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Definition of rebuke:

  • (noun) an act or expression of criticism and censure;

Sentence Examples:

The young widow walked smartly back, holding her eldest boy's hand, and administered a sharp rebuke to him for talking too much.

This was too much in unison with his lordship's feelings to be altogether unpalatable, and yet such an allusion to interference demanded a rebuke.

His mother's look of rebuke was entirely lost upon him, and he rattled on with an air of assumed hilarity which was painfully absurd.

Sumner and other abolitionists, and not that of the slaveholder, which is rebuked by the life and writings of the great apostle.

Was one bound to overwhelm one's companions with abundance of pious suggestions, to rebuke vice, to rejoice in the disasters that befell the ungodly?

All unwittingly had he ministered the rebuke; perhaps, on being restored to his normal self, should never remember what he had done.

He swoons with fright, and is restored to consciousness by the eagle calling him by name, and rebuking him for his fears.

Probably circumstances have compelled him to do so; but his conduct is good, and he has received no reprimands, he has never been rebuked.

She could not help acknowledging Ella's right to interfere, but she was annoyed that the rebuke should be given in Mildred's presence.

One of the prophets, determined to rebuke him, disguised himself and sat by the wayside, waiting until the king should pass by.

Then it is implied that you are to take care of him, to give place to him in all things, to bear his rebukes, his chastisement.

The exodus of my delusion seemed to open to me a future, in which imagination would be rebuked by the presence of stern and harsh realities.

And when, as often happened, the drill-sergeant rebuked me for some inefficiency as I stood in line, when he addressed me as "Number Seven!"

On the contrary, he was democratic in his thought, and outspoken in his rebuke of whatever seemed to him antagonistic to the highest freedom.

A yellow dog came out, barking at them, but subsided, and wagged his tail in friendly fashion, at a rebuke from the old woman.

He rebuked and spurned the reports which had been circulated among the natives, touching meditated insult to their faith or their castes.

I did not remark on the strangeness of it, nor frame a rebuke for that she should love to look on while gladiators fought.

I remember, when I was a small boy, being sternly rebuked by an agitated maiden lady who discovered me throwing stones at a squirrel.

It was an incipient political revolution, without involving a change of administration, a form of rebuke not infrequent in the history of the Republic.

It is a rebuke to vulgarity and ignorance, which the minute and exaggerated descriptions of low life in the pages of Dickens certainly are not.

She felt the justice of the rebuke, therefore, too much to attempt an answer, and her thoughts naturally reverted to her own situation.

When Job says, "Before Jehovah the shades beneath tremble," he likewise declares, "The pillars of heaven tremble and are confounded at his rebuke."

Mr Farmer felt himself rebuked, but not offended; he was a generous, noble fellow, though a little passionate, and too taut a disciplinarian.

Only Margaret Thurston knew who spoke three times that word never to be forgotten, once a terrible rebuke, now and evermore a benediction.

His rebukes to the young were administered in the kindest, gentlest way, almost persuasively, but he could be stern when the occasion demanded.

The following Sunday Luther devoted his whole sermon to a vigorous condemnation of the act of his students, admonishing them in stern rebuke.

He does not rebuke his servants when they cast themselves under juniper bushes, and ask to die; but sends them food and sleep.

Sternly the young captain rebuked Espinosa as a kidnapper, stealing the defenseless; and he demanded that the prisoners should be set at liberty.

When he dashed off to rebuke them, the Lower Fourth and Upper Third began with one accord to be sick, loudly and realistically.

From scrubby growth on the banks a hundred or a hundred thousand crows had much ado with rebuking the invaders of their solitude.

George laid aside the signs of his rank, threw up his commission, and rebuked the emperor for the severity of his bloody edicts.

This rebuke is evidently lost upon the reprobate terrier, who still flies before the enemy who follows on his heels in hot pursuit.

She went to the War Department, saw the Secretary, who rebuked her for troubling the President and dismissed her somewhat curtly.

Considering that mischief and a disposition to argue were the gravest crimes imputed to the boy, the paternal rebukes were frequently rather severe.

