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Use incubate in a sentence

Definition of incubate:

  • (verb) grow under conditions that promote development
  • (verb) sit on (eggs)

Sentence Examples:

Four eggs much incubated.

Make cultures upon suitable media; incubate.

These last were slightly incubated.

It incubated hundreds of new problems.

Hens are used to incubate the eggs.

It contained three partially incubated eggs.

There were three eggs, slightly incubated.

The two eggs were well incubated.

It takes nearly a fortnight to incubate.

The female is the first to incubate.

In each instance they had been incubated.

Label the tube; when solid, incubate.

Thus do the Commons Deputies sit incubating.

The four eggs were only slightly incubated.

The dark, damp house incubates the germs.

The birds are still laying and incubating.

This illness has been incubating for years.

Label the newly planted tube and incubate.

The male was incubating and left unnoticed.

The eggs were five or six days incubated.

They incubate in the hollows of gigantic trees.

The eggs take about twenty-eight days to incubate.

Martian fever incubates fourteen years, believed highly fatal.

As previously remarked the male bird incubates them.

Better let incubated eggs remain in the nest.

She has given birth to an incubated race.

A good deal of moisture is used in incubating duck eggs.

The embryos of inspiration and ambition are incubated elsewhere.

Label with distinctive name or number, and date; incubate.

The only incubating bird I collected was a female.

You wouldn't have to warm her in any incubating mold.

Then you can take the egg out and incubate it.

These loaves are incubated for about a month at room temperature.

The latter immediately stopped laying and proceeded to incubate.

On July 9, the male was again incubating the egg.

The eggs being laid, the female soon commences to incubate.

I'll have to incubate an idea between now and noon, somehow.

An adult male shot on June 26, was incubating four eggs.

One was fresh, but the other two were considerably incubated.

You know, it takes that long for the disease to incubate.

One found on June 6, 1919, contained four slightly incubated eggs.

This business being accomplished, the female proceeds at once to incubate.

An incubating female was collected as it departed from the nest.

The tube is then incubated in order to see if it is sterile.

In 1946, the single egg was being incubated on February 4.

This last nest contained four (considerably incubated) eggs, which I took.

To one sample add a definite quantity of sodium nitrate solution and incubate.

He incubates articles; he does that all his life and nothing else.

The first thing to do is to get the incubating cellar made.

They appear to have contained three fresh or more or less incubated eggs.

One contained three fresh eggs, the other three slightly incubated ones.

The single egg was heavily incubated when taken on May 20.

Aristotle asserted that while the female is incubating she takes no food.

Both sexes incubate, one relieving the other at certain hours each day.

The entrance admits only one at a time, but both birds incubate.

In two cases the male, and in two the female, was incubating.

It is one of the few snakes which are supposed to incubate their eggs.

She would accept but eight eggs, and was left to incubate in peace.

I often wonder what are the feelings of such a bird when incubating.

All these observations were made on birds that were both incubating and singing.

In the case of the Pythons, however, they are incubated by the parent.

The former contained three much incubated, the latter four nearly fresh eggs.

This behavior indicated to us that he had just been relieved from incubating eggs.

There it remains, to allow the germs to incubate, for four or five days.

In many instances the eggs are deposited before the incubating process has commenced.

The hen lays one egg, which the parent birds take turns in incubating.

When the female deposits her eggs in the soil, she incubates upon them.

In one nest four fresh eggs were found; in another three fully incubated ones.

The long and the short of it is that it simply declines to incubate.

How does it change after an egg has been incubated for a week or more?

The subsequent reign of King Corn was then barely in the incubating stage.

When I returned from the cabin the bird was on the nest, incubating.

They incubate ideas and then lack the warmth to hatch them into general application.

While the disease is incubating, there is nothing to show that infection has occurred.

Both sexes take part in nest construction, but the hen alone appears to incubate.

One of the three contained incubated eggs; skeletal elements were present in the embryos.

When the male was almost one foot from the nest the incubating female left.

This, like the former, contained five eggs, and they were incubated about two weeks.

These are covered with sand or leaves, and left for the sun to incubate.

It's the finest thing I ever wrote, although it is still incubating in my head.

In the latter is a cavity where the creature's eggs are incubated for a time.

She sat so still and close that I never imagined she could have ceased incubating.

More than once I have seen the mother incubating eggs, her back covered with snow.

This nest held four heavily incubated eggs, these being the first ones actually taken.

The first set taken was on May 5th, and the eggs were slightly incubated.

Both sexes are said to incubate the eggs and share in the care of the young.

On the 5th May two more nests containing four fresh and four incubated eggs respectively.

"I may add that at the commencement of May all the eggs were much incubated."

The nest was found on the 25th May, and contained three eggs slightly incubated.

Both parents incubate and the scene is animated as the birds fly about in all directions.

He not only incubates the eggs, but defends the young against their own mother.

He who expects to incubate with old hens during the winter will surely get left.

I have never found more than six eggs, and often smaller numbers, more or less incubated.

Perhaps a bath of sunlight; the incubating heat of which the outer egg has robbed it.

Then I remembered it was late in the summer, and she certainly could not be incubating.

Here too they got the Purple Death aboard, and sailed with it incubating in their blood.

After a few days the plates and broth were removed and incubated with a positive result.

The indicator is put into the first mixture and the whole is again incubated and examined.

The hen incubates her eggs, though she may never have seen a chicken in her life.

Many of the wild birds, when incubating, will allow themselves to be touched by the hand.