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Use celestial in a sentence

Definition of celestial:

  • (adjective) of or relating to the sky; "celestial map";
  • (adjective) of heaven or the spirit; "celestial peace"

Sentence Examples:

The curtain falls upon a celestial chorus of apotheosis, the vision of the angels, and Mephistopheles cowering in terror before the heavenly messengers.

Displaying their celestial weapons on the field of battle, they quickly shrouded each other, each desirous of compassing the destruction of the other.

When thus proceeding to Heaven, he is received by a thousand celestial damsels of beautiful hips and adorned with handsome robes and ornaments.

We have learned how to measure the sun, to traverse celestial distances, to analyze starlight; yet we are ignorant as to what we ourselves are.

The Holy Scriptures are an entirely modern addition to the symbol, like the terrestrial and celestial globes on the columns of the portico.

The confidence of the French troops in her now became implicit, and they received her commands as from a messenger of celestial truth.

This feeling was as a celestial fountain, whose streams refreshed into gladness and beauty all the provinces of their otherwise too desolate existence.

As it is the source of all life and power to the planets, it must be the creator of all life to its celestial inhabitants.

From the yawning jaws of this frightful abyss, a lurid mist continually floated up, hiding the celestial city from my view.

Were the great people up there forgetting themselves in their celestial orgies, and would they drink up the moon to the last drop?

He would then strive to bring his mind back to celestial things; but it wearied him, and he returned to his whimsical dreams.

Then Rama girt on his glowing armor, and, armed with a Celestial bow and many arrows, he awaited the coming of his enemies.

Three times a day he had family worship; and these precious seasons of sacred household service truly seemed a foretaste of celestial happiness.

By these, and means like to these, do we see many inferior or terrestrial things brought to emulate the perpetuity of superior or celestial things.

Precession was originally recognized by Hipparchus as a motion of the celestial equator, in which its inclination to the ecliptic was sensibly unchanged.

If the celestial movements can be foretold, why not corresponding terrestrial movements, each corner of the earth being on the meridian of something?

The boy had a soldier cap, fashioned from newspaper by the ingenious celestial; it was embellished with plumes from a feather duster.

They generally wear blouses or frocks after the Chinese pattern, and the most of them could be readily taken for shabby Celestials.

All the first class mandarins of the celestial empire, turning up their eyes to heaven, and wishing that the procession was over.

Kepler must also be remembered as one of the first great astronomers who ever had the privilege of viewing celestial bodies through a telescope.

He was going in at a high angle to the ecliptic, so meteors and bits of stray celestial trash weren't likely to be bothersome.

In its most important features it is an offshoot of celestial mechanics, between which and theoretical astronomy no sharp dividing line can be drawn.

They seem as if they were performances of some celestial genius, descending among men, to make them, by the mildest instructions, acquainted with themselves.

Borrowed from an elevated spiritualism, incessantly tending towards the celestial worlds, these ideas were singularly appropriate to a nation at once warlike and commercial.

Then like a balm to all the senses, nectar after poison, incense after sulfur, day after night, come the next celestial harmonies.

The sense of yearning, of aspiration and of spiritual elevation toward celestial things is what the composer has aimed to embody in the music.

Neither bondage of words, nor the cold scrutiny of reason can impinge upon a scene which draws the soul away upon a celestial pilgrimage.

Here, also, the celestial equator would coincide with the prime vertical, being a great circle passing through the east and west points.

He notes that some, having transgressed, were thrust 'into the world' and replaced in the celestial concert by the most meritorious virginities.

Her celestial garments had the splendor of lotus blooms; she was adorned with rare ornaments, and her teeth were radiant as pearls.

It resembled internally, a celestial globe, in which figures of the sun, moon, and other planets moved impelled by weights and wheels.

His narratives of the triumphant deathbeds, and the celestial visions of many departed saints, will be prized by not a few readers.'

