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Use hodgepodge in a sentence

Definition of hodgepodge:

  • (noun) a motley assortment of things
  • (noun) a theory or argument made up of miscellaneous or incongruous ideas

Sentence Examples:

The Bibliography is a hodgepodge.

What a senseless hodgepodge it is!

As on earth, they might hear a hodgepodge of tongues.

I found ingots loose in the hodgepodge of pantry wreckage.

"Look at this, madam, look at this hodgepodge," moaned the women.

However, jerk their chain, and they are a hodgepodge of insecurities.

A hodgepodge made up of the remnants and scraps of the larder.

Thornton, listening to this hodgepodge of technicalities, was dismayed and distrustful.

What is our chance of choosing the treasures from out this hodgepodge?

An extraordinary hodgepodge, truly, yet, taken all in all, an effective stage piece.

Manet selected the ripple-finished gray-covered manual from the hodgepodge, and thought: eighteen years.

It was filled with a hodgepodge of papers, books, old clothes and bundles of linen.

Superstition is the interpretation of their religion, their political views are a hodgepodge of unconnected ideas.

When fully operational, it will replace a hodgepodge of disaster programs that suffered from numerous shortcomings.

The network had grown into a rambling hodgepodge for which there was little central coordination.

Well, Antonio, child, is not life a right merry, right silly, right absurd, and right horrible hodgepodge?

Since the old man died last year the windows have been a hodgepodge of stuff that attracts nobody.

They were all talking together in a hodgepodge, some pointing this way, some that, for they had lost their way.

French was to be no longer a hodgepodge or a patois, but the pure and perfect speech of the king and his court.

Underneath that so-called logical conclusion lies a metaphysics of being, a theory of Wholes, a recognition by differentiation of parts, with a denial of all but the one part set apart by that differentiation, and, in short, the most irrational hodgepodge of contradictory conclusions the thinking mind can conceive.

How quickly does this bourgeois phrase call up before us a hodgepodge room, an atmosphere of stale tobacco smoke, a table covered with pipes, books and magazines, littered with tobacco, walls burdened with hideous prints, a mantel adorned with objects dear to their owner from their associations, to the visitor hideous.

This Benito, who died so much better than he had lived, was not hanged at Havana, it will be perceived, and the version of the Trinidad treasure story already outlined is apparently a hodgepodge of the careers of Benito de Soto, and of Benito of Cocos Island, with a flavor of fact in so far as it refers to the twenty pirates who were carried to Cuba to be strung up, or garroted.