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Use kowtow in a sentence

Definition of kowtow:

  • (noun) a former Chinese custom of touching the ground with the forehead as a sign of respect or submission
  • (verb) bend the knees and bow in a servile manner
  • (verb) try to gain favor by cringing or flattering;

Sentence Examples:

Yoritomo kowtowed before this curious symbol of Shinto, rose to his knees, and waved me to lie down.

They were famed for their hospitality, hated for their cruelty, kowtowed to when they went abroad.

I've often seen the irises kowtowing to him, and his attitude toward them is distinctly personal and lover-like.

We kowtowed to her, and told her we were very much pleased with everything she had given us.

It was a relief to get back into action, even if it meant putting up with the kowtowing I always got.

Swift as were his strokes, the first letter was scarcely drawn before the host was kowtowing, forehead to earth.

The Little Emperor clapped his hands, and all his servants dropped on their knees and began to kowtow.

The others can keep on spoiling her if they want to, but I'm not going to kowtow all the time.

The man started, kowtowed, then, looking hurriedly and anxiously around and up and down the street, invited Jack to enter.

Women and men were constantly coming to bend the knee or kowtow to the lady of the occasion, according to their rank.

And they saw all the shop-people running out and kowtowing, and all the carts pulling up, and all the police saluting.

This kowtowing, or bowing our heads to the ground, was very tiring at first and made us dizzy, until we got used to it.

Moreover, she has imposed on some, with her assumption of superiority, and they kowtow to her in a way that is positively disgusting.

Kowtowing beneath your authoritative hand, that which the prisoner only had the intention to relate does not come within the confines of his evidence.

We little bad ones see you kowtowing to the big worse ones, and we get to thinking we can come in under the wires easy winners, too.

The Prince, still smiling under the menace of instant death, kowtowed, and waited on hands and knees, with his neck bared for the blade.

She was utterly unlike the ordinary rich old woman, flattered and kowtowed to for her money until she thinks she isn't made of ordinary clay.

To kowtow to this organization and to join hands with its leaders to secure political favors can only result in compromising our principles and bringing disaster to the party.

Cultivating a good name with the people you are dealing with, is better than "kowtowing" to "Rating Agencies," as well as being the cheapest and very best kind of advertising.

The Young Empress looked at us, which I understood at once was meant for us to kowtow to her, which we did, and waited until the Empress got into hers.

Voltaire from of old had faithfully done his kowtows to this King of the Sciences; and, with a sort of terror, had suffered with incredible patience a great deal from him.

We greeted her the same way that we did every morning, and kowtowed to her and thanked her for all the things she had sent us while we were at home.

Here they exchanged the most tremendous civilities, until Miss Bella swept into the room, when there was more kowtow on all sides, and a smiling show of teeth that was like an illumination.