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Use inarticulate in a sentence

Definition of inarticulate:

  • (adjective) without or deprived of the use of speech or words;

Sentence Examples:

Those who have endeavored to talk with them speak of their utterance as being inarticulate in sound.

His breath came quickly, and he was shivering; an inarticulate sort of moan came from his lips.

Mildred, you cannot conceive what a wreck he is; no power of speech, only those inarticulate sounds.'

Even at a distance he began shrieking like a man possessed, and uttering inarticulate and incomprehensible words.

Then, with a nearly inarticulate cry of joy, he drew out a small though heavy-looking iron box.

She gathered in the child, with little inarticulate words, and Uncle William watched her gravely.

He looked at the unconscious sergeant, and the words on his lips died away in an inarticulate growl.

It was choked, one owns; it was inarticulate, half-strangled with rage, but still it was song.

Like all good soldiers, he was far too inarticulate and reserved to think of putting it into words.

Down came the dice, and with an inarticulate cry the winners threw themselves on the stakes.

At this the German made some inarticulate sound of assent, and for a time again relapsed into silence.

Then he sprang to his feet, clutching blindly at the darkness, uttering inarticulate moans and curses.

They leaped and danced after the style of David before the ark and uttered inarticulate howls.

He became inarticulate with delight, and his father went calmly on with his preparations for departure.

Then her words would trail along in inarticulate whispers, and sink into brief periods of slumber.

To his compliment, and paused, her lip quivering over the inarticulate sense of her own awkwardness.

The healer half rose from his chair, and then sank back, with a hoarse, inarticulate murmur.

He gave an inarticulate grunt and poured huge noisy kisses on her hair and face and little ears.

She kissed his lips before the staring crowd and murmured inarticulate sounds of love and tenderness.

The boy sprang back, with an inarticulate cry; then gulped some dignity into himself and spoke.

He tried to speak, but his words were inarticulate, and Barbara could feel him trembling violently.

From a representation of the inarticulate sounds made by different kinds of animals uttering rapidly repeated cries.

And throughout there kept descending to me from above the latter's inarticulate, as it were damp-sodden, observations.

Frightened into inarticulate horror, he awoke between the heaps of stones and fled wildly to the cabin.

Here, again, it is mostly the inarticulate class, and their story is not told to the world.

Neither spoke, as is the way of those whose minds and hearts are full of inarticulate things.

He was a master of those inarticulate sounds, and musical notes which curiously convey ideas to animals.

She did not look at any of us now; her voice was exceedingly inarticulate and exceedingly sweet.

Both are senseless and inarticulate, incapable of expressing or of answering the deep feelings of the heart.

Late in the afternoon she entered the library, so breathless and inarticulate that he scented a catastrophe.

Her lips moved, but her quick, hysterical breathing made the few words she uttered inarticulate.

Lady Haigh ceased her sobs and looked at him in astonishment, while Dick uttered an inarticulate exclamation.

They want a voice, though never so rude, to put their stern inarticulate purpose 'into some frame.'

She uttered an inarticulate sound that was more bitter than any weeping, and covered her face.

John thought he heard a fainter cry, inarticulate, and full of distress, through the sighing wind.

First, it should be said that he is entirely inarticulate and, beyond rough common sense, destitute of ideas.

I interpreted the appeal, although it was but an inarticulate cry, witnessing to a fear of dangers unknown.

She gave a little grunt, which, from his knowledge of her inarticulate expressions, he took to mean dissent.

He started up in terror; he wanted to scream, but he could only utter a few inarticulate sounds.

Westcott opened his mouth as though to reply, but he only gave forth a kind of inarticulate gasp.

She attempted to speak, but broken words and inarticulate sounds were all her lips would utter.

Expressive, yet inarticulate joy, was mixed in his countenance, which seemed impressed with astonishment and confusion.

He dashed himself against the wall, uttering inarticulate yells, and blunting his nails upon the stone.

Now he lives where John Masefield was born, and like him, speaks for the inarticulate poor.

As she obeyed, her faint, inarticulate expression of surprise and pleasure made both men follow her example.

He replied with an inarticulate exclamation, a cry from his heart, which was touched to the quick.

Everything expressive is welcome to him, gesture or inarticulate sound reinforces the spoken word or replaces it.

She had an inarticulate desire for their endorsement, to be liked by them and wanted by them.

"I knew you very thoroughly, Ishmael, and you were reserved and inarticulate; you never acted for effect."

The cries had died down by this time into a horrible inarticulate wail, half animal, half human.

