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Use celestial in a sentence

Definition of celestial:

  • (adjective) of or relating to the sky; "celestial map";
  • (adjective) of heaven or the spirit; "celestial peace"

Sentence Examples:

It is a case of celestial hieroglyphics to which we lack the key.

It is drawn on the celestial globe in the figure of a scorpion.

Joseph, and of all the blessed inhabitants of the celestial court.

Benedictions were poured upon him, accompanied by the sounds of celestial music.

According to Plutarch, the Ethiopians paid regal honors to the Celestial Dog.

The birth of every East Indian avatar was announced by celestial signs.

Moreover, he disapproved of finding celestial phenomena in myths of terrestrial happenings.

His angels are spectral, unwholesome; his celestials too knowing to be innocent.

Distance of any object from the celestial equator, either northward or southward.

This line, extended upwards, meets the celestial sphere in the zenith.

I am rejoiced that you have enjoyed such celestial refreshments in the corridor.

No earthly or celestial language can exaggerate the worth of a human being.

From that day he felt himself endowed with matchless celestial powers.

Could the most hardened sinner listen unmoved to that celestial music?

Down through the ages they came as echoes mellowed into more celestial tones.

A wealth of celestial drapery seemed drawn aside to reveal the far-off glory.

The vale of poverty seems to be the favorite walk of celestial mercy.

A celestial light, kindled by my glance, has shone in your eyes.

Can there be such wrath in celestial minds, venting itself so unreasonably?

Pray to be skillful, patient, thorough, good physicians, and kinder celestial surgeons.

To all that man attains, in celestial exaltation and glory, woman attains.

The eye was delighted with the soft outlines of that celestial wadding.

A few moments afterwards the second Celestial appeared alone, looking very sheepish.

Here then is the new celestial manna we were all in quest of?

In doing so he let off one barrel at the celestial orbs unintentionally.

Refraction always causes a celestial object to appear higher than it really is.

There are in heaven many goodly homesteads, and none without a celestial ward.

The vernal equinox is an important point of reference on the celestial sphere.

Why an attendance of celestials upon the flight of the bolt of omnipotence?

And eager to witness the spectacle, celestial hosts of immeasurable energy came there.

For every inferior, earthly pleasure we forego, a superior, celestial one is substituted.

The sweet, strong wine of Love went to his brain like celestial nectar.

And beholding that extraordinary feat of his, the celestials applauded him highly.

Vulcan, however, the most deformed of the celestials, became the successful competitor.

They were perfectly acquainted with the celestial, the terrestrial and the infernal.

Celestial music was said to have been heard at the time of his interment.

Within sight of death, I could still enjoy this amazing celestial adventure.

The first class is subdivided into Physics, celestial and terrestrial, and Chemistry.

Being pleased thereby the celestials asked him to pray for a boon.

He attempted to delineate the celestial sphere, and to measure time by a sun-dial.

Her voice faltered, but the celestial brightness lingered yet on her face.

His celestial artists splash at a ten-league canvas "with brushes of comet's hair."

The hooting of owls, the croaking of frogs, is celestial wisdom in comparison.

Once in thirty-three years an astonishing display of these celestial fireworks takes place.

This is the most reasonable scheme of celestial interposition that ever was formed.

The processes of nature were often held to be maintained through such celestial nuptials.

For how could Achilles require the aid of celestial armor if he were invulnerable?

The homeliest things dipped in that forever after glow with celestial hues.

The ascetics, as a fruit of their virtuous deeds, live in the celestial region.

Over the whole is an effusion of light, which produces an impression truly celestial.

The ancients ranked this with other celestial phenomena, as portending great events.

The little citizen, not to be outdone, declared her to be a celestial witness.

Exclaimed the celestial when he had received the orders to pack their food.

I bring news, celestial news, from the astronomers of the City of Light.

Angels bring down to Dorothea celestial roses, which she scatters over her executioners.

Admitting the celestial origin of the meteorites, they surely claim our closest attention.

Eat, I would say, of the crumbs that fall from the celestial pantry.

"Oh no, you would have rosy visions of celestial bowers," returned Elizabeth merrily.

Have you not noticed the signs of anger given by my celestial progenitors?

He seldom turns his aspiring gaze toward the celestial mount of the muses.

"Surely, surely," he muttered, his fixed gaze lost on the crimson celestial conflagration.

At the beginning it allies itself with astronomy and physics and celestial chemistry.

Precisely similar has been the great celestial race which these meteors are running.

Written reports of such encounters usually endow the Queen with a celestial condescension.

Ah, ladies, every mortal has a small Private celestial empire in his heart.

The ring he wore on his finger was of inestimable value and celestial virtue.

Did you guess the celestial laws are yet to be work'd over and rectified?

He was indeed, far more experienced than I, and more skillful, in celestial mechanics.

Every line of face and figure shows her rapt attention to the celestial singers.

If they were celestial navigators, they might try to turn, and seek earth again.

One breast alone against his rage was steel'd, Secure in spotless Truth's celestial shield.

Each of the celestial spheres revolves with simple circular motion in one direction forever.

It was the grand finale of the independent existence of two enormous celestial bodies.

Dorothea, she had worn in her bosom, invisibly, the celestial roses of paradise.

The wings of the sweet celestial are bleeding between the fierce, grinning fangs.

A life of repentance passed with such an angel, is a foretaste of celestial bliss.

As trusty bayonets were failing, additional celestial powers were to be called into the firmament.

During the nineteenth century many celestial atlases and astronomical catalogs have been published.

Mirrored in that Fire as in water I saw myself, a shape of loveliness celestial.

In all ways she was clean and blameless, worthy of the celestial attention.

And with arms plunging into the sea of celestials, we have conquered our unrivalled enemies.

Whatever strange inhabitants the celestial country held, he would face 'em with me.

Such an association of ideas had Dante produced between the celestial and the scornful!

Nadir, the point in the celestial sphere directly beneath our feet, opposite to zenith.

The celestial hurricane subsided in his bosom; he arose and again interrogated the heavens.

Ambrose declared, "The precepts of medicine are contrary to celestial science, watching and prayer."

The great comet of 1858 was one of the celestial spectacles of modern times.

The iniquity of the tax is the celestial scourge which drives us towards equality.

His face is lighted as from the radiant jasper walls of the celestial city.

She knew almost as much about altruism as a dog does about the celestial sciences.

Celestial latitude is the distance from the ecliptic measured on a secondary to the latter.

Milton certainly did not intend to subtract all humor from the celestial regions.

Once more the heroes look to their girths, while the celestial fair prepare their cars.

Different principles ruled the celestial world; it was orderly, stable, ageless, and enduring.

And she again came out of the Ocean when it was churned by the celestials.

Might he not, had he chosen, in either fresco, have made the celestial visions brighter?

And there are the holy cairns of diverse forms, set up by the celestials.

On rush the two celestial avengers, springing through the air in great flying leaps.

"While a skilled artist's nimble fingers bound O'er dancing keys, and wake celestial sound."

It seemed their aim to give every branch of physics the same precision as celestial mechanics.