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Use hallucination in a sentence

Definition of hallucination:

  • (noun) illusory perception; a common symptom of severe mental disorder
  • (noun) a mistaken or unfounded opinion or idea; "
  • (noun) an object perceived during a hallucinatory episode;

Sentence Examples:

No matter what hallucinations in regard to ownership any man may labor under, he does not own a wife.

Hilda heard the kitchen door slammed to behind her, but the noise was like a hallucination in her brain.

He thought for an instant that his hallucination lasted still, but soon the shadows drew near.

Britt is trying with might and main to prove that Bobby and I have hallucinations without end.

Drink and opium gave frightful intensity to the hallucination of which, in a sense, he died.

The father was possessed of the insane hallucination that he was the greatest poet that ever lived.

Moreover, it must be emphasized that he apparently reacted to hallucinations of an auto psychic nature.

Yet collective hallucinations, which are shared by several persons at once, are especially puzzling.

That being the case, she had, every day, the materials, subjective and objective, of the hallucination.

When we are conscious of our surroundings, everything actual does compete with any hallucination.

Perhaps, roughly speaking, one person in ten has had what he believes to be a waking hallucination.

This is a good example of a solitary hallucination in the experience of a very cool-headed observer.

He had seen it again on the road, where hallucination was less likely, if not altogether impossible.

Now defects in the eye, or in the optic nerve, to speak roughly, may cause hallucinations from without.

A lad named Bailey, who came up, made no remark, nor did Harris tell him about the hallucination.

The theory of contagious hallucination of all the senses is the property of Coleridge alone.

I don't think, Will, that there can be much of that element of what some folks call hallucination.

It was the young man who persists in some strange hallucination as to a certain Mademoiselle Violet.

If the man had not spoken he would have wondered if his very presence were but hallucination.

"A most singular hallucination," said the professor, turning his round, good-natured face to the doctor.

The mad laughter into which he broke had the effect of suddenly awakening him from his hallucination.

His lips opened as if to speak, but he said nothing; for he was under the spell of a wild hallucination.

And this time it was accompanied by what I can only describe as a vivid tactile hallucination.

Little by little the hallucination gained upon him; little by little his mind slipped from his grasp.

Why must the resurrection have been only a subjective hallucination in the minds of the disciples?

Our attachment to the world and the hallucinations growing out of it, prevent its full appreciation.

Every character in this piece acts under some hallucination of the mind, or a fit of madness.

Dick was possessed by a vivid hallucination; he seemed to be standing in the center of a whirlwind.

Just as she was in the act of leaning forward, Ella became conscious of a curious hallucination.

They were like a nightmare; but that nightmare seemed to clear my mind of its feverish hallucinations.

There is nothing answering to a complete hallucination in the sphere of the inner mental life.

Professor Huxley relates that he is liable to auditory though not to visual hallucinations.

He could believe Tau's explanation of the drug which produced hallucinations back on the mountain side.

What does this mean if not that she was subject to hallucinations of hearing, sight, touch, and smell?

When at last I came out upon the road, near the bridge, I seemed to have come out of some hallucination.

He fancies that his companion has been floating about in the air, or beset by agreeable hallucinations.

The outer person, which is hallucination, one might know, but what of the inner, which is reality?

Life is not worth living. ? I am perfectly sane and normal, just as I was before my hallucinations.

Her aunt was probably very ill, or under the influence of some hallucination which kept her awake.

The delirium passes when the temperature goes down, but certain hallucinations last sometimes for weeks.

Now as to the character of your hallucinations, and their agreement with the young lady's ideas.

She did not hear of the singular nightmare or hallucination that had been my second visitor.

The girl asked with some surprise, not sure whether she was listening to a person or a hallucination.

I am here to-day, and this fact should tell you that I have given up all my vain hallucinations.

He thought it had been a hallucination, but that same night a still stranger thing happened.

Had he been the victim of a strange hallucination regarding his house and family all these years?

It was a regular hallucination; he brought forward facts, he imposed upon everyone and why?

And the vision, or hallucination, or whatever it had been that said this was going to happen.

