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Use eccentric in a sentence

Definition of eccentric:

  • (noun) a person with an unusual or odd personality
  • (noun) a person of a specified kind
  • (adjective) not having a common center; not concentric; "eccentric circles"
  • (adjective) conspicuously or grossly unconventional or unusual

Sentence Examples:

He was an eccentric person, to say the least, and had all the latest variations in his vocabulary.

When the eccentrics are being examined particular attention should be paid to the bolts, nuts, safety-cotters and set-pins.

That eccentric gentleman welcomed him at first, until a quiet hint from Tom brought that to an end.

That eccentric personage, during the autumn and winter had been creating disturbances in various parts of the country.

She is indeed a most powerful and eccentric creation, and adds much to the interest of the narrative.

We are always put down as eccentric if we have the courage to resist the foolish prejudices of our surroundings.

If you are eccentric and have prided yourself upon it, the sooner you become like folks the better for you.

Before calling on her, I was prepared, by report, to behold a very aged and a very eccentric lady.

Which, when first heard, had thrilled me: I heard, too, her eccentric murmurs; stranger than her laugh.

Then, as the eccentric man listened, he heard Tom say: "I think mine is going to beat yours, Ned!"

Asked the eccentric man, who seemed to have a dislike for anything that was not as agreeable as perfume.

Pull the valve forward till the rear port is just uncovered, and turn the eccentric full forward.

Stokes's eccentric disposition has somewhat changed the usual tactics that farmers pursue when they own fertile acres.

There is not a word in his notes which gives the reason of this eccentric action on his part.

The husband is very eccentric, certainly, but he is an artist, or a journalist rather, and they are privileged.

It smiles at the high ideals or the eccentric child it pets, but it would not have him different.

Covey, who keeps a little poultry farm in Surrey, is one of the most eccentric women I ever met.

Many of my acquaintances, she said, were of the opinion that I was eccentric and partial to "advanced" ideas.

The stem is equal, smooth, one to two inches long, stuffed, central or slightly eccentric, rooted at the base.

The odd chromosome is always more or less eccentric and is attached by a spindle fiber to one pole.

She was aware that people called her conduct eccentric and sentimental; but she cared nothing for that.

The principal of the academy at that time was an eccentric old gentleman by the name of Daniel Branch.

A series of grave mistakes, of "strange and eccentric diagnoses," had led up to the final lapse of self-control.

Those words "odd," and "singular," and "eccentric," what odd, singular, eccentric sort of words they are, reader!

At the present time certain mines, and uncertain hopes, have gathered an eccentric population and evoked some sudden towns.

Unfortunately, lightning is so eccentric and uncertain, that we must not defy it; it is not to be trusted.

Therese von Brunswick lived to a great age, having the reputation of a noble and generous but eccentric character.

Crazy, eccentric, and superstitious, he divided his time afterwards between women and his club-fellows, horses and dogs.

The appearance of the table after dinner was even more eccentric than we had found it at first sight.

Double eccentric, with two diameters or throws to give alternately two different lengths of stroke to an eccentric rod.

There is nothing so irresponsible and eccentric as the mind of a man who has a tendency to self-murder.

The eccentrics are mounted on a small cross shaft, which is driven by a line shaft and gear wheels.

At that moment it seemed to Alice that she saw beneath Kitty's wild, eccentric manners a heart of gold.

"You should have called me foolish, eccentric; yes, that's what I was, to have taken him in as I did."

Besides which they had formed contracted notions on many subjects, some of them being what is called eccentric.

What effect would be produced upon the lap and lead by changing the length of the eccentric rod?

Her hair was roped up with pearls, hinting the head-dress of Juliet, but stopping short of eccentric effect.

Is he still under the influence of the animal electricity, which might account for his seemingly eccentric behavior?

The young man usually spent at least a few minutes of each day chatting with his eccentric neighbor.

Such were the conflicting sentiments entertained towards Mirabeau, during the last incidents of his eccentric and volatile career.

She retorted with displeasure, "human nature sometimes assumes such eccentric forms that heroism would appear out of place."

Only he was queer, he was eccentric, and so I've always assumed he had a pretty bad time of it.

Every one will call you eccentric at once, just because you are gazing in the air, and they are not.

In all of her somewhat limited experience, she had never come across such an extraordinary and eccentric individual.

Still this navigation, so essentially eccentric, offered grave inconveniences and even serious dangers to those who undertook it.

"We shall be very glad to see you," I said, suddenly feeling very sorry for this eccentric person.

If the Colonel had not been so eccentric I might have suspected, but nothing ever surprised me in that house.

"No wonder you thought her eccentric," said the detective, with irony; "but kindly explain the position more fully."

