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Use sanctuary in a sentence

Definition of sanctuary:

  • (noun) a consecrated place where sacred objects are kept
  • (noun) a shelter from danger or hardship
  • (noun) area around the altar of a church for the clergy and choir; often enclosed by a lattice or railing

Sentence Examples:

When once those sanctuary doors had closed behind Edward, Paul thought it mattered little what became of himself.

And he brought them into the mountain of his sanctuary: the mountain which his right hand had purchased.

As a matter of fact, her fervent believers maintained her sanctuaries, despite the law, on the very Capitol.

In 1441 the right of sanctuary was restricted to churches; before, it was extended to towns and districts.

I declare that I will no longer enter into any other temple than the sanctuary of the laws.

Annihilation would be a sanctuary for all my sins, and put an end to my crimes with myself.

As we now rode slowly along between the trees, a desire seized me to show him one of my sanctuaries.

Now that we were outside of the shaded temple and sanctuary enclosures our party was not very game.

A crimson flame was burning in the sanctuary lamp, a symbol of the presence of the sacrament reserved.

They were the skulls of all the victims that had been sacrificed since the foundation of the sanctuary.

It seemed hours before she could reach the sanctuary of her room, where she sobbed in the dark.

It could hardly have been his hearing, in his own sound-proof sanctuary between double windows and triple doors.

Injustice is done it, if it is regarded merely as the longing of a Levite for approach to the sanctuary.

Had such been the case, its fur would not have been employed in the service of the sanctuary.

Hard by it is a famous "earth," to which every hunted fox for miles round flees for sanctuary.

The cathedral, which is the center of interest, is probably the smallest sanctuary of that dignity in existence.

The place may have been merely a sanctuary or, perhaps, a royal fortress and place of worship combined.

Loving freedom for her own sake, he considered her sanctuary, wherever placed, as too sacred to be violated.

This, however, occurred much later, and meantime I took sanctuary in that serene old ship early every evening.

These upper reaches evidently constituted a tract of land the use of which was reserved to the sanctuary.

The sanctuaries of Judah were destroyed, the priests were maintained, but they had no function in the temple.

Trees in a forest so thick that it shuts out the world, and you walk like one in a sanctuary.

Ancient literature has only left some brief allusions to the craft, some inscriptions recalling their dedications in sanctuaries.

The populace then burst through the police and hurried off the men to sanctuary in a neighboring monastery.

I see that I hold a sanctuary in their hearts, and in the hearts of their descendants, generations hence.

We have, however, to consider the fact that sanctuaries will be of no value unless they are well guarded.

The wild creature whom he had come to love had turned to him for sanctuary, and not in vain.

Undoubtedly, however, the great sanctuary of a district was frequently, as he represents, in the recesses of a wood.

Such were the considerations that forced themselves upon me, as I paced the aisles of this sanctuary of religion.

As long as he could walk, even with assistance, he urged his way to the sanctuary of their proclamation.

It might be fine anywhere else, but will it not bear being brought into the light of the sanctuary?

He has no time to shake the dust of the street from his shoes before he treads the sanctuary.

The dark sanctuaries softened their silhouettes and the smoke of incense twisted its curls above their heads.

The laws of hospitality, retaliation, and the sanctuary of his hearth to the guest or fugitive are seldom violated.

Who could bear to expose to the eye of a paid medium the sanctuary of our most sacred love and sorrow?

After some further trouble, and some further miracles, the story was believed, and the sanctuary was erected.

Under such circumstances as these, it is not wonderful that complaints of the misuse of sanctuary rights became frequent.

To catalog the evils of the sanctuary system were to show lack of historical sympathy, nay, even of humor.

He sought sanctuary with her, and over and over again she had to listen to his cries for peace.

For it is better for us to die in battle than to behold the calamities of our people and our sanctuary.

As for traitors, the king was allowed to appoint them keepers in their sanctuaries, to prevent their escape.

Instinctively he turned to seek the sanctuary of his library, but paused ere he gave the order to his chauffeur.

Her little attic room became a sort of sanctuary, and began to take upon itself a reflection of her nature.

Not that she put all that into conscious thought; she had merely a sensation of sanctuary and peace.

On the first occasion a knight, who had taken sanctuary here, was slain by John of Gaunt's servants.

It is the miracle of renewal, and it ought to happen every time we open the doors of the sanctuary.

Mysticism, too, is no more than a cover for a sanctuary that has been emptied of all worthy of respect.

No sacrifice could be offered in the sanctuary till what the heathen had denied the Hebrew should cleanse.

At my signal the doors of the sacred enclosure will open, and the people draw near the sanctuary.

