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Use virtuosity in a sentence

Definition of virtuosity:

  • (noun) technical skill or fluency or style exhibited by a virtuoso

Sentence Examples:

Her rhythmic virtuosity was marvelous!

It was the golden age of virtuosity.

There is no room for cheap vocal virtuosity.

At the bottom, it becomes a question of virtuosity.

Master school of modern piano playing and virtuosity.

Nor has virtuosity been confined to single instruments.

Are eloquence and virtuosity one and the same thing?

At the same time, Defoe has great stylistic virtuosity.

Heroic virtuosity was a solid half of its Credo.

What was the influence of vocal virtuosity on music?

Virtuosity had been the danger of the old school.

I take off my hat to virtuosity in any form.

How such virtuosity came to be, no one can explain.

They begin and they end in sheer literary virtuosity.

He seems to stand out of the beaten path of virtuosity.

In their latest shape they form the extreme of virtuosity.

In his best estate, the drinking song was sheer virtuosity.

In fact, virtuosity, if properly understood, is as indispensable to-day as ever it was.

The most fabulous accounts of his virtuosity had raised expectation to its highest pitch.

He played with that splendid kind of virtuosity which makes one forget the technique.

The last century has been one of increasing virtuosity in the management of lyric meters.

Truly the standard of virtuosity is higher than it was a quarter of a century ago.

It is done well enough to serve our social virtuosity for a whole epoch of its disdain.