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Use rebuke in a sentence

Definition of rebuke:

  • (noun) an act or expression of criticism and censure;

Sentence Examples:

How could it be otherwise when those who should have rebuked and punished him were spending his money.

Farley knew this to be a merited rebuke, and accepted it as such, but Pennington's face went violently red.

She had lived but sixteen years; she looked to her youth as to a protector, while it rebuked her.

Let her come quickly, or let her come slowly, the rebuke was sure to greet her all the name.

He saw that I was ignorant of his present whereabouts, and suffered me to depart with only a rebuke.

He simply rebuked the evils, which must needs be, so long as the root of them is left untouched.

Robertson observed, that Johnson's jokes were the rebukes of the righteous, described in Scripture as being like excellent oil.

The vision came and passed, for he did not invite its stay: it rebuked him to the deepest soul.

Next day, however, General Stanley found a totally different cause for rebuke in the conduct of his dear Mary.

Yet he remembered many hours of waiting motionless upon his horse, and he rebuked himself for a poor soldier.

It was also a rebuke to that nation which was so weak as to submit, for twenty years, to his rule.

And how could he forbid me such or rebuke me for my little faults when he himself committed greater?

I felt, or thought I felt, that she was forcing herself to keep calm and not rebuke my presumption.

Ray, in a low voice, as though rebuked, said the grace, and they sat down together to their meal.

He had endeavored not to be harsh to her, and had striven to pluck the sting from his rebuke.

"I have never touched liquor in my life," said the latter, in a low, quiet tone that was a rebuke unspoken.

His very presence was medicinal, a rebuke to foul words and thoughts, an outward and visible sign of grace.

To her surprise, Evelyn found herself more than half consenting to his kiss even while trying to rebuke it.

His countenance still exhibiting the same indifferent composure, he seemed scarcely to have heard the rebukes of the emperor.

His fault is only against life, and by good fortune he may escape with a rebuke from the court.

I took his rebuke in silence, feeling the truth of his words and my own inability to resent them.

Men can at times be patient when rebuke is deserved, but the world sees that that deserves no credit.

She accented the pronouns a little, but it was enough for him to know that he had been rebuked.

His father was standing by the door, watching him, and Miles, feeling much rebuked, walked on rapidly.

They were clergymen, and they soon proposed to marry my aunt Dorothy, or they rebuked the squire for swearing.

It is considered a rare instance of courage if a minister dares to rebuke his people for having voted for Gen.

She went to such a length that I felt constrained to rebuke her by the authority of the Priesthood.

The rusty general exhibits both surprise and anger, when the rebuked Aaron again signifies a desire to be heard.

They maintain themselves, and many of them grow rich, by corruption, which there is no public opinion to rebuke.

He stopped rebuking a man who could not feel the force of a rebuke, and went on another tack.

Evidently Sam had been making love to her, and her very innocence made her quick to feel herself rebuked!

Mr Arnold rebukes me for this, without telling me what I ought to say, or what is my fault.

Rebuked by the faith of the little girl, the missionary and the miserable sinner knelt down together.

She knew no woman she could take her anguish to for sympathy; it would provoke only rebuke or laughter.

I could detect in her but one fault, and I rebuked myself for believing that it was a fault.

This was not intended as a rebuke to the prince, but an illustration of the force of a great example.

During the long wait outside the post office she rebuked herself more than once for building a hope upon it.

Rose had heard it, and understood that was meant for the boy whom he had just been rebuking.

Greg turned as if to say that he did not feel the need of remaining to watch the rebuked sergeant.

They informed the father of this event; he sent for the brothers and rebuked them, as they deserved.

"Matilda," she said after a moment, in a rebuking tone, "I'm surprised you did not see the solution to this!"

In this work the author seizes every opportunity to lecture the king, to give him advice, and to rebuke him.

He has a message to our state of society which, in many particulars, resembles that which he had to rebuke.

The countess rebuked him sharply for such conduct before the children, and refused to interfere in the quarrel.

Ignoring Grace he addressed himself to Arline with the stiff rebuke: "I have been waiting for you for some time."

For the second he was rebuked before the Elders, and excluded from the Holy Communion until he repented.

Was the rebuke he administered to a disciple who urged some utterance on the problem of most interest to mankind.

The gentlemen turned away in disgust and returned home; the mother rebuked her severely for so much pride.

He took count of all, and rebuked the unjust judges, and saw that every man had his rights.

It was a novel experience to be rebuked by a chauffeur, but he had the sense to swallow his wrath.