You will remember that you remarked the cramped appearance, as you expressed it, of the celestial vault, when we were imprisoned in the ice.

The heavy clouds which a couple of hours before had been rolling like celestial hearses across the azure deeps were now aflame with glory.

Forsooth shall the celestial chief punish this audacity; and when he shall take up his thunderbolt all the deities shall follow him.

He regards these bits of iron as dead sparks from a celestial forge, which fell from the meteorite as it blazed through the heavens.

Miracles accompanied them to confound the Arians, and celestial prodigies were at their orders to terrify and crush those rude men of war.

Or maybe, he said to himself, these valleys are the ruts of the celestial chariot that passed this way to take Elijah up to heaven?

Co. has decked the Callisto's pedestal with flowers, and has ordered a tablet set up on the site to commemorate your celestial journey.

Therefore, the earth became the envy of the celestial world, and the realm of dust was made a scene of the exalted kingdom.

As we come to consider star clusters and nebulae, we shall see how this idea of unity seems to be manifested throughout all celestial phenomena.

It seemed like the bridal of two angels of light, witnessed and celebrated by all the stars and constellations of the celestial spheres.

Like a consoling angel, she came with her celestial presence to adorn the captive's retreat, and restore something of happiness to his heart.

After these ceased, the gates of the celestial palace opened, and a bright serene cloud appeared, darting forth beams of an extraordinary luster.

A synod of the celestials was therefore convened, in which it was resolved, that Patronage should descend to the assistance of the Sciences.

Agni was made manifest in lightning, in celestial sun flames, in the sacred blaze rising from the altar and in homely household fires.

The Chinese quarter is fitted up in Celestial style, with verandas and pagodas; but very few Chinese attend the fair of late years.

After a time their little gravity drew them together into a loose ball of shattered Matter hanging balanced by the myriad Celestial forces.

With earthly and celestial aid the league was consummated, and through all the land the forests trembled at the name of the Iroquois.

The celestial army was thrown into a state of confusion by a shower of these terrible weapons and their ranks were seen to waver.

The earth will die as all things must, and be resurrected in perfection and glory, to be a fit abode, eternally, for celestial beings.

The lines which darken down the waiting page are, to the writer, furrows, into which heaven is raining a driven shower of celestial seed.

Or the believer, dying in battle for the creed of the Faithful, might expect to wake up in a celestial harem peopled with Houris.

He waited until one of the square, tumbling objects rolled by, obscuring sections of the out-of-focus celestial sphere as it whirled in its orbit.

Her too partial fondness overlooked in her darling the growth of that pernicious weed, whose shade is deadly to every plant of celestial origin.

The sun, still near the horizon, was pouring its molten gold over the water, sky, and mountains, transforming them to celestial loveliness.

There came first a delicious calmness, and then a celestial inner clearness, in which the soul seemed to lie quiet as an untroubled ocean, reflecting heaven.

In this volume the full celestial eye of art gazed at me; here I saw illness and recovery, banishment and refuge, heaven and hell.

Do you see this celestial form leaning on her anchor, and while the raging waves of a restless sea dash against her, feel unmoved?

Heretofore he had been steering by the wind; now, that scanty peripatetic band, adrift on celestial highways, assisted him in keeping his course.

The ethereal flame of this new passion seemed to purify all that was earthly, and exalt all that was celestial in my nature.

We find, from time to time, mention of strange portents, such as double suns, and other celestial phenomena of a more or less remarkable character.

May I be trustful, and be thankful to "see so much as one side of a celestial idea, one side of the rainbow, and the sunset sky."

The air is charged with heavenly odors, and a kind of celestial consciousness, a sense of other worlds, is wafted on us in its breath.

To see you is to see a celestial being who, through the forgetfulness of Heaven, remains upon the earth; you are an angel, and I adore you.

We have still to define a great circle of the celestial sphere that is of equal importance with the celestial equator and the celestial horizon.

