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Contingency Definition

a possible event or occurrence or result

Sentence Examples

It was indeed a serious contingency.

They have planned for earthquake contingency.

He tried to anticipate every contingency.

What trifling contingencies defeat vitality!

But I can't think such a contingency possible.

Every possible contingency has been anticipated.

But vaguely he had lumped all these contingencies.

That was a contingency which he had greatly dreaded.

They had been making preparations for this contingency.

They do not provide for any contingencies that may arise.

William, ready for all contingencies, marshalled his forces.

"The contingency is one that need not give us much anxiety."

It was no use trying to prepare himself against all contingencies.

He would not desert them altogether, but he provided for contingencies.

Sarah and I were an unforeseen contingency they hadn't been briefed on.

I beg, that I may not be sacrificed to projects, and remote contingencies.

"I consider the contingency so remote, that it is scarcely worth speaking of."

They were among the few contingencies for which Ma Wagor was not amply prepared.

For now a score of contingencies came into the young man’s mind and tortured him.

He tried to anticipate possible contingencies, formulating his responses to each.

The future situation involved in deliberation is of necessity marked by contingency.

"I suspect that neither Nicolai Lenin nor Karl Marx ever pictured such contingencies."

"The fewer details I know, the fewer contingency plans I'll automatically put together."

There are too many uncertain contingencies involved to make the test at all a conclusive one.

Pericles had set apart a reserve of 1000 talents to meet the contingency of an actual invasion.

Nonetheless, on a contingency basis, one dam failure might be assumed for each planning effort.

To anticipate and prevent disastrous contingencies, would be the part of wisdom and patriotism.

War in space is possible only under extraordinary conditions, and we foresee no such contingency.

Compared with standing any longer upon my feet, the contingency of dislocation became positively attractive….

Such a contingency could not be countenanced because of the severe damage it would inflict on the rural economy.

Grantline had never mentioned such a contingency, but I noticed, nevertheless, that preparations were being made.

But with regard to particular contingencies (e. g., whether Balbus ought to marry Caia) there are various kinds of certainty.

Blake nodded his understanding of what was wanted, but his mind was on further contingencies: he wanted definite instructions.

About four in the morning I heard a familiar step, and my heart leaped to think I had so well prepared for just this contingency.

You understand that I regard all this as extremely improbable, but it is just as well to make arrangements for every contingency.

The latter, to protect himself from unforeseen contingencies, must naturally add a proportionately large sum to his estimated cost.

Their knowledge, however, does not extend to future contingencies, nor to the secrets of hearts, and their word cannot be relied on.

When, and if such a contingency arises, the manpower of the nation should be utilized in the best interests of the national security.

Her hands took hold on the chair arms with a grip which revealed something of the nervous emotion the fell contingency inspired in her.

Long before it had been foreseen such a contingency would occur, he had expressed his want of confidence in the ability and fitness of Gen.

Increased simplified acquisition threshold for procurements in support of humanitarian or peacekeeping operations or contingency operations.

The contingency plan contains service support plans for each of the functional operations, including detailed standard operating procedures.

There are, however, more opportunities for unforeseen contingencies and so the architect often has to devote more of his time to supervision.

After a few such experiences, it is subconsciously decided that thought is too precious and high to be exposed to the contingencies of action.

And his thinking, instead of being scattered, now came to a focus upon a contingency which through weeks past he had carried in the back lobe.

For those hazards identified in the basic plan, a separate contingency plan is then developed to address the unique nature of the hazardous event.

They merely neglected to do so, not having the wit to look ahead and provide against the contingency of a long time of waiting for the bridegroom.

Upon an empirical view, uncertainty, doubt, hesitation, contingency and novelty, genuine change which is not mere disguised repetition, are facts.

Moreover, an invalidating clause concerning such a contingency may be considered penal in nature and obligatory only after the sentence of a judge.

These adaptive processes lead to a myriad of alliances, forever changing to fit the needs and interests of the moment or to cater to future contingencies.

At last it opened, and gun in hand against any possible contingency, he entered the hovel and looked at its tenant, sprawled face down near the jumbled bunk.

In the man, shallower of feeling and more alive to present contingencies, the uppermost emotion as he trod the bridge was one of surprise and congratulation.

The two men plunged into the subject, and for a good half-hour discussed it in all its bearings, making endless calculations and contemplating all contingencies.

Every detail was then secretly arranged, and it was provided beforehand, as well as possible, what should be said or done in the many contingencies that might arise.

Until men have formed the habit of using intelligence fully as a guide to present action they will never find out how much control of future contingencies is possible.

