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Use vintage in a sentence

Definition of vintage:

  • (noun) a season's yield of wine from a vineyard
  • (noun) the oldness of wines

Sentence Examples:

Where now are the generous sentiments and the poetry traditionally associated with the vintage?

It is better suited for the warm districts, and requires to be completely ripe before vintage.

There came to be several brands which he could recommend personally, several vintages as well.

The country people were getting in their harvest or looking forward hopefully to the vintage.

"Of which I have an excellent vintage," replied our host, who seemed equal to any emergency.

There are vintages, both material and intellectual, which are more frequently praised than heartily enjoyed.

He also brought forth a bottle of wine of superior vintage to anything in the tavern cellar.

After our vintage is finished, physicians are appointed by the regular authorities to visit our cellars.

One of our choicest vintages, which we serve on State occasions, is their tears bottled up.

I counted the innumerable clusters of my vine, and fore-reckoned the abundance of my vintage.

There is a beautiful legend that Charlemagne visits the Rhine yearly and blesses the vintage.

Wine of excellent vintage originally, it has improved through all the years it has been kept.

In keeping champagnes, keep only, or order kept for you, the champagnes of the best vintages.

In the Italy of historical times, the one agricultural feature of this month was the vintage.

To measure its refinement, it can undergo the same comparison as that we apply to vintage wines.

For a couple or three minutes we held them thus while he chatted about the various vintages.

Here he treasures his bins of nine years old oak as though it were wine of a famous vintage.

He breathed with an unpleasant resemblance to a bon vivant who sees before him his favorite vintage.

The vine was much cultivated in early times, and the vintage is a subject frequently depicted.

It is thus that the virtues become perfect, and that sadness is transformed into an eternal vintage.

"This is wine of eighty-three; the best vintage they have had in France for a whole century."

The "Perfect Butler" was weeping tears; as its chart of choice vintages was mixed with water.

The vintage season, with its religious rites, was always spent by Antoninus Pius in the country.

It is contained in sealed glass vessels, each with a label setting forth the age of the vintage.

I shall soon be sitting with you over that prime vintage of yours, or fortune's dead against me.'

It was the vintage season, and huge butts were brimming with the ripe fruit outside the door.

It contained a marvelous Cyprian wine, one of those rare vintages which the lips approach with reverence.

Give me a bottle of your most excellent vintage, and I defy any ghost that was ever created!'

One evening, just before the vintage began, he returned earlier than usual with a frown on his face.

Some of the wines of the best vintages sell as high as four and even five dollars a bottle.

While travelling through France, I had learned how wine was made; and our vintage succeeded to perfection.

"It is twenty-five years old," said David calmly, "and this is the best vintage in ten years."

What vast multitudes of germs of every kind must there not be introduced into every vintage tub!

Above are lively scenes of the vintage, little figures gathering grapes and gaily treading out the wine.

For what greater delight than to sip a rare vintage with a woman of beauty and intellect opposite?

Crops grew, orchards bloomed, vines bore a full vintage, and bushes yielded because he made them do so.

Nothing but the stern necessity of returning to work could have kept me from seeing the vintage out.

He had tasted of the rich sweet wine of fame, and he thirsted for more of the same vintage.

The vintage was suffering by his absence, and it was necessary that he should return at once.

The success with which grape culture has been conducted indicates for the future a great vintage industry.

Yet, discipline and control it as you will, the vintage will ever be beautiful, picturesque, and full of association.

The post-war vintage of poetry is the thinnest and the most watery that England has ever produced.

At the time of the vintage, no peasant might sell his wine until the nobles had sold theirs.

It was the red wine of Champagne, which so long contested the palm with the vintages of Burgundy.

Therefore, almost daily we went for runs along the Elbe valley, delightful at that season of the vintage.

Pluck not up the vine before the season of the vintage, for your vine is planted in a fruitful soil.

When you draw a bottle, merely state its age and brand, and of what particular vintage it is.

He indulges the mind, in the course of its investigation of "Instances," with a first "vintage" of provisional generalizations.

Their jokes (of an ancient vintage) had taken well with the audience, for the latter had laughed.

A race that persist in celebrating their vintage, although they have no fruits to gather, will regain their vineyards.

There is a vintage of the North that is more stimulating than any that comes out of Southern vineyards.