In one of his eccentric movements he managed to knock over the lantern, the oil running out over the floor.

"I have an aunt," answered Frederic, "a woman of fifty or more, who is acting in a very eccentric manner."

It must be a grief to a real artist, this culture of the eccentric head and the more eccentric heart.

This was the 'folly' of an eccentric nobleman, who preferred the absence to the company of his friends.

The eccentric man came in a little later, just as Tom and Ned had finished adjusting the mechanism.

Your engine may however act very queer some time, and you may find the eccentrics in their proper place.

The eccentric fisherman dropped his net and walked swiftly toward the spot, his new acquaintance following him.

"The truth is, you can't be the least eccentric or unconventional if you are good-looking and unmarried," she continued.

Mother Eve set the example, and ever since serpents have been in the front rank of woman's eccentric loves.

This man was an old bachelor, very eccentric, but universally esteemed as one of the most benevolent of men.

"Oh, they think I am eccentric and plain in my tastes, and that I've got my pile safe somewhere."

Zoe was notoriously eccentric, and, her cousin did not doubt, even capable of forming an attachment for a policeman.

The last of these was Gordon, that romantic and even eccentric figure of whom so much might be said.

He is a jolly old fellow, who thinks he is very eccentric, and takes pride in being considered so.

A groove should be cut in the surface of the eccentric, so that this strap will not slip off.

They'd put it in the eccentric section of a library, with books on perpetual motion and the fourth dimension.

It will be remembered that Pomona married a certain Jonas, a young man of eccentric ways and dry humor.

Paul, as is generally the case with eccentric natures, did not like things to happen in the ordinary manner.

As we did not wish to appear eccentric, or as if we despised the Tartar cuisine, we did like the rest.

A more eccentric collection of human various she had never seen, even during that epoch-making evening at Kensington Gore.

Jason Samson, in spite of his remarkably eccentric conduct, was just one of these commonplace individuals to look at.

It would be absurd, however, to dismiss all the legislative work of the Convention as merely partisan or eccentric.

The chief application of the eccentric is in the steam-engine, where it is used for working the valve gear.

Up to that time the valve-motion had been the two eccentrics, with the single flat hook for each cylinder.

He was a man of great originality, and numerous stories were told of his striking sayings and eccentric conduct.

He was, however, like many persons of strong original character, eccentric in his habits and reserved in his manner.

Such bald exposition would have been impossible in old times; it would be considered queer, eccentric, if it were used now.

As Mercury's orbit is very eccentric, he is beyond his mean distance during much more than half his period.

To be sure, others do the same, but they are female eccentrics, and have cast off the rag altogether.

An eccentric band had snapped with a report like a pistol, and the Nomad was temporarily out of commission.

You persist in saying I am a genius; if so, I must be eccentric, and one of my whims is simplicity.

At first Anne felt inclined to resent the intrusion of this long-haired, long-bearded eccentric into the familiar little circle.

Finally, the eccentric extra got his chance as a director to try out a few of these radical theories.

By this arrangement, two eccentrics to each cylinder are required, (and in some dispositions of the link, only one).

Most of those who attended, and nearly all of those who talked, were eccentric in one way or another.

In moving an eccentric, it should also be turned far enough in the opposite direction to take up the lost motion.

He is very eccentric, disturbed by every noise, and it cannot be altogether easy to have care of such a man.

In this case the eccentric rod that is moving the valve is the one nearest to the link block.

There can be no doubt that such eccentric habits prevented Michelangelo from inspiring his subordinates with due respect.

Watching him now, I could not fancy him either violent or eccentric in temper, as he was said to be.

Others will tell you that an eccentric old man built the house for his parents long since dead.

Work these with linen in short stitches and make eccentric lines or spider-web lines from the central design.

The old lady was eccentric about her own attire; she knew that she could afford to be eccentric.

Occasional and eccentric manifestations of the religious life and temperament were yielding to the slow, normal growth of true vitality.

Weevil had taken her in, and when the baby smiled at him his eccentric old soul laughed back.

She had consequently been the only person, except the eccentric Martin, who was the entire confident of Clara.

Born of a hair-brained, eccentric, adventure-seeking, negligent, selfish father, Prince Napoleon had little of the advantages of a home education.

They say he is a strange, eccentric sort of fellow, and there is no telling how he may receive me.

Frank was fully aware that Professor Griffin was an eccentric man, full of strange moods and strong prejudices.

The wrist plate or spider has a rocking motion, being driven by an eccentric rod from the engine-shaft.

Even the rank vegetation is eccentric, and as prone to develop into bizarre forms as are the rocks and mountains.

The eccentric King had ordered their names to be placed in a sealed box, to be opened when they landed.