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Use allegiance in a sentence

Definition of allegiance:

  • (noun) the act of binding yourself (intellectually or emotionally) to a course of action
  • (noun) the loyalty that citizens owe to their country (or subjects to their sovereign)

Sentence Examples:

An oath of allegiance to the queen was required of the Bavarians, but without any explanation, whether temporary or perpetual.

The suggestion that we should seek election and then refuse to take the oath of allegiance, would only make the nation distrust the leaders.

My own well known allegiance to the emperor obliges me to tear out the very roots of treason at the first suggestion of its presence in our midst.

Wilson's frequent departure without explanation from his declared standard for the determination of political authority and allegiance.

Mordred held Cornwall in his keeping, but for the rest the realm had returned to its allegiance.

Slowly the whole allegiance of her heart transferred itself to the dead man's memory; slowly her grief for his loss deepened, and yet with the deepened grief came a certain new and holy joy.

He called on his barons to swear allegiance to his bastard of seven years old as his successor in case he never came back.

They do not perceive that it is still in their power to bring us back to an allegiance, the memory of which is so dear.

Let every country in dispute on our borders self-determine its own form of government and its own allegiance.

Bruce had left town the day before, and in the absence of any new admiration he always fell back with perfect content upon his old allegiance.

By concessions which enlarge rather than diminish its influence, it puts all right-minded men, soldiers and officers, under the obligation of returning to their allegiance.

Many foreign countries, turbulent nations, and hostile Kings I have reduced under my yoke; to my children and descendants may they keep them in firm allegiance.

How was he to bow the neck of this proud woman to his yoke, and break the strong cord of her allegiance to her absent lover.

After the war he had taken the oath of allegiance, and had been chosen by the people as the most available candidate for the office of sheriff, to which he had been elected without opposition.

Nevertheless, a death, or a return home, or any important event in the family, was sure to bring even Vulcan back to his allegiance; and, for a month afterwards, he would be a reformed man.

Each of these men he burdened with fixed conditions of tribute, thus making allegiance a condition of his kindness.

All the while, her incomprehensible heart was thumping with a rapture that knew no allegiance to royal conventions.

It stands thus then: you are prepared to pay attention to this, that, and the other stranger, but to your mother who loves you more than all else, you are bound to render no service, no allegiance?

Not only had he firmly established himself in the allegiance of his own tribe, but had found allies and assistants outside it.

It was now only a question of time when they would break the tie and renounce their old allegiance.

The writing of this tract, as has been already observed, placed Swift in a position where allegiance to party was not easy to maintain.

Whilst he was reposing himself, the goddess of fortune, looking like a lotus and assuming a personal embodiment, rendered her allegiance to him.

The interest, the emotional appeal, may be lacking, hence he must have ideals to which he has given his allegiance, which will force him to put into practice what his knowledge tells him is right.

One can often win appreciation of and allegiance to the best in life by the use of the telling method in the appropriate situations.

Our nation refused allegiance to its own principles, refused to pay the lawful costs of its virtue and nobility; therefore it is sued in the courts of destiny, and the case is this day on trial.

Having secured this, they return to their native country and reside there, without disclosing their change of allegiance.

"A prince," says Machiavelli, "is not to regard the scandal of being cruel if thereby he keeps his subjects in their allegiance."

The rightful Prince is seeking by utterly different means, namely by persuasion, to win the world back to its first allegiance.

After taking the oath of allegiance he was appointed a magistrate, the duties of which he discharged with great fidelity until the time of his removal from earth.

Stella realized afterwards that in action and in words there lay a tacit acceptance of her as mistress which was to become the allegiance of a lifelong service.

He and his men had sworn allegiance to King Philip, the old fellow said, and in Philip's name he held the town and Rock of Gibraltar, and would continue to hold them as long as he could.

After two more days of this an evening meal was brought, along with water and wine, by one of the women (or men) of the allegiance.

In this manner was closed an incident which was expected by its foes to threaten the allegiance of Ireland, and with it that of more than half the Catholics in England, to the Holy See.