He did not know how heavily his strange abstraction and hallucinations weighed upon their honest hearts.

Now was the hallucination clearing; but the reality evoked a new and almost as poignant tenderness.

Illusion and legend are partial imaginations, hallucination and myth are total imaginations.

The Ideal, lady, I often think, is the true Real, and the Actual, but a visionary hallucination.

Had they really been singled out for this strange experience, or still stranger hallucination?

Two of these (both ladies) I have never been able to take into the region of hallucinations.

A distant noise which he heard, and which resembled the trot of horses, confirmed the hallucination.

In the Brougham case the exciting cause of the hallucination seems to have been the death pact.

For myself, I had no thought whatever on the subject, except sorrow for her painful hallucination.

Besides the idea that the baby was not hers, she recalled none, and thought she had no hallucinations.

Are we not liable to the same hallucination, though, let us hope, in a more mitigated form?

He could create any visual hallucination, as long as the subject was within a twenty-five-foot range.

What one has to consider is whether we are to accept these experiences as hallucinations or not.

Hallucinations are common to all forms of ecstasy, and ecstasy is not confined to religion.

Under its influence hallucination attacks every one of the senses with a varying degree of intensity.

"Look," I said, leaning far off the bench to speak to him, "I can prove you're a hallucination."

"When your headaches become sufficiently severe, you say that you have hallucinations," Hall said.

It must protect itself from the hallucinations, injustices, and follies which the plague lets loose.

For five dollars a dozen I'll invent hallucinations for him that people ought to have but haven't.

A hallucination may lead a man to consult a doctor; such a consequence is right and proper.

A haunted place is a center of permanent possibilities of hallucinations, or is believed to be so.

Perhaps so, or at least a hallucination on her part; and even if it is all true Jim may not be the boy.

Afterwards, they would plead the excuse of hallucinations or visions received by suggestion.

"Nothing at this moment; but I have just been the subject of a most remarkable hallucination."

It must protect itself from the hallucinations, injustices, and follies which war lets loose.

Under these hallucinations, their minds were corrupted, and they seemed eager to rush into treason.

In her strange half-waking hallucination, her outstretched arms were clasped round little Sarah.

They had come and gone so rapidly that she had the impression of a vivid, passing hallucination.

Mental hallucinations were novelties to me at that time, and for once Prospero had interested me.

Morgan never could clear up this hallucination of Rita's, and so the matter rested that way.

The replies demonstrate how frequent are hallucinations amongst healthy, normal-minded persons.

The extraordinary hallucination concerning it has become historic, and passes as authentic.

Or doubt that this was simply one of the pious hallucinations which visit those who are in such a state?

The next thought was that the headache was responsible for a set of singular hallucinations.

"I can not say," I answered, "what part of the period the hallucination, as you call it, occupied."

Illusion, hallucination, delusion, fantasy, phantom, dream, idle fancy, creature of the imagination.

Another characteristic of these suggested hallucinations tells in exactly the same direction.

In order to understand any one class of hallucinations we ought to have all classes before us.

With the utterly wrecked in mind, the reality of hallucinations becomes a permanent or habitual state.

The first idea which presents itself to the mind is that this is a case of collective hallucination.

Duplicate hallucinations of this same nervous force, and producing also physical and plastic effects.

He was still trembling with this frightful hallucination when somebody knocked at his door.

If the occasion is not repeated they believe themselves to have been victims of hallucinations.

It indulges in strange movements, as if affected by some mental influences or a prey to hallucinations.

He might be the victim of hallucination; but if so, it was hallucination of an extraordinary sort.

Pascal escaped, but with a nervous shock, a certain hallucination, from which he never recovered.

The imagination rarely gives rise to hallucinations of the senses of touch, taste, or smell alone.

The following examples will illustrate the nature of the hallucinations arising from these sources.

Principally in the latter kind of madness false sense-perceptions, hallucinations, may arise.

Yet I do believe this weird creature to be a real solid fact, and not a fanciful hallucination.

Men, when they are dying, frequently have curious fancies and extraordinary hallucinations.

If the lady's hallucination was not reasonable, what is his, who believes in such visions as these?