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Use celestial in a sentence

Definition of celestial:

  • (adjective) of or relating to the sky; "celestial map";
  • (adjective) of heaven or the spirit; "celestial peace"

Sentence Examples:

Having duly performed the ceremonies with the bright blazing fire, those great-minded persons offered oblations to the celestials.

Poised there above him with all the wonder of her unbound hair about her, she was like some celestial vision.

"Now, which one of these young ladies do you take to have been your 'celestial visitant,' as you most absurdly call her?"

Somewhere up there a tiny satellite spun wildly about the earth, a little silver ball in some celestial roulette wheel.

A tantalizing mist, drawn as a curtain over the northern sea at midnight, had afforded curious advantages for celestial staging.

From the roar of musketry it might have been that the celestial heat was frying this part of the world.

He will also continue the meteorologic observations as usual, noticing the changes of weather, and all celestial and atmospheric phenomena.

There are some outstanding facts of celestial motion still unexplained, but we do not, therefore, doubt the law of gravitation.

Darkness, like an overawing shadow, shut out the celestial glories; and, full of sudden horror, he uttered a deep groan.

From the celestial intermediate, the brain of Deity, proceed the sympathetic flows that vitalize the polar terrestrial forces.

Even an opera-glass directed to this teeming constellation cannot fail to afford the observer a delightful glimpse of celestial scenery.

It has a stern, almost somber guise, until it suddenly glows in transfigured light, as of a choir of celestial brass.

Soon we perceive a tiny speck, scintillating feebly in the depths of Space, and recognize it as our own celestial quarters.

The enfranchisement of the people, in his judgment, required the overthrow of both the earthly and the celestial monarch.

By that time the celestial laundresses were emptying out their wash tubs and sloshing water all over the earth.

The law of universal gravitation is therefore held to be the grand principle which governs all the celestial motions.

And then, have I not of my own accord tasted the mystic happiness and the celestial anguishes of episcopacy?

To add to the difficulty of solving this celestial problem, the spectroscope shows that the Andromeda nebula is not gaseous.

Most energetic gentlemen whether of the diabolic or the celestial brand can gobble up an astonishing number of miscellaneous jobs.

The effect produced on our mind by the observation of celestial objects, reveals at once the artificiality of cubic space.

These celestial visions are a true interpretation and externalization of the psychology of the martyr: these alone could support her.

Why should one enter into the exaltation of the celestial world, and the other be relegated to singleness and servitude?

It was frequently engraved with an eagle or a hawk as a talisman of fortune, and it is under the celestial Leo.

Celestial divinities were probably numerous in the Maya pantheon, as was almost inevitable in view of the extraordinary development of astronomical observation.

I could not ascertain why; but it must be from some strange superstition, as the Celestials are otherwise pretty omnivorous.

No sooner had Herschel commenced his celestial explorations than he resolved to survey the entire heavens, leaving no spot unvisited.

Could I with ken angelic, scan Celestial glories hid from mortal man, I'd deem this night a day supernal!

The first performance by comparison with the second sounded as a tom-tom concert in competition with the celestial choir.

The Cosmologist had already contrasted the terrestrial as the imperfect with the celestial as the perfect peace and permanence.

Such, dearly-beloved friends, is the effusion of celestial grace vouchsafed by the Almighty to this age, this most illumined century!

What is this nebulous light that blanches the darkness of the heavens, and traverses the constellations like a celestial path?

Celestial shapes in gold and purple rose up in the gilded dust, chariots of silver, milk-white horses plumed with fire.

Above this, on the highest platform of all, was a grand observatory, where the Babylonian astrologers made their celestial observations.

Montezuma was reclining on a splendidly embroidered couch, in his private apartment, anxiously awaiting the response of the celestial oracle.

It had an allegorical picture representing the Genius of Liberty descending with all the celestial machinery upon the Mexican Confederacy.

All things in the elementary world have their antitype in the celestial, and all celestial things have their corresponding ideas.

Deep peals of thunder reverberated from the aerial regions, while dangerous flashes of blazoned lightning tore through the celestial firmament.

Our lives here are not the tones of perfect harmony, but rather like stringed instruments being attuned for celestial melody.

This feeling of contentment, increased, so that I would have been satisfied to float in company with those celestial globules, forever.

Many of the drawings he has made of the celestial wonders in the southern sky are admirable examples of celestial portraiture.

His bare principle of the laws of gravitation accounts for all the apparent inequalities in the course of the celestial globes.

Besides his celestial bed and magnetic tomfooleries, Graham vended an "Elixir of Life," and subsequently recommended and superintended earth-bathing.

At the most trifling expression of praise or flattery, the tender embarrassment of unaffected modesty is suffused over her celestial figure.

Under the full but bewildering glare of that celestial illumination, he had gained a good ten feet upon his human rival.

These rotating neutral centers, set in celestial space, have been endowed with the power of rotation to become their own accumulators.

And seeing his own daughter resembling a celestial damsel arrived at puberty, and unsought by people, the king became sad.

The voices of most of those which were then attuned on earth, are now attuned to more celestial music in another world!

For many days we had contemplated the other side of the firmament, and deciphered the celestial alphabet of the antipodes.

The Amethyst has been frequently quoted as a stone of the celestial Aries, even ancient writers commenting on its sympathetic Aries vibration.

Imagine our surprise and inexpressible delight, when first aroused to a vital consciousness of the presence of celestial visitants in our midst!

