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Use narrative in a sentence

Definition of narrative:

  • (noun) a message that tells the particulars of an act or occurrence or course of events;
  • (adjective) consisting of or characterized by the telling of a story; "narrative poetry"

Sentence Examples:

He seemed to be in the middle of a narrative.

Let the narrative of Cyprian's death be examined.

Ferdinand listened to this narrative in silent wonder!

Ferdinand listened to this narrative in silent horror.

In his vivid narrative the past lived again.

The stopping of the carriage interrupted Octave's narrative.

The varied and picturesque narrative is often pathetic.

This touching narrative had remained in my memory.

He concluded his narrative with a dry chuckle.

One expression in this narrative merits particular notice.

Nor did I merely confine myself to narrative.

This book has been called "a comedy in narrative."

As I considered the narrative, my eyes were opened.

Both these forms occur in narrative or in dialogue.

To turn back again in the narrative of events.

It was a joyous and painful narrative to Homer.

The appearance of this narrative will surprise no one.

There is here all the material for a narrative.

Is it the narrative of a single great action?

A deep-toned, human note is struck in this narrative.

I am making the narrative as brief as possible.

I am coming to the point of my narrative.

The impatience of such minds in narrative is amusing.

"Are you prepared to accept that narrative as true?"

These will be noticed hereafter in a continuous narrative.

I will give the narrative as briefly as possible.

This narrative made a deep impression upon my father.

Hayden took up the thread of his narrative again.

It should be acted without the aid of narrative.

I grew sick as I proceeded in the narrative.

A Narrative of the Late Massacres in Lancaster County.

The same want of action appears in the narratives.

Said her listener as she paused in her narrative.

A good narrative of boy life, humorous and entertaining.

This is not an unimportant circumstance in our narrative.

Vincent paused to appreciate the effect of her narrative.

It is a consistent narrative from beginning to end.

To some the narrative may present no serious difficulty.

Here I must bring my narrative to a close.

Harry gave a rapid narrative of the late events.

Its appearance in the sacred narrative is quite sudden.

The following is understood to be a correct narrative.

The narrative of the expedition is full of wonders.

A narrative of a recent journey around the world.

We have preferred the earlier, if less picturesque, narrative.

Presumably this house is referred to in the narrative.

Presumably this house is referred to in the narrative.

He interrupted sharply, at one point in the narrative.

The narrative is full of elaborate descriptions of nature.

The narrative force is lost in the poetic elaboration.

We will now resume the thread of our narrative.

A narrative of the campaign in Belgium in 1815.

I was only adding detail to a bald narrative.

Additional authorities will be indicated as the narrative proceeds.

With how little emotion we read such a narrative!

One class of narratives is peculiarly attractive to me.

We should have had no "Personal Narrative," no "Cosmos."

We read the narrative set out in cold type.

The mighty narrative is a great engine of proof.

They lie upon the very face of the narrative.

The Head was immensely relieved to hear Tony's narrative.

Show that they are so used in Franklin's narrative.

No complete narrative of Harrison's career was ever written.

I now make a long stride in my narrative.

He paused in his narrative to describe this man.

Kingdom listened to the narrative with unexpected calmness.

How many series of events have you in your narrative?

I want to hear your story as an unbroken narrative.'

He finished his narrative and broke down completely.

Thurston's narrative was clear and to the point.

From this narrative two points of interest emerge.

The first-person-singular narrative form is the grievance's compensation.

In this way the whole becomes simple narrative.

The first, meaning long, consists of thirty-four narratives.

Much of the narrative went by almost unheard.

Personality sketches are almost always narrative and descriptive.

Frank listened to this narrative with great interest.

With this introduction I will commence my narrative.

In those words the nun concluded her narrative.

The other narratives meanwhile gradually passed into oblivion.

Now comes the extraordinary part of the narrative.

"That's a mighty moving narrative," commented Sampson, dryly.

Remove it, and the antecedent narrative ends abruptly.

The captain concluded the narrative of his life.

Inquired Lucy, when she had finished her narrative.

The narrative will be followed with breathless interest.

The ring and her question confirmed Jacqueline's narrative.

Ryerson then continues the narrative of his life.

Ghosts get their turn in Map's other narrative.

Asked Colonel Shepard, deeply interested in the narrative.

Deck bowed, and went on with his narrative.

My narrative is now brief, but most melancholy.

Let us approach the narrative by this quarter.

This completes the narrative of this remarkable case.

The narrative was true, every word of it.

Asked he, when he had finished his narrative.

What use is to be made of narratives and descriptions?

Let us take up again the threads of our narrative.

They read and followed the printed narratives only.

We must resume our narrative of Madame de Hell's journey.