When the sun is south of the celestial equator its apparent daily path is the same as it would be for a star so situated.

It was there also that, on another occasion, he had some extraordinary celestial visitations, which lasted for three days and three nights consecutively.

The parallelism of the celestial synod, impresses more with formal monotony than awful energy, and the ostentatious abuse of gold impairs its dignity.

Towards daybreak, Venus appeared in all her glory, and completed the most brilliant group of celestial phenomena the human eye ever rested on.

It is remarkable that the Caxton of the Philippines was a Chinese convert, whose celestial origin is disguised under the name of Juan de Vera.

A celestial body is properly said to be eclipsed when, by the interposition of another and a nearer orb, it is temporarily hid from view.

Why was it that the parents of the human species, fatigued by celestial luxury, should try to find criminal enjoyments with one another?

The effects of faith are immediate, and the poor present may be enriched and clothed in celestial light for each of us, if we will.

She brightened the river, and dimmed in the houses and cottages the lights with which the opposite hill sparkled like a celestial map.

They seemed a celestial compassion that stooped and soothed, and rose again in lofty and solemn acclaim, leaving us poor and penitent and humbled.

They were supposed to cause storms; and the eagle, the falcon, the magpie, and some other birds brought the celestial fire on the earth.

The frugality, constant activity, and commendable ambition of the Celestial clashes with the dissipation, indolence and want of aim in life of the native.

It is the self-same consolation which steals still, like celestial music, to the smitten heart, when every chord of earthly gladness ceases to vibrate.

The bodies themselves were unlike other objects in the neighborhood, and cases were even authenticated where men had been killed by these celestial visitors.

It is the angle at the celestial pole between the meridian intersecting any given point and the meridian intersecting the center of the sun.

The matter thus disposed of, they sauntered on, but as they neared the hotel, they saw the Celestial evidently waiting for them.

For example, Chinese immigration is forbidden by law, yet, strange to say, most of the retail trade of the isthmus is in Celestial hands.

After he had eaten them, the same celestial attendant brought him some water to rinse his mouth, and to wash his face and hands.

Since the sun moves in the ecliptic, it is in the last-named sense the point of intersection of the ecliptic and the celestial equator.

In placing it in the center of the planets, as on a regal throne, we give it the government of the great family of celestial bodies.

He dwells on the celestial grace of her figure and movements, and describes the beauty of her hand and the loveliness of her mouth.

As Andre spoke, in a tone too earnest to be assumed, it seemed to the countess that a celestial dew was dropping upon her pecuniary wounds.

And I kissed the holy slipper, and my nose was sweetly filled with the celestial perfume that was exhaled from that foot.

Join yourselves daily to that celestial society: suppose yourselves spectators of their order, purity, and glory, and auditors of their harmonious praises of Jehovah.

The celestial addressed him humbly, and Torres, in his general rage, lifted his riding whip savagely to slash him across the face.

If the man had been impure, his soul was dragged below for torture, but if virtuous, then his soul rose to the celestial regions.

The exalted ideas they had formed of themselves led them into the happy delusion that they were the lower empire of the celestial universe.

The slave brother, however, from the land of oppression once saw the celestial beacon and dreamed not that it ever deviated from due North.

At once competitors, representatives, and rivals of the celestial powers, do they not, in some instances, exercise after their example the most arbitrary despotism?

Capable of striking like a thunderbolt, that youth of celestial origin, beholding me running away in fear, stopped me and himself mounted on my car.

For one hundred and thirty-eight years they had been banished from the celestial regions, because they had betrayed their secret mission to Lot.

Crossing this are narrow, dark and bright lines produced by the gases of metals in combustion, whereby the celestial orb's light is generated.

The naked truths themselves, which are enclosed and contained, are in the Word's spiritual sense; and the naked goods in its celestial sense.

Man felt himself dominated and crushed by blind forces that dragged him on as irresistibly as they kept the celestial spheres in motion.