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Use unadulterated in a sentence

Definition of unadulterated:

  • (adjective) not mixed with impurities; "unadulterated maple syrup"
  • (adjective) without qualification; used informally as (often pejorative) intensifiers;

Sentence Examples:

"Domestic happiness depends exclusively upon the unadulterated affections and the inviolable chastity of parents and children."

Sparrows of the unadulterated English type hopped familiarly about us, as if expecting crumbs from the forthcoming feast.

The old English ballads in Percy's collection, with their unadulterated natural, popular tone, seemed to him excellent guides.

The character of the first-named work is that of pure, unqualified mysticism, the other revolves about simple, unadulterated prose.

No season came amiss to him: winter, spring, summer, autumn, there was no sameness in nature, save that of unadulterated beauty.

In big bull markets the plain unadulterated sucker, utterly ignorant of rules and precedents, buys blindly because he hopes blindly.

It is pure, unadulterated perversity, else why should he invariably choose the mildest mornings to show what his engines can do?

This, it is thought, will lead to increased attention being paid to Indian Teas, which are well known to be pure and unadulterated.

They are the true children of the soil, Nature's product unadulterated, the specimen of her human handiwork in this special environment.

A month ago, such a performance from a mere boy would have racked and humiliated, but now it was sheer, unadulterated, pleasure.

We must perforce, therefore, fall back on pure unadulterated probability, based on such rags of fact as can be produced at our inquest.

Out of unadulterated sympathy for my horse, I took no rations for myself, depending solely for my subsistence on my trusty gun.

A cross upon the gable denoted it to be under the protection of the Virgin and I hope assured milk unadulterated to its patrons.

It was, in its practical operation, a pure and unadulterated despotism, superseding the protection guaranteed by the Federal Constitution to each and every State.

Still is somewhat tall, neat in figure and person, has a smiling face, is unadulterated in blood, and gentlemanly in his intercourse with society.

This provision shall not apply to pure skim cheese made from milk which is clean, pure, healthy, wholesome and unadulterated, except by skimming.

Although public sentiment has demanded laws to prevent impure food, it has not yet insisted that its food for thought be furnished unadulterated.

Is that purest which is greatest or most in quantity, or that which is most unadulterated and freest from any admixture of other colors?

These people had come uninvited to our festive board and were of the criminal element, pure and unadulterated by any instincts of honesty or decency.

The man of action will make a name, he will work for it unashamed, he finds unadulterated pleasure in being honored and celebrated and renowned.

Could the open unadulterated truth have been practicable for her, she would have declared her indifference in terms that would truly have astonished him.

Those who dealt in the pure unadulterated article found themselves demonstrating the five points to a less number of hearers than they had points.

For mankind could by no means digest it pure and unadulterated, just as we cannot live in pure oxygen but require an addition of four-fifths of nitrogen.

Neither will ever again be able to take from the American people their savings and their manhood and womanhood and give them in exchange unadulterated torment.

He is short, compactly built, has a quick, wiry walk, and is decided and energetic in conversation, unadulterated in race, and proud of his complexion.

It is, of course, this difference in the quality of the vine, that creates the difference in price and quality among the genuine unadulterated sherries.

His words bore so plainly the stamp of unadulterated truth, that those who could not agree with him were captivated by his enthusiasm and earnestness.

If such were the origin of the term, it is easy to see how appropriately, in a secondary sense, it would denote whatever was pure, sweet, unadulterated, and ingenuous.

He is never a hunting man unalloyed, unadulterated, and unmixed, a class of man which is perhaps of all classes the most tedious and heavy in hand.

On the human side, Luther's robust primeval nature stepped forward unadulterated; it compelled him to express his appetite for love and enjoyment forcibly and without reserve.

After a while you cannot feel any kick in the stuff you find in the open marts, so you step outside the pale, where they sell the unadulterated.

I can not well conceive how a larger share of unadulterated physical comfort could have been compressed into the five solid hours for which we kept it up.

Her patience is not only courageous, but loving and humble; like pure balm, which, when unadulterated, sinks to the bottom of the water into which it is cast.

