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Definition of quarantine:

  • (noun) enforced isolation of patients suffering from a contagious disease in order to prevent the spread of disease
  • (noun) isolation to prevent the spread of infectious disease
  • (verb) place into enforced isolation, as for medical reasons;

Sentence Examples:

A favorable breeze soon carried our good ship to the quarantine ground, where we dropped anchor, in no little anxiety lest we should be detained.

Occasionally they are detained in quarantine for some time, when the plague or cholera happens to be prevalent in Persia.

Buchanan would stay the yellow fever by abolishing the quarantine hospital and planting a good virulent case or two in every village in the land.

During the last plague a public tumult had to be quelled by soldiers at a large cost of life because of the efforts of the government to isolate and quarantine infected persons and houses.

They arrested the Tories, tried them, held them at bail for their good behavior, quarantined them in their houses, exiled them to other districts, but only in extreme cases did they imprison them.

One of our antelope arrivals, apparently in perfect health when received, was on general principles kept isolated in rigid quarantine for two months.

It was a small mangy copse in which, at some forgotten time of plague, there really had been a quarantine station, and which was now the resort of summer visitors.

It is as if they were to alter the terms of a quarantine law from "lepers" to "light-haired persons"; and then say blandly that the principle was the same.

Though we are all in good health, yet, having sailed from an infected port, we shall be detained on the quarantine ground, but not allowed to land.

The bazaar is right in the middle of town, just where it ought not to be, and it is constantly being quarantined, and threatened with removal.

Early in the morning we weighed anchor and steamed up the bay to the man-of-war anchorage, a much pleasanter situation than the quarantine harbor, where we had brought up last night.

The two pig-houses and the brood-house, with their runs, cover the whole of the lot, except the broad street of sixty feet just inside my high quarantine fence, which encloses the whole of it.

It is evident, however, that the quarantine is proving irksome to the inhabitants of the sequestered residence, most of whom are typical society folk, without resources in themselves.

Whoever was trying to leave the house had taken the necklace, that seemed clear, unless Max was still foolishly trying to break quarantine and create one of the sensations he so dearly loves.

They pretended to believe that I was the proprietor of it, and wished, in order to hasten things, to interrogate me, even without awaiting the completion of the quarantine.

It is, in fact, quite time that the superstitious notions about infection, and the vexations of quarantine, should give place to sounder views and more rational methods.

He had looked forward with the utmost disgust to a long quarantine: this dread was dissipated in a moment; the deck was crowded with persons, crying aloud, "We prefer the plague to the Austrians!"

Barnes, the girls passed safely through their period of quarantine, and were certified as fit once more to take their places among the rest of the world.

States that are still clear of the blight are advised that effective quarantine is desirable to delay, for a time at least, the spread of the blight.

Accordingly, as a practical scheme for preventing its spread, the quarantine of syphilis throughout the infectious period is out of the question.

Heavy sprays dashed over me at the helm, which, however, seeming to wash away the sulfur and brimstone smoke of many a quarantine, brought enjoyment to my mind.

They form a clique as exclusive as a quarantined smallpox patient, and a 'non-com' like myself is barred out, until I win a pair of shoulder-straps; when my rank would make me socially possible.

To drop, however, this satirical strain: those who know what quarantine is, may fancy that the place somehow becomes unbearable in which it has been endured.

The alleged reason was that the Quarantine establishment was a nuisance, and the residents had for months been boasting of their intention to destroy the obnoxious buildings.

Besides, the expense of thorough quarantining operations would amount to more than the value of the infected animals whose lives might be saved thereby.

In far separated cabins, held in the quarantine of mired roads, men and women have lived, from hand to mouth, sinking into a dour and melancholy apathy.

The little governess, reduced to a twittering heap of fears, had been quarantined in a distant room till reason returned to her; and the child, meanwhile, slept quietly in the old nurse's care.

Down the bay we puffed and buffeted for about forty minutes before we arrived at the little speck of an island that is Quarantine.

In another twelve hours the pilot would be aboard, Quarantine would be passed, the engines would be slowed down, and the great steamer would be lying at her berth in the North River, discharging her little world of life into the scattered corners of a waiting continent.

We dispatched couriers to the nearest camps and the outer quarantine station; but before a posse of twenty men arrived, the lead herd was within a mile of the dead-line, and we rode out and met them.

Possibly this was fortunate, for before I had ridden one third the distance to the quarantine camp, I met a cavalcade of nearly a dozen men from the isolated herds.

Unless you give Maxime up, and it is seen that you have a clean bill of health, you will be detained indefinitely in quarantine.

Once he was caught in a mumps quarantine just as his division got sailing orders, and again he developed some trouble with one of his knees.

The inconvenience of a lengthened quarantine, to which he would be exposed, was not, under the circumstances, to be taken into consideration.

Now, however, these distinctions are swept away, and boards of health require isolation and quarantine against croup exactly as against any other form of diphtheria.