There could be no further question of rebuke and blame, when help and counsel were needed and might save her.

Had the Sailor's promise as a goalkeeper been less remarkable Ginger would have been tempted to rebuke such irresponsible behavior.

We are also told that one day he was sent for by the Warden to be rebuked for some delinquency.

After the battle he mentioned the circumstance to Major Bunbury, who rebuked him for neglecting to report it.

It was during this time that the very remarkable circumstance of the Prophet rebuking the prison guards occurred.

Her ears still held the echo of those strong, stern words with which the preacher had rebuked sin.

He added, that an invitation from the President would have been a proper rebuke to those who had insulted him.

First, she heard her mistress's voice in high sharp tones of rebuke, and the old lady apparently pleading.

The mass of it standing upon the light blue glory of water northeast was a hard rebuke to my skepticism.

Alain involuntarily bowed his head in assent to the proposition, and, it may be, in submission to an implied rebuke.

Everyone looked to see where this voice came from; but none could guess who had uttered the words of rebuke.

Arthur listened in sullen silence, though his rapidly changing color showed that he felt the cutting rebuke keenly.

She looked up quickly at her mistress, who usually visited all such offenses with no small portion of rebuke.

His complaint of not being properly notified he made to Gates alone, and put it in the form of a rebuke.

He would hear no word in explanation, and having administered a passionate rebuke, departed as he had come, like a whirlwind.

For the first time the masters found a man who rebuked them as not before had they been rebuked.

This interpretation is rebuked by an incident to which reference has been already made, but which will bear repetition.

Such judgments will seem like censures to many about you, who would sooner pardon an open rebuke than a secret wound.

I said that solemnly, and would have said more but that Agnes rebuked her for speaking, and then wept.

She knew that however bitterly Erebus might protest against a just rebuke, she would take it sufficiently to heart.

Her eyes sought his and drew them upward, constraining them to meet the full beam of her rebuking gaze.

Sometimes this juvenile dissipation has been carried so far that it has been sharply rebuked by the public press.

"And in listening to that assurance, without rebuking it, a delicate woman would feel that she had pledged herself."

The stern rebuke I had given him had evidently made that priest blush, if it had not frightened him.

He replies to them with delicate irony and covert rebuke, which Erasmus, in his turn, pretends not to understand.

She was still pale, but her lips were set firmly, as if she were prepared for rebuke and reproach.

Looking very tenderly at the long row of rebuked countenances, I should get up and make for the door.

Her husband started at this echo of the thoughts for which he was at the moment painfully rebuking himself.

He had endeavored not to be harsh with her, and had striven to pluck the sting from his rebuke.

"Oh, I can't say just how," she answered, feeling that his rebuke held more than a share of justice.

Isabel had risen with her face scarlet, then turning white as her lips parted to utter an indignant rebuke.

Years had now passed, and not one rebuke of them do we find either in his life or in his ways.

When the rebuke was given, poor Jemima emptied her heart completely; and very curious the contents proved to be.

Todd loosed the girl's hand now, not in rebuke, but as one incapable of sustaining longer the fragile burden.

This thing continued for some time, when the Prophet, unable to stand it any longer, arose and rebuked them.

Brandon takes off and lays down her spectacles the better to point the rebuke she is about to administer.

Courtney, of the eyes keen for color and form and fitness of things, felt rebuked and subdued once more.

Others viewed the subject more seriously, and wrote to the Emperor; and on his return he rebuked her severely.

She shrank into herself, submissive under the rebuke; but a hate not to be controlled flashed from her eyes.

Here the doctor obviously stepped outside his province, but the Queen, far from rebuking him, encouraged him to proceed.

The rebuke was for Fits, who had taken advantage of her master's attitude to lick him on the chin.

I should have said that he was your guardian, and that he intended to rebuke you for being in bad company.

It is no less a common practice to instruct the jury to decide for the defendant in order to rebuke litigation.

He tempered his rebuke by rising and leading Eleanor to his own comfortable chair, into which she sank wearily.

The Fleming retired, rebuked, and in silence; and the fate of the unhappy prisoners remained in the King's bosom.

At night, as he dusted off the lions and tigers, he rebuked them sternly for their lack of delicacy.

Now it is very right to rebuke our own race or religion for falling short of our own standards and ideals.

This acceptance of my offer, glacial though it was, consoled me for the rebuke by which it was accompanied.

The loose livers of all generations talk in the same fashion about the stern morality which rebukes their vice.

The words sounded like a rebuke, for all this time I had hardly sent a thought upwards for help.