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Use hex in a sentence

Definition of hex:

  • (noun) an evil spell
  • (verb) cast a spell over someone or something; put a hex on someone or something
  • (adjective) of or pertaining to a number system having 16 as its base

Sentence Examples:

Those dice are hexed.

"Did you come across anything about the hex?"

Only to learn of the white feather hex?

Hex marks the spot in the Pennsylvania Dutch country.

And he had bought hex with his last cent.

His own breath must have released Peter from the hex.

People in the future hire them to hex people in the past.

"Have you ever heard of the hex of the white feather?"

"I wonder how the hex would react on a human being?"

Here chestnuts, hexes, and on the north pines of great size flourish.

No, she would just have to be trying her hex without it.

He has some very interesting stories to tell about hexes and so on.

Every time I looked at it, I felt a little hexed, a little frightened.

A witch has placed a hex upon me, and I come to you to remove it.

And if I take your offer, and you get hexed, what happens to my conscience?

They buried it with him; they heard the hex was locked onto that money.

One thing, however, he had learned was that the hex at least worked on humans.

I understand people are hexed all the time for things they never even knew they did.

For the first time, I could see what my life would be like if I wasn't hexed.

"Yes," Peter explained, "That is the only way you can tell if the hex has worked."

"So, you were determined to find out what would happen if the hex were tried on a man?"

I have heard of cases in which the hex, once it was started, dragged on for many days.