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Claptrap Definition

pompous, pretentious or nonsensical talk or writing.

Sentence Examples

"Do you, too, listen to their claptrap?"

A party of moral ideas has reverted to claptrap.

That was unimportant claptrap to somebody like him.

"What's all this humbugging claptrap you are giving me?"

The retort is on a par with the proposition, and both are claptrap.

I'm getting further and further away from this century and its claptrap.

It's the sort of claptrap he hated.

Some of the Tory orators had employed what was then a favourite claptrap.

Mr Erman despises the common trick and claptrap resorted to by vulgar writers.

The audience, however, are warned not to expect claptraps, or personal satire.

It is claptrap and temporary deception of the "Patriotism before Politics" order.

Now it is winter again, with snow over the north, and Anglo-Saxon claptrap in the town.

Let us for a few moments at least, put pretence and claptrap aside, and recall our own youth.

His fortifying socialistic claptrap refused, somehow, to come to his aid in this hour of need.

Alison is all fudge and claptrap, with his granite squares of infantry and his billows of cavalry.

Shaw, a finished master of barrister's claptrap when he likes, has been merely scurrilous about it.

Gounod's honesty forbade him to write claptrap, and he does not make many concessions to the singers.

Come, Harness, you're a clever man, you don't believe all the Socialistic claptrap that's talked nowadays.

He is not a quick worker, and his operas all bear evidence of thought and an avoidance of claptrap effects.

His words are redolent of claptrap and fury, and are a mischievous element in the formation of public opinion.

A French journalist robes himself in his toga, gets upon a pedestal, and talks unmeaning, unpractical claptrap.

All the old claptraps which he had heard so often of late, and which he took care to rehearse over and over again!

He hasn't a garret full of old claptraps, as most people have who never move from under their ancestral roof-trees.

The Governor-General used to say they were vulgar and that it was all claptrap, but that never seemed to me quite fair.

Not one of them, he remembered suddenly, had uttered a sentence of the political claptrap of which he had heard so much.

All this talk about an invariable dollar which shall be like the bushel measure or the yard stick is the merest claptrap.

He turned away from both the emotional orgasms and the stage claptrap of his time, to break ground for all future American novelists.

Bayes is represented as greedy of applause, impatient of censure, meanly obsequious, regardless of plot, and only anxious for claptrap.

How does it differ from Radicalism, the most contemptible claptrap of politics, except in wanting to hurry a little the rule of the mob?

They were forced to ask themselves how much of the political faith which they had professed was "real stuff," and how much was "claptrap."

It is a body which does not care at all about party claptrap, but which does care a great deal about a good argument, from whatever quarter it may proceed.

Yet Harwood, who had not struck her as weak or frivolous, had lent himself to-day to a bit of cheap claptrap merely to humble one man for the glorification of another.

That was nearer the proper tone, though it had a ring of claptrap rhetoric hateful to her: she had read it and shrunk from it in reports of otherwise laudable meetings.

Then he finished by a very miserable and injudicious claptrap, which will be as offensive as possible to foreign Powers; in short, he evinced little judgement and taste.

In spite of the somewhat claptrap element, the Miserere is impressive from the beautiful and refined music, the kneeling crowd, the deep obscurity that gives it mystery.

Otherwise the contention that this is no ordinary war but a criminal revolt against civilization, is a mere piece of claptrap and is properly treated as such by the neutrals.

His traducers proclaimed him an atheist, and we hear the same claptrap from people now who have not made themselves acquainted with the real history of the man and his times.

He'd been in conspiratorial work of other kinds, and knew that there was a sound psychological basis for most of what seemed, at first glance, to be mere melodramatic claptrap.

It was this claptrap appeal to her loyalty that had caused her to become a secret agent of the Under-Secretary, which had now resulted, she knew, in the disgrace of an innocent man.

Everything looked so tawdry and claptrap: the dirty boards, the grossly painted scenery, the dingy workmen shuffling about grumbling and gruff, ordered and scolded by a vulgar superior.

When I landed the other day, I thought myself passably cured, and could have said that rhetoric is the fire-water of our country, and claptrap the springboard to send us diving into it.

He was free, of course, from the cheap claptrap which abuses the name of democracy by saying that birth, breeding, and education are undemocratic, and therefore to be reckoned against a man.

On their side were claptraps and historical commonplaces without number, the authority of a crowd of illustrious names, all the prejudices, all the traditions, of both the parties in the state.

"The murderer might have risen up through the floor to deal his blow, and having given it, sunk back again with the same supernatural claptrap, for all these stupid people seem to know about him."

The actors were really extremely good, and the audience seemed a loyal one upon the whole, which was discoverable by their seizing and duly applauding the several claptraps which occurred in the piece they were exhibiting.

I have seen these terms referred to as if they were chatter or claptrap; while the qualities which they denote are very often confounded with qualities which, sometimes found in connection with them, may exist without either.