I told them in September that if they did not return to their allegiance I would strike at this pillar of their strength.

Major Dick still shot and fished, as was his right, over the lands and waters that were still in his name, but the tenants, whose fathers had loved him, had renounced the old allegiance.

They met him secretly in the mountains, by night, and made solemn, binding vows of allegiance, in which they promised "to fight men of all color in order to defend the faith."

Throwing off his allegiance to Napoleon, he imagined the vain thing that he might gain his object by taking sides with the Austrians.

Notwithstanding the protecting benevolence of the squire, and their being residents in his empire, they seem to acknowledge no allegiance, and to hold no intercourse or intimacy.

All were ready to sue for mercy and to proclaim their willingness to divert allegiance from dictator to Crown.

In conclusion, they were told that now was a good opportunity to prove their sincerity by taking the oath of allegiance, in the usual form, before the Council.

We, too, had we found such a ruler, would have laid aside our staff, and taken the oath of allegiance.

Paragraphs like the above never reach the printed page of a newspaper that has sworn allegiance to or is bound to support the Magnates.

The trade they represent does not depend upon allegiance but upon wants that England can supply if she keeps shop in the proper way, if, that is, she makes it to their interest to buy in her market.

And the direct interference with her governance implied by the Oaths of Allegiance and of Abjuration raised questions we have not yet solved.

The reason of the difference is obvious; the officers of the English army have never been distracted by the difficulties of divided allegiance.

It distracts the allegiance of citizens, and what is even more to the present point, it does not provide sufficient protection for the legal rights of unpopular minorities.

They withdrew their allegiance after a time, which naturally in no way phased Carl's scientific interest in them.

There was no man on that whole continent, or within three thousand miles of it, qualified by law to follow allegiance with protection or submission with pardon.

The Acadians had refused to take the oath of allegiance to the English and this caused them to be regarded with suspicion and fear.

In this they will see none of the equality, under the pretence of which they have been tempted to throw off their allegiance to their sovereign, as well as the ancient constitution of their country.

In twenty-four hours Steve and his companions are at the training station, have taken the oath of allegiance, and are safely and well on their way to full membership in the family of Uncle Sam.

The old men said "We know;" the young ones said "We have heard," and so there was hardly anything of the blind allegiance which had made even free thought seem treason to their fathers.

There was nothing to bind them together save a common, though rather cold, allegiance to the English King.

It was the arbitrary and mechanical completeness of the old division, not the reality that underlay the distinction itself, which parted company with truth and hence lost the allegiance of the mind.

All they ask and insist upon is equal civil and political rights, and a voice in the government under which they live, and to which they owe allegiance, and for the support of which they are taxed.

Throwing off all allegiance to John, they agreed to accept Louis, the son of that monarch, as their king.

That we may do this we found a party through which all who believe with us can work with us; or, rather, we declare our allegiance to the party which the people themselves have founded.

When the judge observed, that, to perform his friendship he had broken his allegiance to his sovereign, he bowed his head and confessed, "Therein I have offended."

In other lines trade may follow the flag, but in the Noah's ark industry it follows a belief in Noah and is known to every flag that has ever waved, paying allegiance to no particular banner.

Their jurisdictions, in general, extend to all places within the same allegiance, which are nearer to them than to the residence of any other Consul or Vice-Consul.

Par from him is the thought of promoting the allegiance of the mass to scientific authority by withholding from them scientific knowledge.

He had permitted her to separate from her husband on the assumption that his own allegiance would hold.

The task of bringing back to their allegiance those who had risen against the authority of the National Government was a gigantic one, and taxed the courage and resources of the country to the utmost.

It was one of the means to proclaim and secure the allegiance of the province for the new emperor.

The Lords were divided in their allegiance, some stood by the former King, others by the new one.

The husband, in fact, should act toward his wife as becomes a perfect gentleman, regarding her as the "best lady in the land," to whom, above all other earthly beings, he owes paramount allegiance.

