucky Sea Scouts it was part of the game.

He is too good for the average happy-go-lucky fellow who wants to be let alone.

Yes, Felix really enjoyed this happy-go-lucky kind of existence.

She liked them because they were reckless and care free and happy-go-lucky.

He laughs and jokes, but the old happy-go-lucky boy is gone.

The race, as a whole, is confident, in its happy-go-lucky way.

The Russian is a careless, happy-go-lucky fellow.

I suppose that in his superficial, happy-go-lucky way he loved her.

Such a mode of practice is of necessity happy-go-lucky; success depends upon chance.