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Definition of incubate:

  • (verb) grow under conditions that promote development
  • (verb) sit on (eggs)

Sentence Examples:

In Great Britain the incubating houses are usually placed above ground instead of in cellars.

The hen-bird lays two eggs, with one day intervening, which take eighteen days to incubate.

I watched them when building, incubating, feeding their young, and bringing their young off.

Barker who called attention to the circumstance by asking: "What are you incubating on, Fannie?"

Label, incubate and examine daily until growth occurs or until the expiration of ten days. c.

The eggs which have been incubated to an advanced degree are as eagerly devoured as those quite fresh.

It eats and drinks on the wing, it does everything, except sleeping and incubating, in the air.

That which incubates, especially, an apparatus by means of which eggs are hatched by artificial heat.

It is exactly what old Verges thought but did not know how to incubate into definite expression.

It was placed on an outer branch of a tall tree and contained only one partially incubated egg.

One nest contained three half-fledged young, and the rest had four eggs slightly incubated in each.

Inside was a carefully prepared bed of fine dry grasses, upon which lay two eggs half incubated.

On my approaching the spot she flew off the nest, which contained four eggs much incubated.

The female incubates the eggs, but the male relieves her of further care in bringing up the family.

His was a deliberate mind and had hatched out the night's catastrophe after incubating it for weeks.

A larger percentage of eggs produce chicks and the expense of the incubating process is greatly diminished.

Most of these are the work of the cock, who thus amuses himself while his wife is incubating.

The eggs, from two to four in number, have a white shell, and are incubated by both parents.

They breed once a year, and both sexes assist in incubating the eggs and rearing the young.

Either incubate and examine at definite intervals, or observe continuously with the microscope, using a warm stage if necessary.

This nest contained five eggs, much incubated; indeed, they would have hatched off in one or two days.

It is to be noted that in each case the eggs were incubated, and so the clutches were presumably complete.

Five is the full complement of eggs, but it is very common to find only four fully incubated ones.

In these cases it has been affirmed that two or more females share a common nursery, and incubate together.

The next day the cock was bringing food to the nest, and the hen was apparently incubating.

I will incubate this golden egg two days, and present you with the resulting chicken upon the third.

He is of opinion that the incubating birds treat the eggs thus in order to prevent their getting sun-baked.

The incubating part of the plant is sometimes placed in the cellar over which the brooding house is built.

A cylindrical vessel is set loosely on a stand, beneath which is a lamp calculated to maintain the incubating temperature.

It is characteristic of the female when incubating to let you get very close before she will leave the nest.

The Mallard is not a good father, but leaves his mate soon after she has started to incubate her eggs.

Three was the largest number of eggs I ever found in any nest, and several sets were fully incubated.

They nest and incubate upon the ground, and show not the slightest fear of the approach of human visitors.

After exposures for periods similar to those employed in the preceding experiment, incubate and complete the observation as above.

For art is the expression of the harmonies of nature, conceived and incubated by the harmonious instincts of man.

Both sexes sit on the eggs, but only the female truly incubates because the male lacks a brood patch.

This nest was found on the 20th of June, showing that the bird began to incubate early in May.

The remaining eggs were sent to a neighboring farm to be artificially incubated, but only ten of them hatched out.

The male has the habit, remarkable in a bird of prey, of singing to his mate, while she is incubating.

A nest found on the 4th July, on which the female was sitting closely, contained three eggs slightly incubated.

Four is the normal number of eggs, but I have more than once found three partially incubated eggs in a nest.

If born, is capable of living a few minutes, and it is reported that some six months' children have been incubated.

It has been proven that something outside the brain originates thought and uses the brain as a vehicle to incubate it.

The plate was then exposed for four hours to the sun in January outside the window and then incubated.

It contained five highly incubated eggs of nearly uniform size, but differing considerably in the ground color and markings.

Turkeys and geese will often begin to incubate after having laid about the number of eggs that they could cover.

It was lined with a few leaves and fragments of decayed wood, and contained four eggs, which were partially incubated.

Her complement of eggs being but four, usually at the expiration of the fourth day, she is prepared to incubate.

Explain exactly where the chick is to be found in a fertile egg which has been incubated for three days.

An egg collector found the nest and removed two of the eggs, but the mother bird continued to incubate.

The birds had already begun incubating the three pale blue eggs, which formed the set, when I disturbed them.

If you wish, try this experiment: take twenty or more eggs and let them be incubated by two or more hens.

"The nest contained three eggs, but these were so far incubated that it was impossible to blow two of them."

It does not incubate its eggs after the manner of other birds, but deposits them in a large mound of sand...

