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They urge them to make detailed inquiry into the various branches of contemporary learning—arts and sciences alike.

Obvious misspellings and typos have been corrected but contemporary usage is unchanged.

Let us, my dear contemporaries, arise above such narrow prejudices!

We were lately looking over the Army List to see how many of our contemporaries at college were still in the army, and we were simply astonished to find how many had vanished.

Nothing is known from contemporary records regarding this campaign; but it can be gathered from the references of a later period that the city was captured and plundered.

Contemporary nursing, being a true child of its time, reflects American society's high regard for "Science."

All maintained a certain reserve towards him, more especially his contemporaries.

For one thing, contemporary nursing requires a great deal of abstract thinking.

His narrative, like those of his contemporaries, was colored by tradition.

The contemporary king of Mitanni was Tushratta.

Sublime indifference to contemporary usage and taste

No contemporary authority ascribes the rising to the Lollards.

In temperament he was less Chinese than most of his contemporaries.

Some of my contemporaries scoffed and viewed this term as much too trivial.

The contemporary documents for the life and reign of Henry VII. are very numerous.

The gems of character description and contemporary viewpoints are worth the effort.

It is a moralizing tract, but contains some interesting anecdotes about contemporaries.

The absence of contemporary authority for the story precludes also the possibility of denying it.

Obvious typographical errors have been corrected but contemporary spelling and usage are unchanged.

Because of my guru's unspectacular guise, only a few of his contemporaries recognized him as a superman.

Like his contemporary Lessing, Herder had throughout his life to struggle against adverse circumstances.

A contemporary of Frobisher, Sir Francis Drake, also entertained the idea of making the northwest passage.

His contemporaries all agree in acknowledging that he was the soul of affability and sprightly good-nature.

Sufficiently so to puff up the possessor, and excite envy in her contemporaries, and some of the other sex.

He also spoke of Junius; and it is remarkable that he should place him so far above the best of his contemporaries.

Later traditions, which have been partly confirmed by contemporary inscriptions, agree that Sargon was of humble birth.

The verdict of his contemporaries, ratified by posterity, has pronounced Demosthenes the greatest; orator that ever lived.

That Caesar's morality was altogether superior to that of the average of his contemporaries is in a high degree improbable.

It is certain that Caesar's contemporaries spread rumors of a variety of intrigues, in which they said that he was concerned.

He was recognized by the ablest of his contemporaries there as a man of superior gifts, and likely to make his mark in after life.

What though the magnanimity of Adams was not appreciated, and his contemporaries preferred his military competitor in the subsequent election?

Adams, and the scenes in which he participated; and to portray the leading traits of character which distinguished him from his contemporaries.

One wonders if this has influenced the distinctions nurses have made over the years with certainty when considering their nurse contemporaries.

I have here given the version of events which seems best to reconcile the accounts of the chroniclers with the testimony of contemporary documents.

How do I stay in an existential way with my contemporaries, patients, patients' families when their values in reality are so different from my own?

The earlier the age at which a man seizes the ideas that will influence his own generation, the more he has a start in the race with his contemporaries.

Though of a fickle and treacherous nature, he had all the personal fascination of his family, and is extolled by his contemporaries as a mirror of chivalry.

They only become original and contemporary authorities towards the end of their appointed tasks, and the bulk of their work is borrowed from their predecessors.

But in this play Etheredge first shows himself a new power in literature; he has nothing of the rudeness of his predecessors or the grossness of his contemporaries.

A female beauty and a male wit, appear to be equally anxious to draw the attention of the company to themselves; and the animosity of contemporary wits is proverbial.

His opinion on this exciting question is among those on which he referred himself to that future age which he so often constituted the umpire between himself and his contemporaries.

It grew gradually worse, and developed into what his contemporaries called leprosy—a loathsome skin disease accompanied by bouts of fever, which sometimes kept him bedridden for months at a time.

Henry is described by his contemporary Albertino Mussato, in the Historia Augusta, as a handsome man, of well-proportioned figure, with reddish hair and arched eyebrows, but disfigured by a squint.

In the present day we reject miracles and prodigies; we are on our guard against the mythology of hero worship, just as we disbelieve in the eminent superiority of any one of our contemporaries to another.

In spite of these disparaging remarks, however, we are strongly inclined to believe that this book, despised by its author, and neglected by his contemporaries, will in the end be admitted to be one of Darwin's chief titles to fame.

The Gauls looked no more across the Channel for support of insurrections; the Romans talked with admiration for a century of the far land to which Caesar had borne the eagles; and no exploit gave him more fame with his contemporaries.

The family, the neighbourhood, the community, the village, the tribe – are units of subversion as well as useful safety valves, releasing and regulating the pressures of contemporary life in the modern, materialistic, crime ridden state.

I waited a week before returning to the Magic Kingdom, sunning myself on the white sand beach at the Contemporary, jogging the Walk Around the World, taking a canoe out to the wild and overgrown Discovery Island, and generally cooling out.

There have not been many such periods; for to see the past, it is not enough for us to be able to look at it through the eyes of contemporaries; these contemporaries themselves must have been parties to the scenes which they describe.

His high appreciation of Christianity, which contrasts with the contemptuous estimate of the contemporary rationalists, rested on a firm belief in its essential humanity, to which fact, and not to conscious deception, he attributes its success.

Aside from the hardcore printing machines, large metal plates and dangerous chemicals lying around, the computers that sponged up our picture and prose were actually more contemporary than the ones I had left behind as a Liverpudlian accountant.

His exertions had been intermittent, and he was chiefly known as a brilliant member of fashionable society, a peculiar favorite with women, and remarkable for his abstinence from the coarse debauchery which disgraced his patrician contemporaries.

I heard water outside and thought that maybe we were on Alcatraz -- it was a prison, after all, even if it had been a tourist attraction for generations, the place where you went to see where Al Capone and his gangster contemporaries did their time.

Such was the inglorious end of one of the bravest and most warlike monarchs of antiquity; whose character for moral virtue, though it would not stand the test of modern scrutiny, shone out conspicuously in comparison with that of contemporary sovereigns.

For the present it is enough to say that there is no contemporary evidence for the story at all; and that if it be true that a note of some kind from Servilia was given to Caesar, it is more consistent with probability and the other circumstances of the case, that it was an innocent note of business.