Each involved element of the emergency organization details its response actions in Service Support Plans and itemizes functions appropriate to the specific contingency.

There was no mistake; she knew that she had counted correctly; but she pretended to herself that she must allow a wide margin to cover the contingency of miscalculation.

She hesitated in her answer, because she was uncertain as to her duty to herself, and to her proposed husband, and on account of the prospective contingencies of matrimony.

The former conditions must depend on many contingencies, and in the deep oceans where coral formations most abound, a basis within the requisite depth can rarely be present.

From the method in which the war was conducted it had become pretty evident that it would prove of long duration; and the Athenians now proceeded to provide for this contingency.

Such a contingency would completely have unnerved him, so that on the whole it was doubtless the wiser part to leave him respectfully touching his hat on the tender in the Mersey.

Having an accounting mind, the knowledge that there would be no unforeseen contingencies and that, ready for occupancy, the cost of the house would be so much, was the deciding factor.

He canvassed the contingency from this angle and that, his imagination busy with one conjecture, one speculation, one eventuality after another, and nowhere found a flaw in the prospect.

If he attempts to provide for all contingencies, he will never do anything; if he allows his attention to be much distracted by them, he won't do well his present planning and execution.

One of them, who had never done any sort of manual labor, asked whether, while learning to build machinery and supporting himself and his family, he could not lay up something against contingencies.

The procedure is not, in so far, unlike surrendering a portion of one's income in order to buy insurance against future contingencies, and thus to render the future course of life more equably secure.

As things are, men so habitually scamp present action in behalf of future "ends" that the facts for estimating the extent of the possibility of reduction of future contingencies have not been disclosed.

It was essential, therefore, before entering on the struggle, to weigh well every chance of victory, and to take every precaution by which adverse contingencies might be, as far as possible, eliminated.

At the same time, the imposition of detailed operational prescriptions deprived enterprises of the freedom to exercise constructive initiative and of the flexibility needed to meet unforeseen contingencies.

But the execution of a charge involving the severest attacks on the inner convictions of man is, in spite of all one may do, dependent on circumstances or contingencies beyond the calculations of the wisest mind.

It was not necessary for Sherman to produce his letter of November 6, 1864; but I have quoted from it here very largely to show that there was no possible contingency which his far-reaching mind had not foreseen and provided for.

Expressions of self as caring person are complete in the moment as caring possibilities unfold; thus, notwithstanding other life contingencies, one continues to grow in caring competency, in fully expressing self as caring person.

As she appeared to be a fine healthy woman, some years younger than her husband, the deduction from his income effected by the annual payments for the insurance seemed an over-sacrifice of present enjoyment to future contingencies.

Consequently, adequate thought and preparation must be made for financing the investment and making sure, as far as that is possible, that the investment in a country home will not be lost through inability to meet possible contingencies.

To the serious reflection of congress was recommended the prevention of embarrassments from these contingencies, by such encouragement to American navigation as would render the commerce and agriculture of the United States less dependent on foreign bottoms.

Tom and Hank, however, not knowing what contingency awaited them on the Mexican end of the trail, had far exceeded the regular allowance per man, of fifty pounds of flour, same of bacon, dozen pounds of coffee, twenty-five pounds of sugar, and a goodly amount of salt.

Of course in one sense he did oppose it; so do we all, if the word design be taken to intend a very far-foreseeing of minute details, a riding out to meet trouble long before it comes, a provision on academic principles for contingencies that are little likely to arise.  

We learned from Aina that there must be stores of provisions in the neighborhood of the palace, because it was the custom of the Martians to lay up such stores during the harvest time in each Martian year in order to provide against the contingency of an extraordinary drought.

He may have planned to take his family to the village moving picture show; but if your plumbing has sprung a leak, your pump has suddenly ceased to function, or any one of a dozen other contingencies has arisen, nothing is so comforting as his assurance that "he'll be right over."

The word "tendency" is an attempt to combine two facts, one that habits have a certain causal efficacy, the other that their outworking in any particular case is subject to contingencies, to circumstances which are unforeseeable and which carry an act one side of its usual effect.

Whether the idea originated in their mercantile instincts, or in the desire of the sovereigns for prompt realization, cannot be determined, but it was in essence a kind of rude and imperfect insurance against certain contingencies of confiscation, for which those in danger were willing to pay a heavy premium.

He had spent the day going through two routines that were sometimes simultaneous and at other times serially; one re-stating his instructions letter by letter including the various alternatives and contingencies that involved his making decisions if the conditions on Venus were according to this theory or that.