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Use hallmark in a sentence

Definition of hallmark:

  • (noun) a distinctive characteristic or attribute
  • (noun) a mark on an article of trade to indicate its origin and authenticity
  • (verb) To provide or stamp with a hallmark (a distinctive characteristic or attribute)

Sentence Examples:

Reserve was his hallmark.

They bear the hallmark on them.

It is the hallmark of genuine worth.

That is the hallmark of a plantation.

This is their hallmark as fighting men.

These ideals and beliefs remain the hallmark of Virginia and the nation.

This tendency to detail, which is the hallmark of realism, constitutes decline.

The up-to-date dramatist must certainly avoid this hallmark of the old-fashioned play.

He must have the hallmark of the inevitable white man stamped upon his soul.

The brute world, in cases of love, exacts marriage as the hallmark of respectability.

It is the necessary hallmark of a man who wants to do anything in teaching.

Not in exclusive possession, but in universal acceptance, is found the hallmark of truth.

My lad, there are signs that can't be hidden; you've got the hallmark on you.

The same quality is the hallmark of greatness in any individual serving with a combat arm.

And there goes another of the hallmarks of the gentleman as he was once known to fiction.

It is the work which puts the hallmark on itself; not the whim of the composer.

She guessed that this was similar to what she might have done to be ignored by Hallmark.