Two cases of yellow fever, both ending fatally, occurred among the passengers during the brief voyage, and we were quarantined on our arrival at Nassau.

Here they were received in a quarantine encampment especially prepared for them and given clothes, provisions, and medical attention until the smallpox epidemic had been subdued.

Typhoid is a serious business in the dry season, and the constable would have done his regular duty if he had just put the place under quarantine and kept anyone from going or coming.

Though the inclusion of the latter reminds one of the story of the imported tortoise, which the customs officials (after much debate) decided was an insect, and therefore not liable to quarantine!

The sick people had been at the first removed to the end of the valley, in some shanties apart from all the rest; and there he and they had been in quarantine together.

Their way of dealing with smallpox is simple: they quarantine the infected village by posting armed men round it until all the villagers are starved to death or killed by the smallpox.

Were Uncle Norman and Aunt Jean quarantined for scarlet fever, or had burglars raided the pantry and carried off the Christmas supplies?

Owing to a case of cholera that had developed that day on the starboard barge, we were put in quarantine, so it was necessary to unpack one's kit again and shake down for the night on deck.

To obtain this early quarantine the co-operation of the parent is needed: but in the case in point the Boer mothers, with a natural instinct, preferred to cling to the children and to make it difficult for the medical men to remove them in the first stages of the disease.

As this attempt at quarantine was evidently the suggestion of native doctors to increase their own importance, we added that we had no food, and would hunt next day for game, and the day after; and, should we be still ordered purification by their medicine, we should then return to our own country.

He had taken small pox, had been duly quarantined and discharged, but his young wife combed out the tangles of his matted hair, caught the disease, and died, within a year after marriage.

I think any attempt of the Board to quarantine, so far as benefit to the prospective chestnut grower is concerned, is perfectly useless.

Now, if this question comes up again, it will be referred, no doubt, to the Federal Horticultural Board, and you will need a good, strong representation, with plenty of facts back of you, and if you can put up a strong enough case there is no doubt but what you can establish this quarantine.

That you will be filtered with the rest of the passengers through a hideous, whitewashed, quarantine-looking custom-house, where a stern man of a military aspect will demand your passport.

With the air full of vague rumors of yellow fever, and the consequent panic; with the quarantine and general confusion in the running of trains, and the withdrawal of many of them, the outlook last September for the eighteenth year of our school was not the brightest.

Gradually the panic subsided, quarantine was removed, and our students came in as full numbers as in the preceding year, when the attendance had been unusually large.

To protect these loathsome resorts is like maintaining a thousand pest houses, not for purposes of quarantine, but with the sole result of advertising and spreading the pestilence.

The superior of the convent on Mount Carmel addressed a very polite letter to Sir Moses, regretting that our being in quarantine prevented his having the pleasure of receiving us in his convent, but making an offer of his services, and sending a present of the best wine of Mount Lebanon.

When the steamer bearing the American magnate dropped anchor in the harbor, the local representative went aboard with the quarantine officer.

In the evenings we generally visited the fort, or went to the quarantine ground on the other side of the water: sometimes we took a row out to sea; and, on our return, the English portion of the crew generally came into our reception room, where we smoked, drank, and sang far into the night.

The patient should be quarantined in an isolated building, and all unnecessary articles should be removed from the sick room, in the way of carpets and other furnishings.

In general this passing disease can be distinctly traced, as having affected our continental neighbors on the other side of the channel before ourselves: now can it be supposed that any quarantine could have prevented its first invasion, or arrested its farther progress amongst us.

He kindly makes excuses for still maintaining a modified quarantine system at certain points, in consequence, as he states, of the opinions still existing in the dominions of some of his neighbors, for otherwise his commercial relations would be broken off.

Petersburg at the height of the malady, and that it broke out in many others which have been subjected to the strictest quarantine.

We have seen, in regard to Austria, how the matter stands, and our ships from every port in the country would be refused admission into foreign ports, if we did not subject those from Sunderland to quarantine; which state of things, it is hoped, will now be soon put an end to.

Until a few years ago it was believed that yellow fever was highly contagious, and every precaution was taken to keep the disease from spreading by keeping the infected region in strict quarantine.

It was feared that we might be quarantined upon arriving at Suez: but either by management or accident, we arrived late at night and got moored at the dock before any questions were asked.

The whole thing had been arranged; the groom and his wife were to be taken into the house, and the big bedroom across the yard, usually occupied by them, was to be converted into a quarantine hospital until such time as it might be safe to pull down the yellow flag.

And shall the college itself be a school for schoolmasters, a collection of debating clubs, a reading-room with library attached, an intellectual quarantine for the plague of riches?

Until I have that comforting assurance, I shall place a quarantine upon everything which could conceivably be offensive to you.

Ritter informed Secretary Lansing that the transfer of the American sailors to the frontier had been arranged but delayed until the quarantine ended.

