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Use virtuosity in a sentence

Definition of virtuosity:

  • (noun) technical skill or fluency or style exhibited by a virtuoso

Sentence Examples:

It was the apotheosis of voice and virtuosity!

There is no cleverness, no startling feat of virtuosity.

Gradually, however, here also mechanical virtuosity began to supplant true artistic principles.

He despises tradition, gives himself up with unrestrained delight to his virtuosity.

With bits of special virtuosity he is instantly gratified; shortcomings he instantly detects.

The ballads are dramatic poems in which sentiment and virtuosity are happily united.

Such astonishing virtuosity in the art of innuendo is the privilege of one sex only.

These stories show all the resourceful virtuosity of Poe, and are models of their kind.

For a man who despised mere technical display, this piece is a shining exemplar of virtuosity.

L'Art pour l'art perhaps, the quacking virtuosity of cold frogs who perish in their marsh.

These and even far less flagrant or flamboyant tricks of virtuosity have gone quite out of fashion.

Having enlarged his resources through original discovery, he dazzles by display of a virtuosity wholly unprecedented.

The impromptus are shorter pieces of a lyric nature, although the element of virtuosity is not lacking.

His pictures, though undeniably excellent, are marred by the dangerous facility which degenerates into mere virtuosity.

A man so inordinately articulate is bound to succumb, now and then, to the seductions of mere virtuosity.

Machine music has usurped our virtuosity; but it can never reign in the stead of the human artist.

And the modern violin sonata is also a vehicle for violin virtuosity in the very best meaning of the word.

On one canvas is a huddle of objects painted with varying degrees of skill, virtuosity and vigor, harshly or smoothly.

It was not the playing of a virtuoso, though he had a large amount of virtuosity (to put it moderately) at his command.

It was true, she remarked it for the first time, that his hands flew over the keys with an air of breezy virtuosity.

Tremendous affairs; not only does rivalry approach the line of physical hostilities among the spectators, but the competition draws out feats of special virtuosity that the dancers have practiced secretly, in anticipation of such contingencies.

No one need neglect this sport on the ground that the vision and the attainment are limited; they are not, and to most men even confident competence is denied, not to speak of this virtuosity of hands.

Its adoption was not, on my part, a deliberate display of virtuosity in form, but simply the spontaneous falling of a play of ideas into the form most suitable to it, which turned out to be the classical form.

For it must be remembered that nearly all of these works demand of the singer a degree of virtuosity which was then extremely rare, and to be found perhaps scarcely at all outside the pupils of Scarlatti himself.

You could not fairly expect this of me either, for I have never concealed that, since the grapes of virtuosity could not be made sour for me, I should take no pleasure whatever in finding them sour in somebody else's mouth.

Every form of pseudo or bastard art stirred him with hatred to the bottom of his soul; hence his furious onslaughts on mere virtuosity and all efforts from influential sources to utilize art for other than purely artistic purposes.

The Americans speak of "The Political Game," and I had the feeling that it was a game played with a virtuosity of tactics and with a metallic intensity, and the principle of the game was to beat the other fellows.

He seemed to have an intuitive understanding not only of his own art but of every art and craft, and it was some time before one realized that he attained this miraculous virtuosity by an absolute disdain for every other form of human endeavor.