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Use hallmark in a sentence

Definition of hallmark:

  • (noun) a distinctive characteristic or attribute
  • (noun) a mark on an article of trade to indicate its origin and authenticity
  • (verb) To provide or stamp with a hallmark (a distinctive characteristic or attribute)

Sentence Examples:

Tolstoy was right when he wrote that cleanliness is the hallmark of the classes the world over.

These plates measure about twenty inches across, and one has the hallmark of three angels on the back.

I'll have to identify the local navigation beacon somehow, and its spectrum will be the most outstanding hallmark.

In all cases success starts with innovative intelligence products, which has not been a hallmark of United States operations.

Within, on either side, was a partition, and there was a silver clasp on which the hallmark was English.

What they meant was that it was unconventional, was without the dignity of tradition to give it its hallmark.

There was imposed upon it the unmistakable hallmark of spirituality that has always identified it in the throng of the nations.

That solid weight, that hallmark of sound judgment which always attends upon sheer common-sense, is apparent in every opinion he utters.

Certainly it was not the hallmark of a good University degree that helped her, for good Universities existed for the male sex only.

She had come to Silverside quite ready to hallmark herself with the stamp of her new school, and center her interests there.

The hallmark of Archaic culture was a round of occupation from one site to another in a regular cycle timed to the changing seasons.

Wandering tales seem to alight, like birds of passage, on successive people in lands and epochs widely apart, mere hallmarks of certain characteristics re-embodied.

Camels seem to be branded on the neck, and most of the marks are different, for I suppose every tribe has its own hallmark.

It is true they do not bear the hallmark of any modern university, but they know how to lead men into battle, all the same.

In fact, a certain hallmark is thus given its windows, which enables us by means of it to judge of the taste of the time.

She does not hesitate to criticize herself, even to the point of placing herself in a ridiculous light, one of the hallmarks never found on small souls.

It is chiefly to artists that his house is open, though he gives the literary hallmark to the legacy of memories he will leave to the Quarter.

Everything bore the hallmark of a single young lady's delicacy; a married woman or an old maid would not have had the same taste in interior design.

Of course the decoration could be copied by others; but add to it other hallmarks typical and now well-known and a true Willard can usually be detected.

And yet he had come to wear the hallmarks of the pack, and to talk the language of the world that only asks to be happy and amused.

It was Malone, however, who got to the heart of the matter in showing that poetry inevitably bears the hallmark of the era in which it is written.

He came to persuade himself that, like a "judge's gravity" or a "soldier's step," a priest too should bear a professional hallmark, and this should be a "preacher's voice," so he acquired it.

It should be remembered that the hallmark of the true character story is its progression; the persons of the story grow stronger or weaker in their respective traits under the pressure of events.

In sober truth "The Greater Glory" was not a work of genius; for, after all, the only hallmark of a work of genius that you can put your finger on is its haunting quality.

My first contact with Major Pond was as a consumer of the things he had to sell, and I came soon to learn that the stamp of his approval was the hallmark of excellence.

It was Claude who had set it there, and he had so imprinted that seal upon Venice that to her now all that was Venice had the memory of her honeymoon upon it like a hallmark on silver.