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Use allegiance in a sentence

Definition of allegiance:

  • (noun) the act of binding yourself (intellectually or emotionally) to a course of action
  • (noun) the loyalty that citizens owe to their country (or subjects to their sovereign)

Sentence Examples:

Many who claim allegiance to this great party know little of its tenets, and still fewer know its history.

Each citizen owed his allegiance to his own state and each state had its obligations to the confederation.

Again, our mercantile and commercial classes are thoroughly disgusted and lukewarm in their allegiance.

Did you take an oath of fidelity, or allegiance, to the Confederate Government?

The man who claims my love and allegiance, must be a victor and not a slave.

I am much too thorough a democrat ever to swear allegiance to a king.

If only every man in the kingdom would take this line and think for himself instead of giving his blind allegiance to a power that is out to ruin the nation, there would pretty soon be such a strike against strikes as would kill 'em outright.

It is truth that in the forum of conscience claims an undivided allegiance.

A bargain ensued; he gave them their lives in exchange for their allegiance.

Tar-bell writes: "This is her time to learn what her own country's industries can do, and to rally with all her influence to their support, urging them to make the things she wants, and pledging them her allegiance."

While men and women, who on the Outside would be regarded as far beyond an age when such an event would have an intense interest for them, here manifest an allegiance so loyal that at times it threatens to disrupt friendships, if not families.

The Tory who refused to take the oath of allegiance became in fact an outlaw.

The muse of poetry, like all her sisters, is not slow in avenging herself of a divided allegiance.

What claims to our credence and allegiance could either of them set up?

He could have tried to make them politically contented through freedom to manage their own affairs while owing allegiance to the Empire as a whole, or he could suppress the individual people to such an extent that he would have unity by force.

He who appeals to our deepest emotions commands for all time our reverent allegiance.

It was there that priestly authority most clearly asserted itself in such oppressive acts as are always witnessed when too much power is left in the hands of men whose primary allegiance is to a kingdom not of this world.

He seemed to me a fine man, but when he was asked to take the oath of allegiance he balked.

Dinwiddie what she had, it seemed to Daisy that she had spoken aloud her oath of allegiance; and a growing joy in the transaction and a growing love to the great Savior who was willing to let her be his servant, filled her little heart.

And hereby, they disapprove the principle of refusing allegiance to lawful authority.

With this message they returned on shore; but those who had charge of the fort said, that it was contrary to their allegiance and the oath they had taken to king Philip, to deliver up their garrison without endeavoring to defend it.

You will say to his Majesty that I have declined to yield to this order, and in the oath administered to the officers have made their allegiance to the Elector quite secondary to their obligations to himself.

William Adolphus has never swerved in his allegiance to me, although you do give him cream in the pantry on the sly.

In March however they returned, outwardly at least, to their allegiance, and received pardons for their treason.

You make it necessary again for me to disavow any allegiance to the powers that rule Great Britain.

When he gave up his Old World allegiance and emigrated he came to America, not to New York or Massachusetts.

She was wedded to her music, and no lover, she vowed, should wean her from her allegiance.

If this censure should be treated with contempt, his subjects were at once absolved from their allegiance.

A native inhabitant of the Philippine Islands upon taking the oath of allegiance to the United States. c.

She would have said that she believed the agreements and conclusions because of the Prayer Book, but in fact she had primarily given in her allegiance to a social system, and supported the Prayer Book because of its support of that.

His traitorous subjects broke their allegiance to their king and preyed upon the country.

He is informed it is "the royal will and pleasure of his Majesty, that his subjects in Ireland, even as those in England, should obey his commands in spiritual matters as in temporal, and renounce their allegiance to the See of Rome."

The mere fact that a system of religious thought has received the willing allegiance of large masses of men shows that it must have supplied some consciously felt want, some moral or intellectual craving.

He was an officer of the royal household, probably a favorite at court, and was selected for the difficult task of reconciling all difficulties, and bringing the new colony into loyal allegiance to the crown.