The lofty scorn manifested towards the outraged innocence of your suffering countrymen, cannot escape the pity and rebuke of all patriots and freemen.

Eli himself moreover neglected to sacrifice, and he allowed his sons to live after their lusts, unrestrained by his paternal and priestly rebuke.

It is difficult to see how the Confederate leaders could have been required to suffer less, and have been rebuked at all for their acts.

Men found him unsatisfactory, for he objected to being made use of, was inaccessible to flattery, and steadily rebuked all attempts at familiarity.

At the wedding-feast Alonzo's ghost sat beside the bride, and, after rebuking her for her infidelity, carried her off to the grave.

She led him down the avenue of roses, every line of her graceful figure rebuking his insufficiency, and he followed dumbly, aware of it.

Boots, a fur hat, and a coat with buttons on each side, attracted the gaze of the beholder, and sometimes received censure and rebuke.

I never saw anything that needed a rebuke, or exhortation, or warning, but that I felt it was my place to meddle with it.

Great was his amazement, therefore, when, instead of rebukes and blows, she came smilingly forward and asked: "Has my husband been sick?"

Dorothy said nothing in rebuke of Richard, and it is to be assumed that, so flagrant an outrage left her without breath to voice her condemnation.

At this rebuke she quailed, and turned away from me like a whipped child, left the crowd, and went home, ashamed of her conduct.

Boots, a fur hat and a coat, with buttons on each side, attracted the gaze of the beholder and sometimes received censure or rebuke.

In either case he would be covered with ridicule by his partners and the camp, or more seriously rebuked for his carelessness and stupidity.

The rebuke you have just given me is utterly unmerited, and I shall therefore not change my manner of conducting myself in any particular.

Kit, rising in her seat, prepares for battle, and is indeed about to hurl a scathing rebuke upon him, when Miss Priscilla interrupts her.

Yet he feared her; the proud, noble face, the grand, dark eyes rose before him, and seemed to rebuke him for his presumptuous hope.

After a good deal of rebuke in this style, he ordered me to put a little rouge on my cheeks whenever I felt myself looking pale.

They are commanded, not only to reprove and rebuke, but also to exhort; to help such as are discouraged, and to strengthen the feeble.

With what a startling and sobering force, one thinks, the rebuke of these verses must have fallen on the ears of the wrangling Galatians!

She was angry at this pert bearing, and, when they were alone, rebuked him sharply for not shaking hands with his father.

Again the impelling force of conscience incites me to make a desperate effort; but conscience rebukes me for not preparing the way in time.

I am the most docile creature alive, and the rebukes which I have incurred caused me, as the French say, to make a return upon myself.

The profane libertines allow themselves to speak of "dignities" in a way which even an archangel did not venture to adopt in rebuking Satan.

The crews were hanged or made to walk the plank; the prizes were carried into English ports, and there sold without disguise or rebuke.

The sunlight, so suggestive of business activity and all that rebukes feasting and frivolity, was rigorously excluded from the scene of pleasure.

He had a warm love for children, and was always an affectionate and indulgent parent, seldom chiding, but rebuking in love when occasion required.

That he took the rebuke so meekly turned the edge of my anger, righteous though it was, and I followed him without further comment.

Sometimes one will see a donkey nibbling at the tender tops of new grain or animals walking through it without rebuke from the owners.

It would be awkward if the heroine had to seize a dipper and bail the fountain out right in the middle of an impassioned rebuke to Hartley.

Probably at the moment she was being reprimanded, perhaps rebuked into tears which, since she was young and beautiful, became a disquieting thought.

Thus did he rebuke their sensuous ideas of greatness by a spiritual truth, and make a little child the teacher of profound and beautiful wisdom.

All sorts of hard names were heaped upon him by those who were most rebuked by a life so manifestly in contrast to their own.

At this rebuke the evil-looking officer looked daggers, and seeing that I was but a menial as secretary he did not deign to address me.