He entered the sanctuary and seated himself in a place from which he would be able to see the minister.

It was not long before they found that this was dangerous sport, and they took sanctuary at Scarborough.

It will be seen, if we have rightly traced the line of thought, that the outer sanctuary no longer exists.

None but these few are ever allowed now inside the inner sanctuary wherein dwells and schemes the dictator.

This sanctuary, with its now decaying walls, succeeded as usual to a pagan shrine with hardly altered name.

The poor young inmate of this place had been also summoned from her sanctuary, never more to enter it again.

At a later time at all the great sanctuaries there were thousands of male and female servants beside the priests.

Edward himself took sanctuary and on the following day peace was made between the king and the earl.

No more devout prayer meeting was ever held in a sanctuary than that which took place in the jail corridor.

Climbing as you have been from the western side, the real one-time grandeur of the sanctuary does not strike you.

In this sanctuary our trials ended; there our eyes saw, and our ears heard, what we are forbidden to reveal.

Antonius doubled this distance, and included within the range of the sanctuary a certain portion of the city.

Its prestige as the metropolitan sanctuary had no doubt steadily increased from the time when it was built.

Both these gentlemen, as if conscious of guilt, fled to sanctuary, but, on a promise of pardon, repaired to court.

The sanctuary lamp, hanging from the roof and swaying backwards and forwards, showed like a big red eye.

By the sides of the altar fared two immense wax lights, giving a fine effect to the sanctuary.

Other four stones placed at the cardinal points showed the limits of the sanctuary on their respective sides.

Greece was the center of the world, and the great sanctuary of Delphi was the center of Greece.

The common opinion of the citizens in the sixteenth century regarding the sanctuary is set forth by Stow.

The shut and open door of the heavenly sanctuary constituted the strong point upon which the matter turned.

On reaching the Manor, Win was admitted by cordial Yvonne, who at once conducted him to his sanctuary.

People thought a great deal of their little model household, and protected it as though it had been a sanctuary.

It was the custom, formerly, to hold all meetings for the transaction of public business in the sanctuary.

Take refuge in prayer when you are most troubled; the door of the sanctuary will never be shut against you.

He transferred to the churches the privilege of sanctuary granted to those fleeing from justice in the Mosaic legislation.

The old stands a mournful monument of the fragility of human things: yours as a sanctuary of eternal right.

The case of the birds is quite as strong, and the chance of protection by this sanctuary much greater.

No one saw him, no one heard him, and he left the little sanctuary unnoticed by any human eye.

It must be concealed from other eyes by mists of incense, and honored in the silence of the sanctuary.

The sanctuary is now divided off by a high open screen, of old oak, reaching nearly to the roof.

A solitary lamp hung from a silver chain in the sanctuary, casting a feeble ray amid the premature gloom.

I never felt more keenly my inability to describe a place than when I walked through this gorgeous sanctuary.

We may give him the opportunity to declare himself, but we may not invade the sanctuary of his silence.

The fatal seeds of national instability and decay are not found in economics; they are found in the sanctuary.

For it is better for us to die in battle than to behold the calamity of our people and our sanctuary.

This effort requires us to identify the terrorists, locate their sanctuaries, and destroy their ability to plan and operate.

State sponsors are a critical resource for our terrorist enemies, often providing funds, weapons, training, safe passage, and sanctuary.

No one but these latter is allowed admission into his mysterious sanctuary; even his brothers have never entered it.

And how should we cleanse ourselves to appear with such a gift at the portals of the heavenly sanctuary!

King Edward is returned, and with him a gallant company of gentlemen are seen pressing onward to the sanctuary.

At another time that lover of nature would have caught inspiration from the glories of the impressive sanctuary around.

It mustn't be too like the 'Sanctuary' girl, but at the same time it must be a popular type of beauty.

It had a single sanctuary, the seat of Ark and oracle, the center of pilgrimage three times a year.

Within, these rustic sanctuaries are toy copies of larger models; everything is tiny, but disposed in the same way.

We were to respect the sanctuary by sparing the trees, and not to pluck a single blade of grass.

After putting off her cloak and her shoes, and saying a short prayer, she entered the sanctuary.

Bayard felt that his own experience at that moment was an intrusion upon the sanctuary of a sacred struggle.

There are but one or two sanctuaries built of marble, and very rarely have the idols any precious jewels.

Curiosity, that key which unlocks the sanctuaries of knowledge, is seen from the days of childhood to silvery age.

Both rose from that forest sanctuary dearer to each other, because there was now no secret thought between them.

"I am weary," cried the heart-stricken old man; "take me within your sanctuary, and I will tell you all."