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Use kowtow in a sentence

Definition of kowtow:

  • (noun) a former Chinese custom of touching the ground with the forehead as a sign of respect or submission
  • (verb) bend the knees and bow in a servile manner
  • (verb) try to gain favor by cringing or flattering;

Sentence Examples:

I kowtowed profoundly.

The county kowtowed to him.

And he kowtowed without end.

Look at everybody kowtowing to him.

She kowtowed with her ladies.

Then he bowed and kowtowed again.

These consist of a series of kowtows.

The men upon the bank kowtowed.

Successful, and used to being kowtowed to.

Again she kowtowed, though not so low.

At the entrance he halted and kowtowed.

They believe in rank and they love to kowtow.

Jack made the kowtow in the most approved style.

You must be polite to him; though such kowtowing is almost criminal.

There is more kowtowing in our schools than anywhere else in the world.

The Little Big High Low Jack-in-the-game of the town came around and kowtowed.

I advanced much nearer, kowtowed, and rose to my knees to face the Shogun.

He "kowtowed" some more, and at the answer of the chattering savage we looked at Annie.

He kowtowed and, quivering and sweating with fear, offered me a bowl of medicine.

They had kowtowed as a matter of form by the command of the principal.

I was not required to perform the kowtow, my audience being a strictly private one.

"Six times have I kowtowed in the dust since the Sword Society was established."

After this ceremony was over he returned to the Empress Dowager and kowtowed to her.

They ranged themselves along the side of the room, midway down, and kowtowed to me.

"He was forced to kowtow to a certain degree," says his mother, "but he did it."