Protest might also be registered against the unadulterated rubbish that is put forward as a translation when a song or operatic excerpt of foreign origin is rendered in English.

In many of the cases of escapade the idea was implanted in the hot brain of the woman by a cheap novel, ten cents' worth of unadulterated perdition.

Let me tell you something, Margaret: there is just one source of pure and unadulterated happiness in life, and that I bequeath to you in withholding from you my fortune.

He must not imagine that he is writing to suit the whims, fancies and caprices of a single individual, but must confine himself to the pure and unadulterated truth.

The word net is derived from a Latin word meaning neat, clean, unadulterated, and indicates the amount of goods or money after all the deductions have been made.

My feelings don't permit me to wait to tell you that the communication I have just had from you surpasses for pure unadulterated charm any communication I have ever received.

It finished early in May, on account of upland planting, and left David with a great many weeks filled only with work that seem to him unadulterated play.

Such were the reflections of this man, whose life had been guided by the most unadulterated egotism, at the moment when he was preparing to receive his son's visit.

No wonder the men who live out here wear things that won't muss, or there wouldn't be, but one left, and he'd be just a concentrated chunk of unadulterated venom.

And Lydia, with the glorious recuperation of youth, ran joyously upstairs, smiling and singing like a lark, transformed with the first unadulterated happiness she had ever felt or known.

In the last case, they helped to blindfold our fastidious public to an inspiring writer; in the other, by an excess of unadulterated praise, they moved the more candid to revolt.

A light broke over his face; then he laughed aloud, such a shout of unadulterated glee that Alphonse and Gaston ceased to squeal and fixed their twinkling eyes upon him in momentary wonder.

"It is pure, unadulterated milk, in which we dip the flower of wheat," said Edwin, who, having in the meantime hastily clothed himself, now approached the table and filled both cups.

The constructors of private lights and beacons were not animated by a pure unadulterated zeal for the public welfare; they levied excessive tolls on the vessels which profited by their guiding rays.

To say he risked his life twenty times in order to capture this bird is simply the unadulterated truth; but he fared so well, the animal went into his sack to join the honeycombs.

Indeed, until recently we have had no especial interest in the milk problem, and have taken milk as it has been offered without question, except as to its being pure milk unadulterated with water.

Having driven on to the only flat piece of grass, we unpack for lunch, when the produce of the aforesaid cows comes to our comfort in an unadulterated form, and thoroughly is the simple fare enjoyed.

Perhaps nothing constitutes so great a hindrance to what may be termed natural and unadulterated social intercourse as the unnatural appearance which many folk strive to put upon themselves and their belongings for the benefit of the objects of their acquaintance.

This mode of criticism, so destructive of all sound unadulterated judgement, is almost universal: let the Reader then abide, independently, by his own feelings, and, if he finds himself affected, let him not suffer such conjectures to interfere with his pleasure.

Apart from the tricks which memory plays upon the solitary individual, inviting him by scents and sounds to scenes of the past, I find that the moist unadulterated atmosphere is a most compliant medium for the transmission of certain sorts of sound waves.

And, odd as it may seem, and as much as it may reflect upon the common sense of poor humanity, we believe that kind acts done out of genuine, unadulterated benevolence are less appreciated by the recipient than kind acts done out of benevolence stimulated by vanity.

This mode of criticism so destructive of all sound unadulterated judgment is almost universal: I have therefore to request that the Reader would abide independently by his own feelings, and that if he finds himself affected he would not suffer such conjectures to interfere with his pleasure.

Mary is not so amusing, perhaps, because there is generally a large sprinkling of sense in her remarks, and even when, on rare occasions, she mixes it up with nonsense it is more fatiguing to separate the two than to take it all in comfortably, as pure, unadulterated nonsense like mine.

You can just as well buy for five dollars an ounce as for twenty; the genuine article, unadulterated in any way, is worth fifty dollars an ounce at the place of manufacture, and as the Orient demands large profits, you should expect to pay a hundred dollars for it in Constantinople.

Some may relish liquors, while others will choose milder and more delicate drinks; but when your system is racked with a thirsty fever, and the blood is drying in your veins, then is naught half so delicious as the unadulterated fluid that flows so freely from the fountain of nature.