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Definition of tenure:

  • (noun) the term during which some position is held
  • (noun) the right to hold property; part of an ancient hierarchical system of holding lands
  • (verb) give life-time employment to; "She was tenured after she published her book"

Sentence Examples:

Notwithstanding the precarious tenure of their existence, they all continued jealously to guard their exclusive privileges.

He hoped to make his tenure permanent by imposing an aristocratic and centralizing constitution providing for a life president.

Our earliest information, however, on this as on most points of tenure, is derived from the notices of ecclesiastical practice.

The effect of such a shortening of the minister's tenure of office upon the position of his permanent subordinates is self-evident.

The misconception of this office and of its tenure has been the fruitful source of unnumbered errors in our aboriginal histories.

Besides, the tenure of power will become less burdensome, because it will be confined to duties of a purely practical kind.

Again, there was a theory that an original Saxon tendency to breed large landowners had gradually prevailed over feudal tenure.

Any other tenure means to him a harassing uncertainty in all plans and wearying anxieties about bread and butter questions.

By the overruling tendency of the age, all possessions previously held by laymen on precarious tenure were rapidly becoming hereditary.

Even in my own short tenure of office I was responsible for one of these terribly wasteful and profoundly unsatisfactory measures.

Feudal land tenure never was, and never pretended to be, a contract between cultivator and landowner for their mutual benefit.

We have demagogues enough now, heaven knows, when election to an office assures the tenure of it for two or four or six years.

It has been suggested that they should introduce fixity of tenure on their estates, in one or other of its various forms.

As their tenure of power grew firmer, they advanced dynastic claims, assumed titles, and took the style of petty sovereigns.

Sir Maurice Fitzgerald, evidence of whose tenure from the Crown was recorded in the Exchequer, protested energetically against this theory.

The first question of importance was the imposition of episcopal ordination as a necessary condition of the tenure of any ecclesiastical office.

The possessors would at times make no accurate profession of their tenure; such as were made probably in many cases aroused distrust.

The club, still feeling unsettled, decided to form a fund to provide against eventualities connected with the tenure of the house.

Though personally he appears to have been pious, during his tenure of the see four burnings of religious opponents took place in the diocese.

Gladstone made a speech in favor of peasant proprietorship, and on the advantages of small tenures of land, as on the Continent.

Never during all his tenure of service in Goodman's Fields had Wilkinson carried anything on his shoulders but his livery.

The Sea seems to exult over our fleeting tenure of a life of which we cannot anticipate, far less command, one added moment.

The system of military tenures abolished by parliament, and an excise tax on beer and other liquors imposed in its stead.

Although the office was nominally for life, the tenure was practically during good behavior, in consequence of the power to depose.

The duration of the Directors in office was rendered more permanent, and the tenure itself diversified by a varied and intricate rotation.

This answer entitles the subject to credit for both accession and tenure, the contrast as regards tenure being plainly implied.

Four typical causes of minor friction are questions of tempo, the brotherly reform measure, supervised telephone conversations, and tenure of parental control.

Land is held almost wholly in tribal tenure, though a number of whites possess farms acquired before the annexation of the country.

During his long tenure of office he displayed a most extraordinary activity as soloist, quartet, and orchestra player, as well as teacher.

It has sometimes been said that a feudal tenure was the only kind of land tenure that the Norman conquerors could conceive.

Throughout Philip's whole career he remembered the localized tenure of his titles and the fact that they were not perfectly incontestable.

This uncertainty of tenure made all work very difficult, especially work such as the chaplains' which depended entirely on personal contact.

His long tenure in the deep had obliterated much of the similitude to man, but his memory of terrestrial matters was extraordinary.

No one can dispute that the unexampled buoyancy of French finance is due mainly to the sound conditions of French landed tenure.

Then those who held lands in chivalry, namely, by performing stated military services, the perfection of whose tenures was homage.

It was a frail enough tenure, no doubt, likely to be upset at any moment by vanity, suspicion, or heady gusts of passion.

There were also several honorary offices, with a one-year tenure, which none could fill who had not had experience in an inferior position.

They remonstrated, particularly, against the tenure by which their lands were held, and against the prohibition of the introduction of slaves.

The worker who refuses a rate which some competent authority has pronounced reasonable thereby forfeits his right of tenure in a definitive way.

The Irish, as we have seen, knew nothing of individual property in land, nor of tenure, nor of rent, much less of forfeiture.

The principal of them have retreated into the judiciary as a strong hold, the tenure of which renders it difficult to dislodge them.

It was manifestly impossible to revive the orders of chivalry, as a practical military system; or to recreate the feudal tenures in their entirety.

The tenure of their offices enables them to pronounce the sound and correct opinions they have formed, without fear, favor or partiality.

Thirty years was a long tenure of office, one of the longest, in point of consecutively active editorship, in the history of American magazines.

For a good professor fixed tenure is most wholesome; for a poor one it is unwholesome in its effects on his character and work.

It was suggested that a condition of the peace might be to give him fixity of tenure of his government of Flanders for life.

An old system of land tenure, still existing in certain ancient boroughs, whereby real estate passes to the youngest son. Boston Massacre.

In frontier life, for instance, where shortness of tenure is recognized, dress and the table take the place of the house as indications.

Most of his descendants would thus be landless, or, if they held land, would do so by what soon amounted to servile tenure.

This event must have opened the Regent's eyes to the uncertain tenure the English held even in the old duchy of their kings.

