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Use inauspicious in a sentence

Definition of inauspicious:

  • (adjective) not auspicious; boding ill | unfortunate, unlucky, unfavorable
  • (adjective) contrary to your interests or welfare;
  • (adjective) presaging ill fortune;

Sentence Examples:

Having unlucky omens; inauspicious.

Never before have the skies presented such inauspicious omens.

What inauspicious chance interposed itself to your two loves?

What inauspicious chance interposed itself to your two lives?

And jackals are sending inauspicious yells, exciting great fear.

At this most inauspicious moment, our adventurers undertook their descent.

The morning of the 4th of January was dreadfully inauspicious.

It was a dashing victory, gallantly won after an inauspicious start.

Even for anointing the body, auspicious and inauspicious days are prescribed.

Mildly and not unjustly Roger calls this "an inauspicious question."

Have you despatched the messenger who will solve the inauspicious misunderstanding?

In this region occurred the last and most inauspicious omen of all.

Almanacs were therefore sold, with directions how to avoid the inauspicious times.

I shall be lifelong imprisoned for the inauspicious event of this evening.

The room itself was a cheerless one to return to at this inauspicious hour.

It was at this inauspicious moment that Helen was ushered into his presence.

The likeness is indeed true, but it is a dull, dead, unfeeling, inauspicious likeness.

Would any people but the French think of giving it so inauspicious a title?

I do not perceive any inauspicious mark on the person of this large-eyed dame.

When John Perkins takes up that inauspicious hat, the reader smiles, and quails.

No native will molest a stork; to do so is considered to the last degree inauspicious.

To think of every thing ending so charmingly when the beginning was so inauspicious.

The omens are inauspicious, and they accordingly feel compelled to decline the King's offer.

The omens were inauspicious, for it blew hard all day, with torrents of rain.

It was fortunate that no loss of life heightened the gloom of this inauspicious opening.

The appearance of a tortoise in a house, or in a field which is being plowed, is inauspicious.

This unusually backward condition of society furnished but an inauspicious presage for the future.

She wondered what further unpleasantness was about to happen to her on that inauspicious night.

On these inauspicious occasions, possibly from an east wind or oats below sample, everything went wrong.

She aims two blows at it, and failure to sever it with a third is considered inauspicious.

Were I justified in divulging secrets and confessions, I might relate some curious stories of these inauspicious dreams.

At this inauspicious moment Philip, yielding to a tickling in the throat which he couldn't overcome, coughed.

Not a few of his soldiers had already deserted, looking on Samuel's absence as an inauspicious omen.

In all this there is doubtless a certain manly intelligence; but there is also an inauspicious moral hardihood.

The coming day was Friday, a day inauspicious to sailors, but to him a day of good omen.

Perhaps Heaven designed to save not only us, but herself, from the certain misery of nuptials so inauspicious!

This is done lest, in the ordinary course of events, the first menstruation should commence on an inauspicious day.

If the face of the animal be towards one, even in the case of unlucky animals, the omen becomes less inauspicious.

And neither hunger, nor thirst, nor lassitude, nor fear, nor anything that is disgusting or inauspicious is there.

Its proper character is despotism, and in recent times it is anarchy in its most inauspicious and frightful aspect.

The crow is most inauspicious at the time of incubation, or, in other words, just after the summer solstice.

Her bold attempt to be indifferent to such an inauspicious start to the morning was becoming a poorly constructed fa?

The latter thought this a very inauspicious omen, and turning upon the animal in a rage, drove it away out of sight.

I mischievously wished that by some inauspicious jolt the whole contents might be shaken, and the coach set on fire.

This inauspicious juncture was said to have been foretold by an old woman who had derived her information from an angel.

If a hen cackles, or lays eggs at night, it is also considered inauspicious, and the bird is often killed or given away.

And when Sergeant Mason was out of temper, it boded ill for whoever should cross his path at that inauspicious season.

As a matter of fact, this planet is considered to be a star of ill omen, and Tuesday is regarded as an inauspicious day.

The roll of the drums was heard through the damp air, and there was something inauspicious and portentous in the sound.

Nevertheless, whether or no it were entirely owing to the inauspicious commencement of their acquaintance, she still acted under a certain reserve, which was by no means customary to her frank and genial nature.

We may be told, that learning has flourished in other countries, under similar inauspicious influences; that the mightiest geniuses the world has ever seen, wrote their superior works under the frowns of patronage.

In antiquity other more religious and more mystical works doubtless existed in which the inauspicious action of the murderous star, still affecting after death the souls torn from their mortal wrappings, was shown.

Finding it so directly on the threshold of our narrative, which is now about to issue from that inauspicious portal, we could hardly do otherwise than pluck one of its flowers, and present it to the reader.

Marlow fancied that he had come at an inauspicious moment, and the first words of Sir Philip, though kind and friendly, were not at all harmonious with the feeling of love in his young visitor's heart.

Despite this inauspicious reception, the Emperor elected to stay the night in the camp chapel, the better to meditate on his wrongs, which was obviously an unlikely proceeding on the part of the young Sybarite.

The men of this regiment, recruited principally in Sumner and Smith counties of Middle Tennessee, were capable, as the result showed, of being made excellent soldiers, but their training had commenced under the most inauspicious circumstances.

Her tones were as musical as ever, but Littlewood thought he detected a sarcastic ring in them, and he thanked his stars that he had not yielded to his natural desire to propose at such an inauspicious time.

The time is in all respects inauspicious, and no work begun or completed during this period can meet with success; indeed, so great is the dread, that no one would think of initiating any important work at this time.

During my sickness my brother had shown me the most self-sacrificing love, and had attached himself again to me with the greatest tenderness, as though to make me forget the inauspicious reproach that had pained me so much.

Notwithstanding the inauspicious aspect of the afternoon, Juliet Carr had wandered forth with a shawl wrapped close over her fair bosom to keep out the rude touch of the blast, and her veil thrown over her head and face.

The mood lasted for the remainder of the day, so that, spite of the noble sailing breeze, this, my first start in search of Marie, seemed as inauspicious as though the scheme had failed in the first breath of it.

Others believed that she concealed herself in the top of the highest mountain that was near them, and by a commerce with invisible, malignant beings, still exercised the same gloomy temper in more potent, and therefore more inauspicious harm.

It is painful to reflect what might have been the condition of the country, if at the inauspicious moment of the passage of the resolution against the President, its interests and its honor had rendered it necessary to engage in a foreign war.

My five shooter is quite a novelty here, so I had to take it to bits and show how it worked, or rather, I began to show how it worked, did something wrong, and had to take it all to bits on this inauspicious occasion.

The circumstance of the weather, which, from the personal inconvenience it produced, might be considered the most inauspicious of the day, proved in fact the most favorable for a display of beauty, for a variety of scene, and number of incidents.