As he was proceeding along, he beheld that beautiful lake which looked as if it had been made by the celestial artificer himself.

You have heard of the celestial jewels, the diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, topazes, and other precious stones of the sidereal casket.

He juggled with universal abstractions as an alchemist with the elements of the earth or an astrologist with the celestial spheres.

Happy faces looked out from these columned walls, and happy voices rang upon the clear air, from many a celestial home.

Photography possesses a vast advantage over the eye in revealing the marvelous character of this object, an inconceivably vast celestial whirlpool.

We love to see any part of the earth tinged with blue, cerulean, the color of the sky, the celestial color.

His Celestial Majesty, with all the zeal of a neophyte, was induced during the summer to issue a distinctly revolutionary edict.

He discovered a bathroom adjoining and was presently suffering the celestial agonies of a cold bath with no waster to coerce him.

There are people who through outrageous presumption are sunk in pride; and others who abandon themselves to the houris of celestial palaces.

Love much, read little, and let that be poetry, the purest wine of the soul, a precious ambrosia gushing from celestial fountains.

There was about them a celestial clarity, an unearthly plangency of accent, but no turmoil or confusion, no hint of mortal pain.

You see it is not always those who are first wives in this world who will be first in the celestial kingdom.

He looked worn and dispirited, and complained of the weather, which she had thought celestial, but which prostrated his strength.

I concur that it must be the work of a mind, whether celestial or mundane, ignorant of the rudiments of chemical philosophy.

He has received a celestial revelation of some dark crime that is awaiting vengeance, and his first short recitative refers to this secret.

The arc of the great circle of the celestial sphere, drawn from the heliocentric to the geocentric place of a body.

The seraph laid the hot ember on his lips, and it left about his mouth the fragrance of the celestial incense.

In little children, Snub or Celestial Noses are beautiful, because they are congruous with our ideas of the ductility and gentleness of childhood.

The celestials who receive oblations, being pleased by burnt offerings, cause the rain to fall for the support of created beings.

He must bathe thrice a day, offer oblations to the celestials and to fire and treat all his guests with hospitality.

Perhaps yonder twinkling constellation is the residence of the martyrs; that group of twelve luminaries is the celestial home of the Apostles.

A celestial music is heard by turns, and the verse following, in recitative, is murmured in a dull and almost hoarse tone.

And conquering the three worlds, and bringing under subjection serpents and celestials I shall for ambrosia churn the nether regions.'

The celestial powers here were higher, more distant, less anthropomorphic, and it was not imagined that a man could assume their form.

No, despite its dreaminess, his soul ever remembered its celestial origin, and could not be diverted from the path of virtue.

A life so radiant and beneficent on earth, what must it be now that it has been translated, and transfigured into the celestial?

During the days of Newton, the question was raised if the celestial bodies outside of the solar system obey the law of gravitation.

Her voice too was sweeter, her caresses more endearing; she seemed more like a celestial being than a woman of flesh and blood.

Pidgin English is the name given to an absurd patois which is used in conversation between the Chinese celestials, and the outer barbarians.

He was wandering to and fro, anxious and alone, in a wild valley, when he heard a celestial voice causing him to look up.

We are not in our place until we yield the same obedience to the celestial laws that we yield to the laws of gravitation.

His sister (who might be a woman if she liked, but has an insane preference for celestial neutrality) does the moral inculcation.

Slow indeed might be the changes they were destined to undergo; slow, but sure, with that sureness belonging to celestial science alone.

The Syrian courtesans have brought several of them to Rome, and these celestial youths please, more than is proper, our respectable women.

Each system had its center in great celestial regions which communicated with the flaming and quenchless motor of all that is.

In the second book he treats of the law of gravitation, and the movements of the centers of gravity of the celestial bodies.

The Maya conceived the earth to be a cube, which supported the celestial vase resting on its four legs, the four cardinal points.

This earth is man's eternal inheritance, where he will exist after the resurrection, for it is destined to be purified and become celestial.

After this most excruciating trial, the Angel discloses the celestial secret to her Spouse, and orders him to remain with her.

Pauses, surprises, all were delicately calculated and the weaver of these bewildered dreams seemed to watch over them like a Loge of celestial ingenuity.

Fight all influences to bedeck it with beds of flowers in forms of stars and moons and other celestial and terrestrial designs.

Their tails are an appearance very peculiar, nothing of the same nature appertaining in the least degree to any other of the celestial bodies.

The Celestial city had at this hour been revealed for the misguided ones, who for years sought it carefully and with tears!

Mr Pitt, in bronze, on the top, with no trace of his celestial origin about him, guarded the unattainable treasure like an enchanted Moor.

Like all enfeebled natures, they were quickly penetrated by Faith, by that celestial glow which doubles strength by doubling the soul.

If this power of gravitation or attraction acts on all the celestial globes, it acts undoubtedly on the several parts of these globes.

Rain would be good soup, it would hail beans, and the snows, transformed to celestial fricassees, would restore and refresh poor travelling folk.

When he has arrived at the highest degree of the celestial hierarchy, the spiritualized being is absolutely perfect; in strength and in intelligence.

The comparisons of betrothed, husband, celestial lover, and eternal marriage, that recur in sermons, stirred within her soul depths of unexpected sweetness.

Familiarity with celestial personages was detestable to her, and she did her duty of saluting them in a courtly and reverent fashion.