The sickness that caused much tension during his tenure was probably the malady loosely described by early Virginians as the "seasoning."

Time and change happen to all, and the insecurity of human affairs is nowhere more manifest than in the tenure of Chinese property.

Fixity of tenure was secured by enabling a tenant to convert his interest into what is called in the act a statutory term.

My present point is that the ancient demesne tenure of the Conquest is a remnant of the condition of things before the Conquest.

We have seen that in the boroughs a group of men is formed whose principle of cohesion is not to be found in land tenure.

In times gone by English lawyers and historians have been apt to treat it lightly and to concentrate their attention on military tenure.

The favorite judiciously prepares for a future time, when the tenure of his possessions will be weakened with the loss of his patron.

The extension of the elective principle to all important offices was accompanied also by a general conviction that life tenure of office is undemocratic.

They hold office during good behavior, i.e. are removable only by impeachment, thus having a tenure even more secure than that of English judges.

From generation to generation they live and die, are born and given in marriage, but the tenure of their serfdom is still the same.

President Johnson was impeached, mainly for the violation of the tenure of office act, but the senate failed by one vote to convict him.

On the one hand, any wide development of leasehold tenure involves a certain mobility in rural society and a disposition to break with routine.

Administrative power, good government, a determination to punish sedition and violence speedily and efficiently, all may be seen in this brief tenure of office.

At this time, notwithstanding the universal hatred which he inspired, the Privy Cabinet Minister seemed omnipotent and his tenure of power assured.

I was, as an editorial announcement said at the beginning of my tenure of office, a "reorganization of our salt, smoked, and pickled fish department."

The people must be inevitably disposed to such pernicious habits, merely from the short duration of their tenure which the law has allowed.

This paper included the principles of perpetuity of tenure for the tiller of the soil and the adjustment of rent by a court.

Our fathers before us, our Democratic fathers, whom we revere, in the establishment of this government, gave our Federal judges a life tenure of office.

At that time the establishment of a police had destroyed the value of the retainer, and competitive rents had generally supplanted military tenures.

Of a verity, those were stirring times, and whatever tenure men might have of their lands they had but little of their heads.

Some, too, are excluded because overshadowed by others so near and so strong as practically to embrace them, when under the same political tenure.

The story of the last official who held the tenure of his life upon being able to efficiently despatch his fellows is sufficiently interesting.

Reverting now to the question of ancient demesne, we shall have to consider what light these statements throw on the origin of the tenure.

Difficulties of many kinds dogged the steps of the planters, among these being the unsatisfactory land tenure and the supply of labor.

During his tenure of the office he had displayed the most indefatigable activity in every detail of the organization and administration of the force.

Presently he began to speak of the feud which had been the bane of his office during four of the six months of his tenure.

The tenure of their offices enables them to pronounce the sound and correct opinions they may have formed without fear, favor, or partiality.

First, there were the military tenures, which bound great part of the kingdom to a stipulated service at the charge of the possessors.

Before discussing the morality of the landowner's income, and of rent receiving, we may with profit glance at the history of land tenure.

The sermon was very plain, yet forcible, reminding us of the short tenure of our lives, and admonishing all to prepare for death.

It not only gives us fortitude to bear pain, but teaches us at every step the precarious tenure on which we hold our present being.

They have all fixity of tenure, and so enjoy the privilege of criticizing, as adversely as they like, the degeneracy of modern educational developments.

Alain, by his tenure, was bound to provide for the King as many armed horsemen as the vast extent of his estates demanded.

He denies that the said order was issued with intent to violate the act entitled "An act to regulate the tenure of certain civil offices."

His one great object was first to gain office, and then to make his tenure of office secure by conciliating the favor of the king.

A confirmation like this Beauchamp one transferred the plot of demesne land into the class of free tenements, and created a tenure defensible at law.

At any time after five years' occupation the leasehold tenure may be converted into freehold by payment of the unpaid balance of the purchasing price.

During his tenure of office, no judge shall be deprived of his office unless he is convicted of crime, or for offenses punishable by law.

The Charter provides solely for the financial incidents of the feudal relation, and that in the somewhat narrower aspect of tenure by chivalry.

In the Decree introducing the French principle of the free tenure of land, thirty-six distinct forms of feudal service are enumerated, as abolished without compensation

Toward the end of the century, more liberal laws regarding the tenure of the land and more self-government afforded some relief from unjust conditions.

No millions of stalwart immigrants reinforced Southern industry; on the contrary her labor system and property tenure in human beings were shattered in pieces.

Most of them have been admitted as residents on condition of their giving assistance to the staff, and hold their tenure conditionally on their behavior.

Love in a cottage with honeysuckle on the porch, and no provisions in the larder, belongs to the age of fables, is as dead as feudal tenure.

The tenure of the island, however, depended upon the control of the surrounding waters, and upon the active destruction of the American means of transport.

No humane being, past the thoughtless age of boyhood, will wantonly murder any creature which holds its life by the same tenure that he does.

In about the same tenure of power he created a personal ascendancy the equal of Macdonald's, in a nation almost twice as big and much more complex.

It is to be hoped that the belief in the permanence of virtue on this earth is not held by many persons on so weak a tenure.

In point of fact, during his whole tenure of office, serious apprehensions were entertained of the consequences of the dissensions then prevalent in the navy.

The question of leases for a term of years and compensation for improvements, though very important in itself, is merely secondary to fixity of tenure.