There is satire, which rebukes both romanticism and romance, which exposes the fallacies of the one, and punctures the exuberance of the other.

My little acts of rebellion were met with some severity, but I now recall my father's admonitions as "Soft rebukes with blessings ended."

The dowager's chiding laugh, low and musical, at that festive gathering of little Sue's, was at once rebuke and pardon for the past.

She had heard her mother rebuke him for expressing "loose" opinions; probably he was concealing opinions even more liberal and enlightened and humane.

No torrents of rebuke, no scenes of rage, no passion of reproaches could have carried reproach to him like those simple words of trustful affection.

His sister lectured and scolded him, and he bore her rebuke with placid amiability, and promises of amendment; promises that were never fulfilled.

He fitfully turned over in his mind passages of the speech he had heard that afternoon, but repeatedly the windy heavens rebuked him.

Then the face of the girl in the parcel-shed came up, at once alluring and rebuking, and he repeated that seriously he must be off.

Her eyes, of deep violet, shed a constant, steady light, yet they could flash with rebuke, kindle with humor, or soften in tenderness.

He glanced apprehensively behind him as if afraid of the dead man appearing at the door to rebuke him for presuming to speak ill of him.

As their boat crept on to the slow creaking sweep, both maintained silence, Rudolph rebuked and lonely, Heywood supine beneath a comfortable winking spark.

All sympathize with the rebuke administered to a so-called lady of quality by a Quaker gentleman, who occupied a seat near her in a public coach.

One acquainted with the niceties of military etiquette would have said that by his manner he attested a sense of the rebuke that he had incurred.

To meet and rebuke this bad habit of the masters, the schoolboy mind, with its accustomed ingenuity, had invented an elaborate system of tradition.

Fox, paying his bill, and sending him away with his ears tingling from a well-merited rebuke for his savage treatment of a defenseless child.

She had not to receive any rebuke: Emmy, although shaken, was reviving in happiness and in graciousness with each second's diminution of her dread.

Not your misfortunes but your goodness rebuked her, and she lashed you behind her alias, as every demon would riot in lashing the angels.

There was something in her appearance and the temper of her being which rebuked the material, sordid, calculating genius of our reign of Mammon.

Bill resented the implied rebuke in the storekeeper's words even more than he resented the bombardment of tobacco juice which barely missed his boots.

By incessant wise defiance of it, lusty rebuke and buffet of it, behold how it loyally supports him, bears him as its conqueror along.

Rebuked into silence, he gnawed his leash in two, tipped over his basket and settled himself for a morning snooze on the forbidden lounge.

To meet and rebuke this bad habit of the masters, the schoolboy mind, with its accustomed ingenuity, had invented an elaborate system of tradition.

The severest rebuke I ever received from her was on account of a sharp arraignment of merchants in a youthful sermon, which to her seemed presumptuous.

For want of this, Peter and Luke were carried away with dissimulation; and were recovered by means of a painful exposure, and public rebuke.

My duties have been humble and quiet; for it is not given to me to wield the sword of rebuke and controversy, like my great master.

Turning to the gaping bystanders, he angrily heaped upon them so scathing a rebuke that with flushed faces and hanging heads they stole away.

The mother spoke truly, but Red Head rejected her suspicions and rebuked her severely for entertaining, such notions of her own daughter-in-law.

His strenuous virility and inexhaustible energy was ever a lesson and a rebuke to the many indolent youths who came in contact with him.

To meet and rebuke this bad habit of the masters, the school-boy mind, with its accustomed ingenuity, had invented an elaborate system of tradition.

Tupper glared at the boy resentfully, but his wife said in a mild tone of rebuke: "Really, Martin, my dear, the suggestion was idiotic."

Sometimes he had been ready to say that this sense of inglorious defeat, this merciless rebuke which fortune administered to him was well deserved.

I am very little inclined to superstition; but when the facts are as compelling as in this case, the most enlightened skepticism seems rebuked.

The stranger fixed his eyes inquiringly on the young barrister, and by his looks seemed to rebuke the young man as an unwelcome intruder.