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Use sanctuary in a sentence

Definition of sanctuary:

  • (noun) a consecrated place where sacred objects are kept
  • (noun) a shelter from danger or hardship
  • (noun) area around the altar of a church for the clergy and choir; often enclosed by a lattice or railing

Sentence Examples:

The convergent wall of sanctuaries is often visible from the exterior.

The lamp of the sanctuary but feebly lighted up his features.

How devotedly do I seek the sanctuary of my dearest Kitty's heart!

It encloses a sanctuary, excluding the very atmosphere of the outer world.

Now a sanctuary of peace the borough is from the very first.

Injustice and fraud were rife in the very precincts of the sanctuary.

The watchers who remain in the sanctuary do not monopolize its blessings.

I looked through the rails into this weedy sanctuary of human decay.

Nowhere else could one disembark so near that sanctuary and that palace.

Paul is here leading us into the very innermost sanctuary of his heart.

Will you bear, therefore, will you bear to see your sanctuary trampled on?

There were lights shining within the sanctuary, through the narrow archway.

"I am for leaving our feast and hieing us back to the sanctuary."

He consecrates one of his sons to be priest of this little sanctuary.

Why thus separated from the other furnishings of the inner sanctuary?

They richly deserved what befell them and more for betraying sanctuary.

In a few words he told her his plight and besought sanctuary.

Peter Masters sat in the innermost sanctuary of the Temple of Mammon.

I would be in sanctuary, so to speak; inviolable by reason of my disgrace.

In the nave, below the screen of the sanctuary, are three altars.

Near and far armor glimmered in the reddened sanctuaries of the woods.

Had we the balances of the sanctuary, we should assay things otherwise.

Sophia, and therewith a part of the sanctuary was overlaid with silver.

Near and far armor glimmered in the reddened sanctuaries of the woods.

The Holy Sepulcher was soon enclosed in a newer and grander sanctuary.

The warm castle is a room in hell, the storm-swept heath a sanctuary...

"It's sanctuary," Roy murmured; but his sigh was tinged with apprehension.

The warm castle is a room in hell, the storm-swept heath a sanctuary.

I shrank back into my sanctuary; the incense seemed to be stifling me.

This little hamlet seemed to be the sanctuary of beautiful thoughts and things.

In them the defeated soldier or refugee from the vendetta finds inviolate sanctuary.

The light in the curious eyes seemed turned inward complacently surveying a sanctuary.

The strength of the hills is to be a pedestal for the sanctuary.

None but the hand of an infidel dare wrest you from this sanctuary.

The hand of man had been at work to make the sanctuary inviolable.

Finally, the effect of a delightful vista is obtained by the wide sanctuary.

It was a species of cave within a cave, of tabernacle within a sanctuary.

He wondered why he should have been ushered into a sanctuary forbidden to others.

The ground for some distance about this sanctuary was paved with stones.

Wild beasts usurp the sanctuaries once filled with the chair of doctrine.

Nothing lay about, but a small draped doorway led into an inner sanctuary.

Here he had sanctuary and the necessity of a hateful dissimulation was relaxed.

We fling open the inmost sanctuary, and invite all the crowd to enter.

This was the sanctuary, these the worshipers of Him who was bruised.

Her temperament is a magnet for disaster, her soul a sanctuary of inviolable secrets.

This "right of sanctuary" was often a needful protection in an age of violence.

She pulled him gently towards the inmost sanctuary of the Station Master.

In that house there are many mansions, the boisterous sanctuary of a vagabond polytheism.

The part thus enclosed is called the sanctuary, and contains the altar.

Breaches have been made in the walls of the sanctuaries heretofore reserved for men.

They were out on the flat, with no arboreal sanctuary for the timid one.

No noxious insect, no poisonous reptile, is found within the limits of that sanctuary.

No pursuer whose victims had escaped into some inviolable sanctuary could be more angry.

Oh, for the cool, white tiles of her own chaste, little sanctuary!

The marble pavement that surrounds the sanctuary is worn by pilgrim knees.

Yes, I have demonstrated that the sanctuary plan is a sure preventive of extermination.

And the women and children he took away captive, and defiled the sanctuary.

Which though needful and just, yet invaded the sanctuary of home so gloomily.

His reverence for the sanctuary had aided his habitual self-government in this ordeal.

Here into the laurel which had promised sanctuary his Nemesis had pursued him.

By the visits of pilgrims to this the building and sanctuary were enriched.

Has it found its place in the unsullied light of the inner sanctuary?

All civilization, all redemption from barbarism, is fostered and developed around a sanctuary.

The rotunda, when we finally reach it, proves to be the sanctuary itself.

It forms an inviolable national sanctuary, within whose boundaries life of all kinds is safe.

A man unjustly deprived of sanctuary could plead the right before his judges.

Another sanctuary holds an idol made of seven metals mingled to a pale golden hue.

No trace remains of the temples that adorned this fairest of all sanctuaries.

Profound metaphysics, above human intelligence, were an inaccessible sanctuary in which religion was enveloped.

And she raised to him a face lit from the inmost sanctuary of love.

The inner sanctuaries of occult literature commend the students to look to the bees.

Receive nothing untried, nothing till it is weighed in the balance of the sanctuary.

One learns the secret of devotional art best of all in such ephemeral sanctuaries.

The very hush of that princely sanctuary seemed broken by her polluted presence.

It was rifling his own sanctuary and trampling its treasures in the streets.

The young girl noiselessly crossed the room and followed him into the sanctuary.

We shall hear next of your carrying your habit of flirting into the sanctuary itself.

The psalmist is far from the sanctuary, but distance does not hinder thought.

A gentle tap at the door gained us admittance to the sanctuary of high diplomacy.

No sanctuary must protect a man who had with homicidal purpose struck another.

The recognition of the sanctuary by subsequent pontiffs has already been alluded to.

The suave odor of the purest incense eddied out from the door of the sanctuary.

The little sanctuary no longer looked interesting: all its innocent prettiness was gone.

This might defile the sanctuary or tempt her to "usurp authority over the man."

These private measures are not standards of the exchequer, nor balances of the sanctuary.

Why are our sanctuaries crowded only by the scum and refuse of the city?'

Betrayed liberty, take sanctuary in the hearts of the faithful, fold your wounded pinions!

And it is in glens like this that they find the sanctuary they love.

As I look back at that meager little parlor now, it is transformed into a sanctuary.

After the ceremony, the images were faithfully restored to their sanctuaries in the vestibule.

In some way it seems that the heavenly sanctuary had been defiled by sin.

Nor did I pause till I had taken sanctuary in the oratory, now empty.

Such was the sanctuary, such the atoning ritual, attached to the first covenant.

It is the silver thus levied which was used in the construction of the sanctuary.

Luxurious vines trailed from ruined pillar to ruined wall and wove a sanctuary for vipers.

A hardened realist like myself cannot be admitted into the sanctuary of your inmost feelings!

The college was dismantled after the edict of dissolution, but the sanctuary remained.

It was the sanctuary of thousands of Empire Loyalists after the war of American Independence.

Others crowd round the sanctuary of the churches, and dwell there in mean hovels.

They were the only adorning which marked the plain sanctuary of a plain people.