His Goody mother greeted the doctor with a feeble voice from inarticulate lips, and a wrist outstretched.

Simultaneously, his brows drew together in a sudden concentration of thought, and an inarticulate exclamation escaped him.

Somewhere in their buried and inarticulate consciousness, those mothers knew that wrong was being done to them.

He cries from the depths of his dream; then his voice becomes inarticulate and sinks into silence.

The judge gave a great start, and a hoarse inarticulate murmur stole from between his twitching lips.

Through the inarticulate voices of her torment, she heard the door close and felt she was alone.

She was quite inarticulate, could only repeat her names, and wail, and beat herself into a fever.

And at the bottom of everything the wild, inarticulate terror that she was going to lose him.

Just a nice, rather inarticulate boy, whom I met at a dance the evening before he went overseas.

Into his face came a look of dumb, inarticulate fright, as his lips gave utterance to one cry of warning.

Inarticulate sounds proceeded from the bunks, breaking the sinister silence which now descended upon the den.

An inarticulate noise above their heads made them turn, to find that Billy had rapidly climbed a tree.

At this John fell into a frenzy, shouting at her in inarticulate passion, calling her liar and thief.

After embodiment, the Force itself became necessarily inarticulate under the conditions that govern all military service.

With an inarticulate cry Pete jerked the receiver on to the hook, and stumbled away from the telephone.

She uttered inarticulate cries, and two strapping servants had the greatest difficulty in holding her down.

The windows were closed, yet we heard a sort of inarticulate murmur from a great number of voices.

To some degree we seem able to lapse into this inarticulate feeling at moments when our attention is entirely dispersed.

You may have a vague inarticulate suspicion that he is sliding over facts, or that his solution is too superficial.

Hilda just gave him a smile and a little bubbling, inarticulate sound of delight in answer to this.

Muted and inarticulate, the voices floated down the corridor, from the other end of the flat.

When the inarticulate stage of her sorrow was passed, she demanded instant speech with her mamma.

With a little inarticulate murmur, she ran across the room and threw her arms about his neck.

His son had fairly distanced him, and in an inarticulate way the father knew it perfectly well.

Oh, what was this flood of inarticulate, passion-laden thought that beat upon his brain telling of Beatrice?

He made inarticulate sounds, and suddenly with incredible speed, darted forward into the smoke and the sunlight.

Wild, inarticulate screams of rage attested the delivery of the blows; groans, grunts and gasps their receipt.

Her inarticulate groans ascended to the Grand Duchess at the window, adding to the lady's increased bewilderment.

Very often, indeed, he is a poet, generally of course an inarticulate one, and unconscious of any such label.

Tom tried to speak, failed, tried again, but Grandma knew the significance of his hoarse, inarticulate murmur.

Val gave a little, inarticulate cry and shrank back against the wall before she could recover herself.

Commerce and Manufacture praise on every hand in their not mute but inarticulate way the glories of science.

Dumb show apes the primal forces of nature, and is inarticulate, as they are; until relief gives words.

What he seeks and finds in music is the inarticulate, ultimate thing in sound: the music, in fact.

He's a fine chap, in his rough and inarticulate way, and there's nothing he wouldn't do for me.

Inarticulate thousands, unaware though they were of his existence, awaited his work, wanted the sustenance it could give.

Surely this is, in effect, the conveyance of a message and a meaning, even though both be inarticulate.

He uttered a hoarse, inarticulate cry, and rose up, pointing with one shaking finger to the distant sign.

In that case inarticulate intuitions and barren abstractions are not the only instruments between which we must choose.

She ran hither and thither, uttering wild, inarticulate cries, tearing her hair, and beating the walls.

Murmurs of inarticulate assent rose and faded in the opium-heavy air, and then the smoke grew still again.

He turned with an inarticulate cry and went hurriedly over to the switch and flung on the lights.

Then, with an inarticulate cry, he fell flat on his horse's neck and went spurring out of sight.

If I could only have let the pain break forth in an inarticulate moan, it would have been some relief.

Gladys was so surprised by this unexpected utterance that she made an inarticulate gasping noise in her throat.

The heroic chord in her nature had been struck, and its inarticulate music had sung in her heart.

Findlay gave an inarticulate cry of astonishment, countered weakly once, and then went down like a felled ox.

She uttered a murmur of inarticulate passion, and made as though she would have struck the soothing hand.

With an inarticulate cry of pain and longing he started forward, but she held a hand against him.

After a moment's gaze, he uttered an inarticulate exclamation, and thrusting it into his pocket, renewed his search.