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Use inarticulate in a sentence

Definition of inarticulate:

  • (adjective) without or deprived of the use of speech or words;

Sentence Examples:

An inarticulate sort of thing, that courtship.

Charlotte clung to her in inarticulate abasement.

Presently a voice shrilled out in inarticulate acclaim.

He muttered in a hollow and inarticulate voice.

He exclaimed, in a voice inarticulate with rage.

He muttered in a thick, almost inarticulate voice.

There were inarticulate murmurs and stifled rumblings.

The only result was an inarticulate croak.

Inarticulate sounds issued from his compressed lips.

Wolf Paw uttered a terrified, inarticulate cry.

His quick words were inarticulate and glib.

He wrung Eve's hands, inarticulate with delight.

Sybil was almost inarticulate in her entreaties.

All were mingled in one inarticulate battle shriek.

They become inarticulate with rage begotten of fear.

A sort of inarticulate whimper came from him.

Violet blushed excessively, and made some inarticulate disavowals.

She moaned aloud inarticulate in her voiceless misery.

Here big Colin again interjected an inarticulate exclamation.

She gave an inarticulate cry of pleasure and amaze.

His cries came to us muffled and inarticulate.

And again broke out inhuman, inarticulate, immeasurable revolt.

She told him in a fitful, inarticulate way.

An inarticulate exclamation of gladness broke from her.

I babbled I know not what inarticulate nonsense.

James Leigh turned pallid and almost inarticulate.

His muttered speech was profane, but inarticulate.

Hoarse, inarticulate cries came from his froth-covered lips.

And then came only muffled and inarticulate sound.

Babbitt's bristling chin beard quivered with inarticulate hatred.

In a voice inarticulate with anger he opened a parley.

I only watched, shrouded by the inarticulate night.

An inarticulate scornful little sound greeted this protest.

Greyson's inarticulate protest was submerged in the hoarse ejaculation.

Her bosom heaved and fell with deep inarticulate emotion.

He indicated the sea of matrimony with inarticulate bellows.

It was a choked, a strangled, an inarticulate sobbing noise.

Joseph mumbled out something inarticulate by way of reply.

It is a magnetism that influences, but remains inarticulate.

She slumped to the ground, moaning in inarticulate misery.

Giuseppe looked at her, and muttered slowly something inarticulate.

Pedro muttered some inarticulate profanity and took another drink.

His voice grew weaker and subsided into an inarticulate murmur.

Only in the gravest lesions does he become quite inarticulate.

His glance buffeted hers, entreating something, inarticulate, baffling.

It was a throbbing, strangled cry, an almost inarticulate ejaculation.

He made with his tongue an inarticulate noise of controlled exasperation.

The tall stranger muttered an inarticulate protest and subsided.

She fixed it again with difficulty, muttering something inarticulate.

Inarticulate sounds, crackling and dry, came from his throat.

The woman mumbled something inarticulate and backed a little.

The doctor, huddled in his chair, emitted inarticulate sounds.

Grayson mumbled an inarticulate reply and went his way.

A hundred inarticulate pleadings surged heavenward from his heart.

He is, indeed, almost entirely inaudible, inarticulate, and underneath.

I was of the inarticulate, but not the unfeeling.

An inarticulate gurgle from Ephraim was the only reply.

He attempted to speak, but only an inarticulate gurgle resulted.

Rawson gave an inarticulate cry of amazement and staggered forward.

An inarticulate sound resembling a stifled sob came from him.

Many inarticulate poets have gone singing to the bayonet thrust.

I suppose I had muttered something inarticulate in my irritation.

It began with phrases of sonorous prose, replacing inarticulate chant.

Jimmy, with an inarticulate ejaculation, turned and walked away abruptly.

Richardson muttered something inarticulate, and almost snatched it away.

The same inarticulate, silently rustling wrestle succeeded this volley.

Arthur (excessively low and inarticulate) mutters that he "unites."

The low-spoken words ended with a snarl of inarticulate anger.

Then a strange, inarticulate cry was smothered in her throat.

The least introspective of men, he sometimes held inarticulate conversations.

If he had his sincere moments, they were perforce inarticulate.

Christophe bowed irritably, and growled out a few inarticulate sounds.

She frowned a little, as if struggling with an inarticulate perplexity.

For reply came a frightful noise, a gurgling, gasping, inarticulate yell.

He made one of the many English inarticulate sounds representing "Yes."

It is only in grave lesions that he becomes quite inarticulate.

He collapsed all at once, mumbling to himself some inarticulate gibberish.

Gloria borrowed the dime and thrust it upon the inarticulate Maggie.

I sat beside him, again conscious of some inarticulate and evasive companionship.

His voice grew weak with emotion, and died away in inarticulate benedictions.

A terrible cry, followed by inarticulate moans, interrupted the marquis.

Inarticulate outcries and oaths mingled with scattered words and phrases.

The lank young sheriff had the soul of an inarticulate poet.

Esther muttered an inarticulate assent, and once more the conversation languished.

She broke forth, in an inarticulate growl of disgust and abhorrence.

Then she gave an inarticulate entreating cry, and ran to him.

He tried to speak, but made only an inarticulate jumble of sounds.

The answer was an inarticulate, gurgling sound that was blood-curdling.

Stokes merely gave an inarticulate grunt, and subsided into deep slumber again.

Ernest answered between his clenched teeth, almost inarticulate with anger.

They were still more startled when Ruth wailed aloud some inarticulate words.

The doctor growled something inarticulate and fondled the whimpering animal.

She gave him her hand, muttered some inarticulate words, and expired.

And Blake had a dogged and inarticulate faith in his "hunches."

It stirred no human emotion unless it were languid aversion or inarticulate curiosity.

The inarticulate and pitiable mumbling still came from the little room.

Inarticulate and frightened, she sat, like a person paralyzed by nightmare.

The sick woman burst into weak tears, stammering half inarticulate blessings.

Impulsively, with an inarticulate word of apology, he thrust out his hand.

Inarticulate noises somewhere near indicated that French Eva was still in sanctuary.