And he loved them with the same thoroughness and allegiance that he gave to any cause near his heart.

He had to be reminded that by the Bonaparte family-law he was but a vassal king, owning allegiance to the emperor.

He demands no allegiance and for those who disobey him the only punishment is continuance of the disease.

Their nominal allegiance to the individual colony was weakened by their underlying consciousness that they really were a part of a greater nation; their national allegiance had never been claimed by any power.

Quiet positive teaching convinces children; to show them the best things attracts them, and once their true allegiance is given to the best, they have more security within themselves than in many danger signals set up for their safety.

Both are seers; the saint has given his allegiance to the heavenly vision.

Now that he had decided to renounce any further allegiance to that party he thought that his faithful friend and loyal supporter, Sam Henry, should be the first to whom that announcement should be made.

To the crown were reserved only the allegiance of the settlers and one-fifth of all the gold and silver to be found.

He knelt on the lowest step of the dais and repeated after the president the oath of allegiance.

Peter had small allegiance there; he even, when irritated, called Ruskin a muddle-head.

These he liberated after they had taken the oath of allegiance and consented to pay annual tribute.

The special interpretation to be placed upon the final clause somewhat jars upon the ear, although not without interest in illustrating the strong religious principle which forbade the transfer of his political allegiance.

Her assertion of truth and right, her allegiance to them, even the touch of severity that accompanies it, instead of compelling mere respect or admiration, become adorable in a nature so loving as Cordelia's.

While Joseph was doing his utmost to keep the Indians loyal and was keeping watch upon those who were plotting to win them from their allegiance to the crown, Sir John Johnson was growing anxious for his own life.

Besides, Ted had shown some of the qualities that indicate a natural leader; though he held the allegiance of those who trailed after him mostly through fear, rather than any respect for his manly qualities.

They are, most of them, as true and loyal Americans as if they had never known any other fealty or allegiance.

That you are seeking freedom from your allegiance to one man, in order to swear fealty to another.

Allegiance and Protection are Obligations that cannot subsist separately; when one fails, the other falls of Course.

He rejected with scorn the offers both of Charles and Lewis to seduce him from his allegiance.

On this account, allegiance was extorted from them by different Sovereigns.

There was, in fact, no spontaneous feeling of allegiance attaching to these political units, and the doctrine of their sovereignty had no use except as a screen for the interest in slavery which the Southern States had in common.

To Maurice, and Maurice alone, belonged her life and her soul, and Vera felt that it would be easier for her to be true to the sad, dim memory of his love than to give her heart and her allegiance to any other upon earth.

He has abdicated government here, withdrawing his governors and declaring us out of his allegiance and protection.

When it was restored, they proclaimed their principles in a series of voluntary declarations which dealt with the customary suspicions and reproaches, and fully satisfied the purpose aimed at by the oath of allegiance.

That far off ideal is the motive power of philosophic research; and claims allegiance even as you expel it.

Its authority commanded the allegiance, its charm fascinated the imagination, of the people.

Man wears a noble allegiance, not as a collar, but as a garland.

Consider the people and nations of the earth today and observe this same tenacious allegiance to ancestral belief.

Can they maintain this allegiance in peace despite every seduction which will rush to recapture their souls?

And, curiously enough, throughout the group the old romantic allegiance of the earliest Schoenberg reaffirms itself.

He murmured, "Don't talk rot," but inwardly he was not displeased at Peter's allegiance, half mocking though he knew it.

We denounce it as a violation of the rights of ten million human beings who owe no allegiance to us.

His friends were reformers, critics, doubtful in party allegiance, and he was himself an object of suspicion.

He changed his faith and his allegiance two or three times with a facility that evinced the looseness of his principles.

Would the government employ military force to coerce them back to their allegiance?

His deluded followers were advised to return to their allegiance to the Crown.