There are neither visitors to the springs nor strangers from the surrounding country, neither fairs nor vintages.

The restaurant was no great place, but boasted a considerable cellar and a long printed list of vintages.

Everyone said yes, quite so; and they all tried to handle their wine like it was a rare old vintage.

I have wandered far enough already from the vintage and the sunny churches of the little Lombard town.

The weather was good, the harvest excellent, and the wine of that vintage is celebrated to this day.

The vintage takes place in October, and the bottling of the wine is effected during the following summer.

The vintage was so abundant that year that the country people could not find vessels to contain it.

The vintage was recommended to me; and happening along I dropped in, and I am not repenting it.

One night Sir John made an extraordinary after-dinner speech, which had the flavor of a whole vintage in it.

The most every-day traveler smiles and wonders, as he lets down his carriage windows to look at the vintage.

Several of the company pronounced it Burgundy, but could not agree as to the special vintage or the year.

The bloom was early upon the grape, work was begun, and the vintage promised to be exceptionally fine.

This contrasts with the times of invasion when the vintage was destroyed or carried off by the enemy.

Harvest first, a perfectly new spectacle to the children and then, as they went farther south, the vintage.

You can almost jump from a spot unknown to fame to another clustered with the most precious vintage of Europe.

"Quite right, and I do not even yet give up the hope of securing you to take a share in my vintage."

With the rest she sipped of a vintage recommended by their host as from the fore-stocked Cabot cellar.

You cannot suggest pleasanter memories than those of the vintage, for the day when the wine will be old.

An end would be made of them as soon as the harvest and vintage were past. Admirable organization of the Huguenots.

Only the municipality had the privilege of selling wine, and to it the citizen only dare retail his vintage.

The grapes begin to flush purple-red over their pale green skins: soon they will be ready for the vintage.

The labor of drawing water, of reaping the fields or gathering the vintage, was relieved by snatches of song.

Meyer was very funny when he took up his glass, looked at it critically, and said, "I recommend this vintage."

About the last evening I was there, we all went to the vintage, and I joined in gathering the grapes.

The vintages of the volcano must have been more honestly prepared at the period when they were sung by Martial.

When its surface appears to the light of day, the vineyard owner hails it as a sign of good vintage.

And the vintage must be completed and the wine trodden out, or ever the harvest of the Figs be gathered.

His wife and daughter were up at the villa near Florence for the vintage, and he was alone and undisturbed.

What hinders, though, that we have a bottle of Rhenish now, even though the vintage be younger than you say?

How well those ideals have embodied the gay and the graceful, also the volatile as the vintage of vine-clad Champagne!

As soon as that letter was written and posted, the consciousness of virtue glowed in my veins like some rare vintage.

It is mild and "as different in qualify of flavor as a young and crisp wine is from an old vintage."

Now that this culture was decaying, each district and each city contributed some novelty of its own local vintage.

The vintage takes place, according to locality and climate, from the beginning of September to the beginning of November.

Notwithstanding the different vintages, there is always a uniformity and continuity of flavor maintained through all these great growths.

The messes which figure in July and August have come to an end, and the vintage does not appear until October.

Some men talk of nothing else, and seem to know the vintages without looking at the names on the bottles.

The wines in my warehouses suffer from the fall in prices caused by the abundance and quality of your vintage.

The Museum of Modern Art on West 53rd Street has one of the country's finest collections of vintage Gish films.

There was much finer fare in those days, and Burgundy vintages the like of which they would never see again.

Here we sat for some time chatting about the weather, the approaching vintage, and so forth, and watching the sunset.

Well, then, how could the vintage begin until the people, who know nothing about the vintage, command it?

The various opposite flavors, qualities, countries, ages, and vintages that are comprised under these two general heads is quite extraordinary.

In the autumn the whole family turned out on the first day of the vintage, and worked like their neighbors.

"No one but a charming creature of the vintage of forty-nine whom I saw at the Pier last summer," retorted Howard-Jones.

A cheerful fire, good fare, and a fine vintage of much-travelled Madeira had completed the good impression made by the host.

If I had known you were all coming, no vintage that crawls up the hill would have been good enough for me.

All the stores of food, all the vintages of wine, all the treasures of art were ours for the taking.

The grape crops, indeed, were prodigious, but the vintage was not profitable because the wine had a tendency to sour.