If a case of contagious disease in any farmhouse occurs, the local health officer should see that a proper quarantine is established and that the individuals in such a house are instructed in the danger of contamination and in the necessity of avoiding infection in the dairy.

The mother and one daughter died, and the healer was imprisoned for entering the house in defiance of the quarantine law.

The quarantine was very soon taken off, and the troops landed, and were marched, or rather carried, to the barracks that stand on the brow of the hill, at the back of Simon's Town.

There should be a quarantine for suspected guilt, as for suspected disease; and the mere doubt of rectitude should not expose any unfortunate creature to the chances of a terrible contagion!

I have spent a month with perfect satisfaction in quarantine, and bobbed for three weeks in a calm at sea, with no other inconvenience than the moans of my fellow-passengers.

By isolating or quarantining a patient is meant making such arrangements that germs expelled by the patient are necessarily destroyed before they can enter the body of another person.

In any given case, the local regulations should be strictly observed, but release from quarantine is not a guarantee that the patient is not still discharging germs, and extreme care should still be taken to prevent the spread of saliva and other discharges.

When any person is compromised, he is obliged to separate from all society, and to place himself in strict quarantine for forty days, at the end of which period, if the fright and anxiety have not brought on the plague, he is received again by his acquaintances.

An act was passed to encourage the making of tar and hemp, and another to oblige ships coming from places infected with the plague to perform quarantine.

Orders were given to receive no passengers from the afflicted cities, so that the quarantine authorities had only the cargo and crew to deal with.

All quarantine rules had long since been dropped, and Sorenson and Bailey began inventing ruses to lure the males into the gas chamber again.

Heart-rending were the accounts heard, but the exertions of the officials were limited to the provision of food, the strictest quarantine being maintained.

All was done with the rigid exactness of a quarantine regulation; and if the mainland had been scourged with plague, stricter measures of exclusion could scarcely have been enforced.

The poor or earnest men, ignorant of everything outside their books, come from scattered homes, quite friendless, gravitated together in what men like Rogers considered a social quarantine.

She had caused each of her remaining seventeen pupils to be examined by the doctor, and as all appeared free from symptoms was sending off seventeen telegrams to inform parents of the circumstances and ask if they wished their daughters to return home or to remain in quarantine.

It should be possible, with a proper system of sanitation and quarantine, to free any district entirely from this awful scourge.

At the end of a week, shops were opened, people returned to their houses, quarantine was hardly spoken of, and there remained of the pestilence but a few scattered traces.

The time was employed in preparing Lucy's wedding clothes; and, the quarantine terminated, they set off on their journey.

Being then masters of the boat, and armed with twelve muskets, two pistols, and powder, they set sail, and had the good fortune to arrive here this morning, where they are performing quarantine.

A ship hoists it to denote that there are some on board suffering from yellow fever, cholera or some such infectious malady, and it remains hoisted until she has received quarantine.

Yet I ride the little horse, and at my worst even in quarantine, summoned up more puns, in a sort of desperation, in one week than in any year of my life.

And so the open grave, the dead on the street, the people's past and future peril, asserted the National idea again for the Nation's safety, and today we have substantially a National control of National quarantine to keep pests and death from our shores, and the States are cooperating.

A large proportion of these have no separate sick ward for children, and no quarantine wards if there should be such a thing as an outbreak of measles or whooping cough.

It may be as well to state that quarantine regulations, which have been regarded as almost useless in the prevention of human disorders, from the great difficulties in the way of carrying them out efficiently, are recognized as of great value in controlling the propagation of cattle plagues.

The dreaded quarantine looked down on us, as if to notify that its rights were paramount, and assuredly it was not disposed to abrogate them in our favor.

The dark, low-lying, grim-looking fort, which presides over the quarantine anchorage, is built upon a natural ledge of rock, half a mile from the shore of the town, and looks like a huge cheese-box.

He believes that the yellow fever might be effectually banished from Rio by the adoption of strict quarantine and effective sanitary measures in the city proper.

I have seen, in various situations in life, a system of operations called keeping people at a distance, but I never saw it so effectually practiced as in quarantine.

The inhabitants, therefore, were under the necessity of meeting them here, and performing a kind of quarantine before they were allowed to buy anything.

It renders assistance to persons and vessels in distress, patrols the coast for the purpose of preventing violations of the customs laws, and enforces the laws relating to quarantine, navigation, protection of the game, fishery, and seal industries, etc.

When the Welsh ship was reported off quarantine in January, Marks bundled himself into a big fur coat and went down the bay in one of the government boats, leaving instructions that, the moment the ship docked, she was to be searched from stem to stern.

The next the customs force heard of him was when he boarded the quarantine boat the next morning, clambering on the liner a little later with all the skill of a pilot.

These shelters are used as disinfection centers, from which suspicious cases are sent to quarantine camp at the gates of the towns.

The steamer had stopped in the offing to pick up a pilot, and was already slinking in between the harbor head-lights to the quarantine anchorage.