The female, as she incubates, is rarely seen, for she does not stir, and her back perfectly imitates her surroundings.

They lay from six to eight eggs, but I once found only four eggs in a nest, and these fully incubated.

A whole row of copper incubating chambers, each surrounded by a water jacket, were ranged along the one side of the wall.

The male assists the female in incubating, but it is seldom that the one brings food to the other while thus employed.

Then the body adapted to them, and they began to incubate slowly, developing into the large cells he had first seen.

They're built so cheap... all they can do is incubate, breed, shed their skins all over people's cars, and then die!

The temperature at which eggs are incubated and the moisture content of the environment (humidity) influence the sex within the embryo.

Birds that are incubating will fight as well as the others, and no respect seems to be paid to them on this account.

On a remote spot in a very rough and rugged locality, hemmed in by immense blocks of granite, is a large incubating mound.

I have repeatedly taken nests containing this number, and have comparatively seldom met with a smaller number of eggs at all incubated.

The hen, who alone builds the nest and incubates the eggs, enters and leaves the chamber by a hole at one side.

I've often heard Doctor Gordon say that diseases have a "period of incubation," but I believe that love is one disease that doesn't incubate.

On the other hand, the enzyme itself also gradually disappears from yeast-juice when the latter is incubated either alone or with sugar.

He says the modern hen ignores almost everything when she once gets the notion that she has received a call to incubate.

Five seems to be the maximum number of eggs laid, but I have now twice met with three, more or less incubated, eggs.

Candling eggs consists in passing them before a bright light, as in testing to determine the fertility of eggs that are being incubated.

The male pigeon also assists in building the nest, takes his turn in incubating the eggs, and is active in feeding the young.

Found numerous nests in the native infantry lines in low trees, containing fresh and incubated eggs and young birds of all sizes.

This care, incidentally, must extend to flocks from which the hatching eggs are secured, as well as to the final incubating process.

When she is incubating them she sits astride on this novel description of throne, with her legs hanging down on each side.

Wallace thinks that since in these cases the male incubates the eggs his less conspicuous colors have been acquired through natural selection.

The nest was a heap of palm leaves a foot high, and contained a single large egg which was incubated by both parents.

By the time Incubates were placed on the available list, they were completely self-sufficient and emotionally conditioned to fit into any family group.

In the development of the incubated egg every step of the progressive formation of the compound gland is rendered visible to the eye.

The male alone was noted building the nest, and he usually incubates, but on two occasions the female was observed on the eggs.

When she comes back, she places herself four or five paces from the nest, in front of the male, who incubates all night.

The incubating bird fluttered away as we approached, but we returned the next morning and Allen secured a photograph of her on the nest.

The male, unlike most ducks, seems proud to lead his little family on their quest for food and remains near while the female incubates.

Both sexes incubate the eggs, and the male may sometimes be heard singing softly or in a full-throated manner while at his domestic duties.

The eggs are laid as closely as possible on the ledges where the incubating birds sit upright, in long rows like an army on guard.

By carefully watching the development of the chick in the incubated egg, the first formation of the red particles can be distinctly seen.

Male and female birds share the duties of incubating the eggs, which are turned over carefully so that they get the proper amount of heat.

Three is, I think, the regular complement of eggs, and this is the number I have always found when the eggs were much incubated.

They are most frequently and accurately studied in the chick, because we can have incubated hens' eggs in any quantity at any stage of development.

He wanted the Carnegie medal, and he knew it would be given to me if I could incubate and hatch my batch of Silver Moon butterfly eggs.

Bridging over the excavation with sticks and leaves, we returned in about a week, opened it up, and found the old bird on the eggs incubating.

I looked curiously for the first sight of her to confirm or destroy a theory that I had been incubating during my long night hours alone.

The proverb about the value of the time of the incubating hen has passed into antiquity with all things else in the presence of electrical science.

A lookout for hidden nests must be maintained, otherwise eggs may not be collected regularly and may be frozen, partly incubated, or destroyed by animals.

At the same time thousands of eggs fall into the sea every year owing to the bird's leaving the egg, whilst incubating, in too great a hurry.

I don't think we have ever had as good results since, though to tell the truth I have not attempted to keep an exact count of eggs incubated.

While the female was incubating, the male still fed the young of the first brood, although not so often as when they left the nest.

It might be considered an early, useless appearance of a habit that later becomes useful when the male feeds the incubating female and helps feed the young.

The birds must be got out early so that they will begin laying in the fall and be ready to incubate by the time you want them.

The male seems to take no direct part in the incubating process, not even so much as to see that his faithful wife is not in want of food.

In that case she was exposed, but the virus was incubating when she came on board, and only developed and spread after she was isolated.