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Use mandate in a sentence

Definition of mandate:

  • (noun) a document giving an official instruction or command
  • (noun) the commission that is given to a government and its policies through an electoral victory
  • (verb) assign under a mandate; "mandate a colony"
  • (verb) make mandatory
  • (verb) assign authority to

Sentence Examples:

In this matter I would find myself unable to respect the mandates of the class.

Darrow, as Andy had obeyed his first mandate.

Ida made no motion toward obeying this mandate.

Always this same mandate which we gave you, eh?

Not one of the chiefs subscribed until the mandate from King James arrived.

These English have stopped all exploration until they get their mandate.

If we'd accepted the mandate they might have found us out!

"The authority should be respected which issues its mandates through such a messenger."

He did not immediately reply to the mandate, and the squire's frown deepened.

We obeyed their mandate, and the predictions of our angel friends were fully verified.

He could enforce his mandates by appropriate punishment, including the corporal.

Our palace is close-guarded, and the King Hath issued mandates stern.

The baron made haste to execute the Prince's mandate.

It was intolerable, impossible; she could not submit to the mandate.

Paul obeyed the mandate with sinking heart.

And holiest records tell the mandate was obeyed.

How powerful are the mandates of Fashion!

The Latin is found in the second book, ninth mandate.

They claim a mandate from the country for their policy.

Cardinal Wolsey himself has sent down a mandate for your arrest.

I should shrink from any man who could obey such a mandate as that.

"To please you," she said, obeying the mandate with a smiling glance up into his face.

The third cause is the disregard of your royal decrees and mandates.

He awaits a 'mandate' from a mob who are watching a football match.

It possesses no mandate of the kind.

Never shall I forget the chill of heart with which I received that fatal mandate.

Surely you received a mandate bidding you come with all your household.

Was his sober mandate.

Have you obeyed this mandate whilst out in the world?

There was no resisting the mandate of the crowd.

Rule bowed a reluctant admission to this mandate.

The above is in respect to the mandates of his Holiness.

Thames Darrell only waits my mandate to follow him.

When lovers are agreed, not even the mandate of a parent will deter them.

On the first point, the mandate under which the convention was sitting seemed positive.

The mandate is clear.

And now we come to the question of accepting a mandate for Armenia.

I respectfully submit that no one can quote their mandate to that effect.

A mandate is laid upon him which seems to speak from the very graves themselves.

Diana obeyed this mandate with a very grave face.

A rough voice bade him arise and follow, and he had no choice but to obey the mandate.

In his new-found happiness he has forgotten the solemn mandate.

Who has not heard a parent give forth such a mandate?

The religious argued from this that, according to that mandate, he could not govern.

I obeyed this mandate with some awkwardness and hesitation.

When the people had spoken, he bowed to their mandate.

This mandate however was not obeyed.

Looking to form and not to substance, in disregard of the mandate of Brown v.

The delegates had received a definite mandate.

Nevertheless, in spite of the mandate, Robert Morton lingered.

The same disregard to the mandates of government was also shown in other colonies.

There's no mandate out here yet.

It was to friends of the emir that the fatal mandate was sent.

As the outcome of a hurried discussion, Brodie received a fresh mandate.

This is not the "language" of a superior imposing a mandate upon subordinates.

"I was not informed of this mandate."

And who refuses to obey the mandate of the king of hell?

I have heard no mandate to yield my glorious empire for my meanest province.

Those agreements mandate progress in privatization and fiscal discipline.

Now does one suppose for a moment that she obeyed the mandate of the King?

I observed her with some curiosity as this mandate was issued.

The tone was louder, more commanding, and I dared not resist the mandate.

The imperative mandates of our own hearts?

Up to this point it appeared that the law was going to have it according to its mandate.

Petersburg and the military judges had but to obey their imperial mandate.

His Union Government had finished the work which the nation gave it a mandate to do.

The Liberal Mandate.

The mandate was so firm and decisive that there was no hope of escape.

It is still the mandate of conscience.

When this is the case, the stomach issues its mandate of hunger, calling for new supplies.

That is a mandate which loses its dividing line when the guns begin to shoot.

He had everything to bind him to life, but the mandate had gone forth.

It needed a special mandate from the King; who would procure this?

If you obey my mandate you will escape with your wretched life.

The mandate was of course obeyed.

The army must be purely executive, carrying out the mandates of the State.

This mandate the workers faithfully obeyed.

The more Kate considered the mandate, the more confusing it seemed.

Two others were pressed by the magistrates under the arbitrary mandate of the sovereigns.

In a free country where one man was as good as another the mandate seemed absurd.

She felt she had to issue this mandate two of three times, so she began early.

He was justly conscious of a mandate from the people to govern.

He therefore determined not to comply with the royal mandate.

Of that interest he could not be deprived by an arbitrary mandate of the Sovereign.

"I expect you to obey me," was the stern mandate.

Also, an imperial chop or mandate; a proclamation.

He obeyed the romantic mandate; and the two nations bled to feed the vanity of a woman.

He would not call for their mandate, order it to be read, and then proceed to obey it.

"Can't you see that the Prime Minister of her Royal Highness has uttered a mandate?"

I am perfectly aware that there exists in our Constitution no principle of the mandate.

Ceremony resembles that base coin which circulates through a country by the royal mandate.

Hart could not get back in time to tell the banker that he had obeyed his mandate.

He cannot stay me in my career, armed as I am with mandate from Nero.

He would accept the cruel mandate of nature.

They had given a mandate to the original man to act.

And if you answer not that awful mandate?

To the mandate I bow; since all strive for that end, I must join the great throng!

Whatever your mandates were, I have never complained or murmured at them.

Its first alternative is, perhaps, to impose on its delegates an imperative mandate.

This is what is meant by the imperative mandate.