At the close of his second selection the young violinist came over to her, with that look of devoted allegiance which cannot be imitated, and the princess held out her hand for him to kiss.

Nay, that were a punishment too good for them if they should have any allegiance in them, being chosen for the Prince's watch.

The center of life and allegiance was no longer the challenge of ancient controversy, but the cry of present day human need.

Now our little princess in her winning way claimed the allegiance of all that came within her circle, and so confidently ran over to the fence to make the acquaintance of her new subject.

His foreign birth, and he refused to throw off his allegiance to his native country, alone prevented him from filling the first offices in the state.

There was to her but one in the world to whom she could hold allegiance, and he was forbidden by all sense of self-respect and modesty.

How much of it is held even by those who, being scholars and thinkers, still hold their allegiance to the old-time theology?

We owe no permanent allegiance to, nor acknowledge the authority of, any national sovereignty or any combination of nations.

The subject who renounces his allegiance can claim no protection: just as the Government that should fail to protect its subjects, could not claim their allegiance.

When this was done, the nobles and officials kissed the king's hand and swore allegiance to him.

Of course to her this meant that the people would return to the King, and be more firm in their allegiance than ever, and she hoped that the first promise of such a result had already taken place.

Drawn by the same attractions, and held by one sovereign allegiance, such souls need no vows, nor lean on any foreign support.

It is manifest, however, that the children had already resolved to run all risks in discarding allegiance to their parent, and that they could never be bound to their duty by the law of kindness.

For all that she now means so little to so many she will yet win a more than nominal allegiance from many of her wandering children.

It is that there is something going on in the world which demands primary allegiance, and the putting second of every self-interest.

I was proud to have a story about Bruce coming to Carlisle to take his oath of allegiance, before the great repentance, and hating the Cathedral ever afterward.

The few days that the empress was in the city, afforded her an opportunity of risking a trial to win over the earl from his allegiance.

James no doubt thought it good policy to secure the allegiance of a man like Tyrone by apparently generous concessions.

He urged her to take the dangerous step of leaving Barcelona and cutting herself free of the bonds of her allegiance to the Cause.

In early October he entered the domains of the emperor, Charles V., and definitely cut loose from his allegiance to the king.

And for a very simple reason: you cannot keep the citizenship of a nation like this bound in its allegiance to two large parties unless you make the grounds of allegiance very simple and very obvious.

The League of Women Voters is now hard at work to make the national allegiance of women, as of men, a personal matter whether women are married or single.

He wanted to wear her publicly, though she was not his; he wanted to take his allegiance oath, though his sovereign heeded not.

The election accordingly took place, but when the members came to take their seats the mayor forbade them unless they were prepared to take the oath of allegiance, which had not yet been abolished.

You threw off your allegiance when you thought it suited your purpose, and you now wish to resume it to screen yourself from a punishment which you richly deserve.

Nor this alone: something inside my mind, a part of my brain, a province of my proper being, had thrown off allegiance and set up for itself, or perhaps for the somebody else who did the paddling.

At length old habits of allegiance asserted themselves, and he seated himself in the angle between the tea-table and his mistress's chair.

A man's heart can be in many places, a woman's only in one, and my affections, I confess, have mostly been a divided allegiance.

The pack is the secret of my whole success; my power over them first won the allegiance of the Indians, won their admiration and their respect.

And in the twinkling of an eye the tide had turned, the mob had shifted its allegiance and gone tagging off at the heels of a new leader.

It is true that there are a few intensely partisan women, who can be held by party ties, but the rank and file observe no such allegiance.

To win the allegiance and loyal affection of men means that one's own personality is enhanced; one stands out as a man of affairs, a social or political leader, a guide to others in action or thought.

When they were asked to take the oath of allegiance by Governor Lawrence, they refused to do so unless it was qualified by the condition that they should not be obliged at any time to take up arms.

He must utterly renounce his former allegiance, and fight for his new party as fiercely as formerly he had done against them.