One body of communist partisans after another was detached from its allegiance.

They have solicited them to break the bonds of allegiance and imbue their souls with the blackest crimes.

It was, of course, of infinite importance to Government to secure the allegiance of so powerful a family as that of Murray, the head of whom was able to bring a body of six thousand men into the field.

The proposal he had to make was that unless the fellows now standing out chose to return to their allegiance to the School within a week, all future matches for the term should be scratched, and the club dissolved.

The other prefects followed suit, and gave in their allegiance to the new clubs.

Meanwhile, you will be doing good service if you can manage to sound the better-disposed portion of the crew, with a view to ascertaining whether it would be possible to win them back to their allegiance.

Said he; and some poor magistrates of towns, and official people, had to make a figure of swearing (if not allegiance altogether, allegiance for the time being), in the same sad fashion, till one's humor cooled again.

Brace held his breath as he waited for the answer, and the time seemed long; but it was only a few moments before a murmur of assent came which told only too plainly that the thirst for gold had swept every feeling of duty or allegiance aside.

On the other hand, he remembered that he had deliberately resolved to throw off his allegiance, and as he drew near the piece of wreck, he reflected that he was at that moment assisting in an act which might cost the lives of all on board.

Almost all the New Yorkers have returned to their allegiance, and there is not a doubt, but the other Colonies will do the same when they dare declare themselves, and be properly supported by government.

Commerce had so developed that religion, where it interfered with it, could not command undivided allegiance.

Again from pique he deserted him, returning to his allegiance once more in 1270.

One after another the provinces recognized him as their leader; and on the 14th of July we find him issuing a proclamation as commander of five provinces, named in the order of their declaration of allegiance.

Above all the provinces was a king, elected originally by the provincial assembly of Upland, though in order to gain the allegiance of the other provinces he was bound to appear before their individual assemblies and be confirmed by them.

Partly because of inherited prejudice, and partly because of their allegiance to opposing theories; and finally, I suspect, because they are connected with institutions that would not sanction such work.

They declare their allegiance to Ludwig as their leader, and he calls upon them also to swear fealty to his wife.

The weight of the oath of allegiance now fell heavily upon the innocent colonists.

They form a league into which none are admitted except those who take the oath of allegiance; and, of course, to expose the weakness of the scientific doctrines of the time is equivalent to violating the oath of allegiance.

Thus far Fortune had favored him, but she is a capricious lady wont to change her allegiance with startling suddenness.

In the wars of the Barons, she threw all her influence into the scale against the King; but she showed that her enmity was personal, not political, by at once returning to her allegiance on the accession of Henry the Third.

On the following day he issued a proclamation with the intent of detaching Canadians from their allegiance.

I was just ugly enough then to disobey; in fact, to cast off all allegiance to my tyrants.

An unjust and impure law is intolerable, and it is no wrong to cast off allegiance to it.

Instead of individuals bound together by allegiance to common political institutions, conceive communities united in the bonds of religious brotherhood into a sort of universal republic, under the moderate supremacy of a supreme spiritual power.

The Americans, in conformity to the usual policy of nations, demanded the allegiance of all who resided among them; but many preferred the late royal government, and were disposed, when opportunity offered, to support it.

Yet there were times when he rather regretted his decision, and inclined to waver in his allegiance.

In the beginning, a man takes an oath to uphold his country's Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, to bear true faith and allegiance, and to discharge well and faithfully the duties of office.

I owe no allegiance, no fealty, but to you, and I have kept the faith, Hugh, even here.

If there were any who felt resentment before over the enforced change of allegiance from beloved France to the stranger sovereignty, when the crisis of campaign and battle came none were more gallant and brave in meeting the invading enemy.

In the eyes of Napoleon, all these priests appointed or sanctioned by him, who have sworn allegiance to him, whom he pays annually or quarterly, belong to him in a double sense, first under the title of subjects, and next under the title of clerks.